10 Best Grease Guns: Lever, Cordless, Air Powered & More

Best Grease Gun

In garages, grease guns are one of the most common tools as they come in handy for different lubrication jobs. And with the best grease gun in your garage or workshop vehicle maintenance becomes much easier.

But the biggest question is which grease gun from the many options on the market will work best fro you as they all look good enough.

Understanding what defines a good grease gun and the factors to watch out for to ensure what you buy works for you should make your buying decision easier.

In this piece, we help to ensure you get the best value for your cash when buying a grease gun by reviews 10 top-rated models and with an in-depth buying guide.

10 Best Grease Guns - Reviews


Product Name


Current Price

Drake Off Road Lincoln Lubrication Grease Gun

1. Drake Off Road Lincoln Lubrication Grease Gun


Dewalt DCGG571M1 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun

2. DeWalt DCGG571M1 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun


GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun

3. GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun


Astra 101 Mini Grease Gun with Needle Nozzle

4. Astra 101 Mini Grease Gun with Needle Nozzle


Plews 30-200 Standard Duty Grease Gun

5. Plews 30-200 Standard Duty Grease Gun


Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Grease Gun

6. Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Grease Gun


Lumax LX 1152 Heavy Duty Grease Gun

7. Lumax LX 1152 Heavy Duty Grease Gun


Alemite 500-E Grease Gun

8. Alemite 500-E Grease Gun


Lincoln 1133 2 Way Loading Lever-Action Grease Gun

9. Lincoln 1133 2 Way Loading Lever-Action Grease Gun


Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun

10. Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun


1. Drake Off Road LNC 1134 – Top Pick Overall

Editor's Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Drake Off Road Lincoln Lubrication Grease Gun

This Drake Off Road grease gun takes our top overall spot as it is both well-built and highly efficient.

This is a heavy-duty pistol grip grease gun with a rugged cast pump head for utmost strength and durability. And the body is mostly made of stainless steel to ensure longevity.

And you can rest assured because the jam-proof toggle mechanism in this grease gun completely prevent binding and bending of the plunger, thus making the working of the gun safe for all.

Then there is extra-heavy follower spring that insures positive priming and uninterrupted pumping action of the gun. And it has got precision fit and hardened plunger that prevent lubricant bypass and resist scoring for durability.

As far as cleaning is concerned, there is an accessible check valve on the gun that allow easy cleaning with disassembling the gun completely. We can proudly announce that this is the best overall grease gun in our list.

While the plunger quality could have been better, it still works well enough and although this grease gun is a little pricier when compared to others on our list it is still an under $50 model.


  • Strong and durable pump head
  • Jam-proof toggle mechanism
  • Easy cleanup with no disassembly 
  • Precise-fitting plunger


  • Plunger quality could have been better
  • A little pricey

2. DeWalt DCGG571M1 – Best Cordless Grease Guns

Editor's Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Dewalt DCGG571M1 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun

There is no denying the fact that when utility tools are concerned, no brand can match up to the level of DeWalt. DeWalt makes some of the best grease guns out there and if you are looking for a good cordless option this one will be perfect.

This DeWalt grease gun has a robust motor, exceptional adaptability, amazing cartridge design, and great pump pushes. The weight is also suitable enough for you to easily pick and operate.

There is a pump filter screen in the gun that protects it from contamnants and dirt. The accessibility and reach of the gun are also commendable because of the 42” extra long hose.

The battery used in this gun is 20V MAX XR Premium Li-ion battery that makes it capable of running for 16 canisters in each charge. Plus, the lubricating process is also safeguarded through the changeable speed trigger.

For all those that have concern of darker places where their machinery is installed, the small LED light on the head of the gun is definitely a pro. It is a durable product that will stand out the test of time and come through for you.

This grease gun is a little expensive as it is the priciest option on our list but for a powerful cordless model it is still fairly priced.


  • Powerful cordless gun
  • Longer run times
  • Extra long hose
  • LED lighting for enhanced visibility
  • Innovative filter screen design


  • Relatively expensive

3. GreaseTek 910100 – Best Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Editor's Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun

If yo are on the hunt for the best pistol grease gun this one by GreaseTek is as good as they can get and it has been designed to deliver all-round user convenience.

This gun weighs just 2.6 pounds which is quite light and handy and this makes it more portable. And with its comfortable and easy grip it will also be even easier to handle.

