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10 Best Parking Aids – Reviews & Buying Guide

It is very important to keep your car in a garage for protection but as you upgrade to a bigger vehicle, fitting it inside the same size garage will be very tricky. However, a parking aid can help ease this fitting by assisting you to align the car perfectly along one side since it acts as […]

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7 Best Portable Air Compressors – Reviews & Buying Guide

It is quite obvious that the purpose of an air compressor is to compress air and with this, comes many uses such as inflating your vehicle tires, balloons, sports balls, inflatable mattresses, pool toys, and many others. However, these tools come in different styles and sizes, which makes the selection process a bit tricky if you […]

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10 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches – Reviews & Buying Guide

Unfastening extremely tight or rusted bolts using a manual wrench can be very challenging or even impossible. Luckily, there are powered impact wrenches that can make this work a lot easier. Even better, there are cordless impact wrenches that can be used practically anywhere, so long as they have charged batteries. However, with this convenience, a […]

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10 Best Car Dusters – Reviews & Buying Guide

A car duster offers you the opportunity to clean your vehicle in a way that no other tool does. Designed to pick up dust like a magnet, car dusters make it easy to rid your car of dust very quickly and effectively. You can quickly keep your car’s interior and exterior clean without washing or using […]

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9 Best Tire Inflators – Reviews & Buying Guide

A tire inflator is basically an air compressor that is used to pressurize your car’s tires to the required level. With portability as a huge advantage on its side, this tool is a lifesaver that can help you continue with your journey or reach home on time if your tire(s) start misbehaving. Even though some modern […]

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10 Best Creepers – Reviews & Buying Guide

A creeper is an indispensable tool in any mechanic’s hardware arsenal. Basically, this piece of equipment is a platform on wheels that allows you to creep or slide underneath your car and thus the name creeper. With such a tool, you won’t have to crawl into the dust or lay your back on an uneven, hard […]

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7 Best Steamer Cleaners – Reviews & Buying Guide

Steam cleaning effectively trades heat for chemicals while retaining the same strength in cleaning power. When used correctly, this process can kill 99.9% of bacteria, making it a safe, healthy and natural way of cleaning your car or home. That said, there are various steam cleaners out in the market and they all come in different […]

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7 Best Shop Vacuums For Cars – Reviews & Buying Guide

A shop vac is basically a more powerful version of the regular vacuum cleaners used in homes, featuring a high-powered motor and other enhanced features. Most people associate this tool with cleaning up construction and woodworking sites, but it can also be a good car cleaner. With its powerful suction force, this tool can get rid […]

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10 Best Car Neck Pillows – Reviews & Buying Guide

Driving is fun on short distances but on a long drive, it can be very exhausting. The body parts that suffer most from this fatigue are the head and neck because as you drive, you must hold your head up for all those hours. One simple solution that can help you avoid all this is the […]

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