Volkswagen Jetta vs Mazda 3 (Which Is Better?)

by Joshua Thomas

Are you looking for a fun-to-drive and affordable compact sedan?

Both Volkswagen Jetta and Mazda 3 are excellent choices. They have premium features, luxurious interior design, cozy comfort and pleasing driving experience.

So, what is the Volkswagen Jetta vs Mazda 3? Well, these two automobiles have some close similarities in terms of performance and specification. Hence, making a choice can be a daunting experience.

We have done a thorough research concerning them and the information will help you to make an informed decision before making any purchase.

First, we shall address the visible differences and hidden features that set these vehicles apart. Finally, we will talk about the performance and reliability.

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Volkswagen Jetta vs Mazda 3 (Which Is Better?)
Volkswagen Jetta vs Mazda 3 (Which Is Better?)

Core Differences between Volkswagen Jetta and Mazda 3

Here is a quick guide that will help you know the differences between Mazda 3 and Volkswagen jetta. The information is quite important for those looking to buy their first commuter car.


Safety is a crucial factor for a daily driver. You need to find a vehicle with an automatic post-collision braking system. The feature will help to prevent secondary collision and additional injuries.

Volkswagen Jetta

The vehicle has a standard automatic post-collision braking system. The system is designed in a way that it applies brakes in the event of a collision. Hence, no chances for further injuries and secondary collision.

Mazda 3

The vehicle has a standard driver and passenger frontal airbags. The airbags offer maximum protection in the event of a collision. Hence, enhance the safety of the driver and passengers.

My Thoughts

Both vehicles are excellent when it comes to safety. The airbags and automatic post-collision braking system perform their duties effectively.

The winner under this category is Volkswagen jetta. The automobile has both airbags and automatic post-collision braking system.

The airbags offer protection against impact while the auto post-collision braking system prevents secondary collision and further injuries.


The factor is critical when looking for a high-end and reliable vehicle. You need to choose a car that comes with a warranty for tires, corrosion, maintenance and mileage.

Volkswagen Jetta

The basic warranty of a jetta tends to cover the entire car. The mileage warranty is about four years for 50,000 miles and corrosion warranty is about seven years.

Mazda 3

The basic warranty for Mazda 3 covers some parts of the vehicle. The average mileage warranty is three years for 36000 miles. Keep in mind that the corrosion warranty is about five years.

My Thoughts

The Volkswagen jetta warranty pays for oil change, lubrication and other maintenance requirements. But the standard warranty for Mazda does not cater for scheduled maintenance.

The winner is the basic warranty Volkswagen Jetta. Buying a jetta will save you from the cost of schedule maintenance.


The reliability of vehicles is based on the performance and power. Therefore, you need to get a car with excellent performance and power for daily commuting.

Volkswagen Jetta

The vehicle is highly dependable in terms of performance and power. It is one of the reasons behind being used as a daily driver by many people across the world.

Mazda 3

The car tends to be quite powerful in extreme weather and road conditions. The vehicle can easily pull out in muddy terrain. However, it has lower performance according to consumer reports.

My Thoughts

Volkswagen Jetta is more reliable in terms of performance than Mazda 3. However, the most powerful vehicle is Mazda 3.

The winner under this category is Mazda 3 since it is highly dependable regardless of weather and road condition.

Fuel Economy and Range

The amount of fuel consumption by automatic and manual transmission vehicles tend to differ. Both Jetta and Mazda 3 come with auto and manual transmission.

Volkswagen Jetta

Jetta has a turbo engine that can either be automatic or manual. The six speed manual transmission tends to consume 30 city/40 hwy which is the same amount consumed by eight speed automatic transmission.

Mazda 3

The turbo engine of Mazda 3 is either manual or automatic. The six speed manual transmission consumes 25 city/35 hwy while that of eight speed automatic transmission is 27 city/36 hwy.

My Thoughts

Saving fuel and reducing pollution is key when shopping for a vehicle. Both Mazda 3 and Volkswagen Jetta have great fuel economy.

The winner is a Volkswagen Jetta with automatic engine transmission. The engine automatically turns off in heavy traffic to save on fuel and reduce pollution.

The good news is that the engine starts automatically and the driver gets ready to move. It is something that does not happen in Mazda 3.


Compact sedans are known to have smaller cabin rooms hence become difficult to stretch out while in the passenger seat. Keep in mind that both Mazda 3 and Volkswagen Jetta belong to the compact car class.

Volkswagen Jetta

The cabin room for the vehicle tends to be bigger than that of Mazda 3. The passenger seat offers adequate room for stretching.

Mazda 3

The cabin room in the passenger section is quite small. Hence, make the vehicle not suitable for long distance journeys with passengers.

My Thoughts

Compact car classes have similar front seat space. The difference is brought about by the passenger seat space.

Volkswagen Jetta is the winner in the category. The cabin space is bigger than that of Mazda 3. Hence, making it comfortable for a longer distance journey than Mazda.

Economic Advantages

The initial cost of buying and general price of scheduled maintenance tend to matter when shopping for a daily driver vehicle. Those car owners on a low budget should consider inexpensive vehicles to maintain.

Volkswagen Jetta

New Jettas tend to come with discounted prices and used versions are quite affordable. Besides that, the maintenance schedule is quite affordable when compared to other compact class cars.

Mazda 3

The fuel consumption of the vehicle is higher and most of the spare parts such as brake pads and clutches are quite expensive. Besides that, the general price of the new version is higher than that of Jetta.

My Thoughts

Volkswagen Jetta is the winner under the category. The vehicle is inexpensive to operate and maintain when compared to Mazda 3.

The most interesting thing is that it comes with a basic warranty that covers the entire car. There are many dealers around the world that can offer the service required.

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Pros and Cons of Volkswagen Jetta Vs Mazda 3

We have provided special features and drawbacks for each vehicle. The benefits together with the differences will help to make a more informed decision.

Pros of Volkswagen Jetta

  • Low-stress personality
  • Good road safety record
  • Has a high-end interior design

Cons of Volkswagen Jetta

  • Lack zest
  • Tend to be too bland
  • Front seats are not good

Pros of Mazda 3

  • Stylish sedan
  • Sporty handling
  • Upmarket interior

Cons of Mazda 3

  • Hatchback not stylish
  • Limited front visibility
  • Modern versions are quite expensive

Final Thoughts from Expert

Both Volkswagen Jetta and Mazda 3 are highly recommended by consumer reports. These vehicles are reliable, safe and have excellent performance.

If you are looking for a comfortable, affordable, versatile and great fuel economy car then consider Volkswagen Jetta over Mazda 3.

Besides that, the passenger and cargo space is large. The cabin room can accommodate a larger number of people or cargo than that of the Mazda 3

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