This one holds around 400 c.c. grease in it and deliver a bomb of 1 oz in 40 releases. Elaborating it more, it has 2 inches diameter and 9 inches long canister that contain almost 14 to 16 oz grease in it.

The 18 inches long hose can get inside any confined space and release grease. And the improved plunger design helps to make priming and loading easier.

If you want something for heavy-duty use, this grease gun might not very ideal for you as it has  a smaller capacity but for regular tasks it is more than enough. 


  • Easy grip design
  • Small and highly portable
  • More affordable
  • Improved plunger design


  • Not for heavy-duty use

4. Astra 101 – Best Mini Grease Gun

Editor's Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Astra 101 Mini Grease Gun with Needle Nozzle

One of the major models that we cannot look past while recommending the best mini grease gun is this one from Astra as it outperforms most others in its class.

It is a great product for a domestic user and is quite easy to operate and handle as well. If you are looking for a model that allows single handed operation then this is your best bet.

This product is equally helpful for the bikers as well as car drivers. It is available at fair price and the small size makes it easy to carry with you.

It is strong and sturdy gun made of heavy-duty materials and it will serve you for a long time with no problems.

Some user will find the grease capacity a little too small but for a mini grease gun it should still be more than enough.


  • Ideal for all kind of automobile
  • More affordable and portable
  • Heavy-duty and lightweight
  • Needle nozzle is easy to handle


  • Some people find the quantity too small

5. Plews 30-200 – Best Budget Grease Gun

Editor's Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

Plews 30-200 Standard Duty Grease Gun

Many buyers are always shopping on a tight budget and if you are one of them, Plews 30-200 is a perfect choice for you. 

Despite being a small and budget-friendly grease gun, it is still well-built and feature-rich. And the usage is quite simple as it has hand-operated pump that is filled with grease and further used for lubrication purposes. 

The capacity of this product is decent enough with 14 oz cartridge that supply 1 oz of grease on each stroke. And the compact size also makes it highly portable.

The opening of the gun is for precise usage. It helps in applying lubricant to a specific joint on the grease fitting. Also, you can get different size hoses at a small extra cost for a longer reach.

There seems to be some issues with the pump but the good news is that it still dispenses grease well enough.


  • Decent capacity for its size
  • Works well with standard catridges
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality material


  • Issues with the pump

6. Lincoln Electric 1162 – Top Notch Air-Powered Grease Gun

Editor's Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Grease Gun

Lincoln is another leading brand you can trust to have some top notch grease guns like this air-powered model.

This is an industrial level model that give air pressure range of 40 to 150 pounds per square inch and it can handle almost any lubrication job

What makes this one of the best air-powered grease guns is that it is designed with variable speed trigger that offer excellent grease flow control and an innovative and advanced pump design helps in eliminating the priming issues.

The 30 inches long high-pressure hose work excellently with a coupler and attachment clip this grease gun can easily fit into tight places. And the craftsmanship of this model is also appreciable.

Like most other air-powered grease gun this one is a little complicated to use and it is also relatively pricier but using it only require some getting used to and you can also be sure of getting value for cash.


  • Innovative design
  • highly efficient air-powered system
  • Variable speed control trigger
  • Long-reach hose


  • A little complicated to use
  • Relatively expensive

7. Lumax LX-1152 – Inexpensive and Beginner Friendly

Editor's Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Lumax LX 1152 Heavy Duty Grease Gun

If you want to try a grease gun that is highly inexpensive because you are new to these products then this model from Lumax is a perfect fit.

Lumax is a smart choice for many buyers because it has got all the essential features and the price is really astonishing. The 7000 PSI creates a lot of power in releasing the grease bomb.

The 18 inches long flex hose is great to reach in all the confining places. There is an air bleeder valve for releasing the air pockets. It can dispense 4 oz grease per 100 strokes.

Then there is an 18-gauge barrel made of stainless steel that make sure that the product lasts for long time. The handle of the gun is also quite comfortable, making it pretty easy for you to hold.

There are three loading procedures which utilizing cartridge, suction and grease pump is available. 

Grease can sometimes leak from some fittings on this grease gun but this is an easy problem to fix yourself and should hence nit be a big concern


  • Relatively more affordable
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • 3-way grease loading
  • More beginner-friendly design


  • Grease can leak from some fittings

8. Alemite 500-E – High Pressure and High Capacity Grease Gun

Editor's Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Alemite 500-E Grease Gun

Buyers that want a high capacity and high pressure grease gun but without spending a lot of cash the  Alemite 500-E is a good buy. And it is developed with dual mode lever for multiple use.

