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5 Best Wideband Gauges – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

In tuning a high-performance engine, whether it has a reflash or a standalone ECU, a wideband gauge is your best friend. Basically, this gauge reads the oxygen content in the exhaust system using an oxygen sensor and shows you whether the engine is running rich or lean. The unit reads and shows you the results wider air-fuel […]

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8 Best LED Pods Review with Buying Guide

LED pods help to improve visibility when driving, but unlike the better-known LED bars, these pods are much smaller and usually have the same width as height. Although LED pods produce less light and brightness than LED bars, they are usually easier to install and one can find more creative applications for them. One issue, however, is […]

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12 Best RC Cars 2019: Buggy, Street, Truck and More

It is never late to get into “driving” RC cars and if you want to do so, these scaled down vehicles are available in both the affordable and expensive ends of the price range. Basically, your budget will decide what you can buy. Of course, the more expensive options have more features but this does not […]

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7 Best Halo Lights for Jeep Wrangler – Reviews and Buying Guide

Halo lights are automotive accessory lighting units with luminous rings that are normally placed on the car’s headlight assembly, specifically encompassing the low or high beam headlight. Because of the unique circular arrangements of the lights, they are also referred to as halos, corona rings or angel eyes. However, these halos cannot replace headlights as they are […]

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7 Best Apple Carplay Stereos – Reviews and Buying Guide

As technology advances, it is evident that devices and appliances are getting interconnected for convenience and ease of use. This also applies to car stereos and if you own an iOS device, you better make sure that the head unit supports Apple Carplay. With this compatibility, you will get to enjoy the convenience of controlling your […]

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5 Best HUD for Cars: Built-in, On-Board & Smartphone Apps

A heads up display is basically a screen that presents data without requiring you to look away from your usual viewpoint, which in the case of cars, is the road. They were originally designed for aviation purposes but they are just as useful for drivers on the ground. They work by displaying this data close to […]

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