Timing Belt Replacement Cost (Ultimate Guide)

by Joshua Thomas

Regular vehicle maintenance tends to be quite paramount and affordable-the servicing help to improve the performance and reliability of the automotive.

However, major maintenance servicing that involve timing belt is quite expensive. It is a piece of simple equipment under the hood but plays a vital role in an automobile engine.

So, is the timing belt replacement cost really expensive? Yes. It involves replacing the entire faulty timing belt kit. Besides that, the process of changing is quite labour intensive.

First, we'll look at things that make timing belt replacement so expensive. Second, we'll highlight the importance of changing the timing belts.

Finally, we'll address the symptoms of a bad timing belt. Take the time to read through the guide for deeper insight about timing belt cost.

Timing Belt Replacement Cost (Ultimate Guide)
Timing Belt Replacement Cost (Ultimate Guide)

What Is a Timing Belt?

It is an instrument that is responsible for coordinating the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft in the engine to enhance the smooth running of the vehicle.

The belt is made out of rubber and fibre strands that provide extra strength. That's not all. It is lined with teeth to prevent slipping while rotating the crankshaft and camshaft.

The type of the vehicle and engine determine the lifespan of the timing belts. However, the average lifespan tends to range from 60,000 to 100,000 miles.

We recommend having your vehicle serviced and replaced the timing belt within these average miles coverage. It will help prevent breakage of the entire timing belt kit.

How Do Timing Belts Work?

The rubber belt enhances the rotation of both the crankshaft and camshaft-the rotation help to control the opening and closing of the valves on the engine.

The sequence allows the flow of fuel and air into the cylinder. The fuel is then ignited in the combustion chamber, and the valves push the piston down.

The entire process work in synchronization and this make the vehicle to run smoothly. If the vehicle experiences a timing issue, then the engine won't run properly.

Besides that, the rubber belt help to run the water pump. The instrument is responsible for running coolant around the engine.

The engine tends to overheat if the timing belt is not working properly. Therefore, you will incur an extra timing belt repair cost to fix the issue.

How Much Do Timing Belts Cost to Replace?

Timing belts are vital components in a car engine. The rubber belts are responsible for maintaining the beat and rhythm of the pistons and valves.

Worn out timing belts tend to reduce the performance and reliability of your vehicle. Hence, you'll be expected to seek timing belt repair service from a nearby garage.

But why do timing belts cost so much? Well, timing belt replacement job is not an easy task. And the average cost of timing belts job ranges from $500 to $2000+ plus.

Here are the possible reasons behind the high cost of timing belts replacement:

Vehicle Make and Model

Older vehicles are affordable to maintain when it comes to changing the timing belts. But luxury vehicles require a specialist since accessing the engine is quite difficult.

The cost of bringing a specialist mechanic onboard is too high. Hence, driving the timing belt replacement cost up.

Labour Costs

Most timing belt replacement jobs are not cheap. Modern engines are fitted tightly in the engine bay. Accessing this area tend to be an issue.

It will take a lot of time, and this will drive the labour cost even higher. Hence, the cost of the labour and new timing belt make things look too expensive.

Brand of the Timing Belts

Timing belts come in different brands. Each brand tends to cost differently. Research shows that luxury vehicle timing belts are quite expensive when compared to conventional vehicles. Check Price on Amazon of the best timing belt kit.

Replacements of Other Parts

Timing belt system comprises of a series of the tensioner and idler bearings. These components help to guide and drive the belt.

It is advisable to replace these parts when changing the timing belts. The cost of these components is the reason behind the high timing belt replacement cost.

How Long Do Timing Belts Last?

Timing belts are responsible for synchronization of the pistons and valves. The coordination helps the vehicle to run smoothly.

So, how long do timing belts last? The average lifespan of timing belts ranges from seven to ten years regardless of the mileage-the average mileage range from 60,000 to 100,000 miles.

However, the durability of these belts depends on the make of the vehicle and engine type. Research shows that off-roading activities make the belts less durable than on-road activities.

All in all, it is a good idea to inspect the belts to spot any signs of wear and tear. Also, remember to replace the belts during any scheduled maintenance.

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Timing Belt?

Timing belts will experience wear and tear even with a proper maintenance routine. Inspecting the very component time will help to identify signs wear.

Here are the possible symptoms of a bad timing belt. These signs will help you know when to seek timing belt replacement.

Engine Misfire

This is a common phenomenon when the teeth of the timing belt are worn. It makes the belt to slip away from the gear. Hence, result in improper synchronization of the pistons and valves. This makes the engine to misfire due to improper mixing of the air, fuel and spark.

Rough Idling

The timing belts are responsible for rotating the crankshaft and camshaft. Slipping due to worn out teeth tend to damage these rotating components. It later makes the engine to jolt and become stall.

Low Pressure

The major role of the timing belt is to spin the gears of the camshaft. Bad belts tend to make sync skip gears and result in the breakage of the camshaft. These pieces mixed with the oil and reduce the pressure in the engine bottom.

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Smoking Engine

Bad timing belts tend to interfere with valves that control exhaust gases out of the cylinder. This will result in excess smoke coming out of the tailpipe. The smoke is either grey or blue.

Final Thoughts from Expert

Having a proper understanding of timing belt replacement cost will help you from getting ripped off. But the truth of the matter is that timing belt repair cost is extremely high.

We recommend replacing the timing belts every scheduled maintenance to help prevent further damages. The cost of timing belts replacement typically depends on the vehicle make and model.

If you are planning to fix the timing belt at home, then get the right documentation and repair service manual. This will help to cut down the timing belt labour cost in the long run.

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