About Us

From 2017 CarCareTotal has been about helping you keep your vehicle in the best shape possible to ensure it continues serving you well for the longest possible.

Here we are all about comprehensive vehicle care, and we focus on different parts and components of a vehicle such as brake pads, rotors, and windshield cleaners. We also focus on both vehicle interior and exterior, and we will also help you choose tools and equipment for use in your garage.

At CarCareTotal, we will provide different kinds of content from comprehensive reviews of the best products in the market to buying guides and tips for using and maintaining different vehicle parts, tools, and equipment.


How We Help You

CarCareTotal is all about helping our readers find the best products and parts for their vehicles, and we also aim to make maintenance of the car more effortless for you. We do this by recommending the best products to buy and use on your vehicle.

Also, we help by expanding your knowledge of different vehicle parts with our comprehensive buying guides. With our buying guides, you will not only know what to look for when searching for different products but also learn more about that product.

Because we know vehicle maintenance is not always the easiest task even for highly experienced car owners, we will provide some maintenance tips to help you out. Also, we have several informational articles for different things, such as how to use various tools and equipment.

How We Review


You can also be confident that our reviews are genuine and free of any bias as we do not accept any product in exchange for reviews whether we get it for free or at a discount price

Before any product gets a spot on our reviews of the best products, it will undergo thorough vetting. This vetting aims to ensure we will only recommend products we are sure will give you excellent service.

Besides our vast experience of everything to do with cars, we will also rely on reviews and recommendations by other experts, customer feedback on the products, the reputation of the manufacturer, and also how well the product is doing when it comes to the sales.

Our Team

Our team of writers at CarCareTotal are all car enthusiasts that besides loving cars, have vast experience in the subject and have been researching and writing on the same for many years.
And because passion and knowledge alone are never enough, our writers will also put in extra effort in research to make sure they will only deliver useful content for our readers.

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Dorothy White


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