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10 Best Exhaust Systems – Reviews & Buying Guide

The exhaust system is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. It ensures its smooth functioning by allowing the vehicle to evacuate fumes and noise away from the motor block. They also make the vehicle more environmentally-friendly by filtering out harmful gases. In addition, some of the best exhaust systems on the market also produce […]

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10 Best Blow Off Valves – Reviews & Buying Guide

When tuning a vehicle for performance, you will often come across terms like the blow off valve or the turbo. The turbo will feed the engine with compressed air in an optimal and efficient manner. This allows the engine to deliver higher performance that it normally would without a turbo. However, having a turbo alone is not […]

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10 Best Steering Wheel Locks – Reviews & Buying Guide

Buying a steering wheel lock for your car is a small investment that you can make to better secure a larger investment, which is your car. It’s obvious that car thieves always find a way to defeat many of the newest tech gadgets that should protect cars, so a solid piece of metallic steering lock often […]

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12 Best Car Escape Tools – Reviews & Buying Guide

Nobody prays for it, but accidents do happen, and when they do, having a car escape tool can mean the difference between life and death. It’s also not just about you and your car occupants, you could happen upon an accident scene with lives at stake, where you could offer a helping hand with your car […]

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12 Best RV Shower Heads – Reviews & Buying Guide

The RV shower head is a special type of shower head designed so as to consume a low amount of water and yet deliver a high-water pressure. This is practical, considering that water is a very precious resource in an RV. In addition, you do not have to worry about low water pressure in your RV […]

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7 Best Ball Joints – Reviews & Buying Guide

A ball joint is only a small component as compared to the size of the car, but its function is huge and very important. Well, what exactly is a ball joint? Basically, the component is like a hip joint in the human body, which in this case is a metal ball inside a metal socket. This […]

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10 Best Wheel Spacers – Reviews & Buying Guide

The wheel spacer is used by car tuners to offset the wheels so that it offers better performance as well as makes a vehicle look sportier. One of the best things about the wheel spacer is that you do not have to replace your tires or rim as it sits beneath the rim and simply add […]

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10 Best Serpentine Belts – Reviews & Buying Guide

Serpentine belt holds a significant place in a car engine. Basically, it transports power to all the important car components such as power steering pump, air conditioner, alternator, etc. There was a time when automobiles used multiple belts for individual functions. But, due to the efficiency of latest models, all has been replaced with one. Thus, […]

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7 Best Ignition Coils in 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

In simple terms, an ignition coil is a component that is responsible for providing the energy required for creating the spark that ignites fuel in gasoline engines. The coil does this by basically acting as a step up transformer. It increases the voltage from the battery to thousands of volts, which are transferred to the spark […]

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