The cylinder can carry 16 oz of lubricant and delivers up to 7500 PSI of grease. This gun is also lightweight to ensure you can easily carry it from one place to the other.

The 18 inches long hose, coupler, and robust spring on the follower also make this gun amazing. And the grease loading is also pretty simple and it can be done in different ways. While other guns only offer either bulk-loading or canisters to load the gun, this model support both techniques.

There is almost no shortcoming with this grease gun besides the fact that capacity could be a little larger but unless you want to use it commercially this will hardly ever be an issue.


  • Higher capacity and pressure
  • Longer hose
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Nice grip lever


  • Capacity could be larger

9. Lincoln 1133 – Strong and Durable

Editor's Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Lincoln 1133 2 Way Loading Lever-Action Grease Gun

Lincoln 1133 is another top brand grease gun that will hardly disappoint buyers and it certainly lives up to the high standards of the brand.

There is a rugged cast pump head that provides improved strength and durability

Given its construction and features it is also one of the cheapest among our grease guns reviews. And it has a jam-proof toggle mechanism that prevents the plunger from accidental bending.

Plus, there is an extra-heavy follower spring to make sure that the pumping action does not get interrupted in any case. Then there is an accessible valve that help in effortless cleaning. 

The air bleed out system is not the best but with a little DIY inventiveness you can always make it it better.


  • Strong and durable body
  • Precise fit plunger
  • Jam-proof toggle mechanism
  • Convenient and easy cleaning 


  • Air bleed out system is not very good

10. Powerbuilt 940798 – Heavy-Duty Pistol Style Grease Gun

Editor's Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Powerbuilt 940798 is another high-quality pistol grip style grease gun designed to give users an easy time.

The gun offers fine gripping as you grease thanks to the rubber wrapped handle. And it uses standard 14 ounces cartridges to make it make it even more convenient

Also, this grease gun has got completely leak-free mechanism. The gun is completely sealed and does not cause any trouble. Many users will also love the pistol cap handle as it will allow for an upright operation.

The 12-inch hose is shorter than what you get with other top models on our grease gun reviews. However, it still provides a good enough reach and there is also a 5-1/2 inch metal extension.


  • Durable aluminium coated canister
  • Easy upright operation
  • Uses standard cartridges
  • Comfortable rubber coated handle


  • Hose is relatively short

Types of Grease Gun

Grease guns are powered in three prime ways namely air, hand, or electricity but when classifying them in types there 5 main options. These types are lever, cordless, hand pump, pistol and air powered.

#1.  Lever

Lever Grease Gun

The lever grease gun is the common most type of the 5. The gun can supply around 1.28 g of grease per bomb that comes out through a nozzle. 

The operation of this model requires both hands and its design and size makes it quite versatile

Using it is also quite easy as you just have to pull the lever and the pressure is generated to dispense grease. This type is not just versatile but also available at the most economical prices.

#2. Cordless

Cordless Grease Gun

Cordless grease guns are designed to ensure you never have to deal with annoying cords

These guns also eliminated the need to push the lever manually and hence making them even easier to use as most are battery-powered.

Being battery-powered, they are also highly portable as you can use them from almost anywhere provided the batteries are charged.

#3. Hand Pump

Hand Pump Grease Gun

The hand pump machine is also known as grip gun. And its name comes from the fact that you need to pump it by hand to dispense grease. The fact that it takes more power to use makes it less favorable fro many users but it still does a good enough job.

#4. Pistol Grip

Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Pistol grip grease guns are designed for single handed use. It is easy to dispatch the grease. With each bomb, this one can provide 0.86 g of grease.

This grease gun frees the other hand for other supportive tasks. If you are one of those users that like to take control single handed then this type is most suitable for you.

Although, some people feel that there are adjustment issues with this type. But the grip is mostly available in different sizes thus allowing you to have the most comfortable grip.

This is quite user friendly as you only have to position to towards the target and lubricate as you shoot. It is comfortable for lefties as well as right-handed people.

#5. Air Powered

Air Powered Grease Gun

This type is essentially for the professionals and commercial users. The reason is the power that this gun supplies. With this product, there is an air compressor that stays connected.

The grease dispensing force is remarkable. That is why this product is suitable for all kinds of heavy-duty tasks. But, this gun is expensive and must be used with utmost care.

Best Grease Guns Buying Guide

How to Buy Best Grease Gun

There are many good grease guns out there, and so finding a good one should not be a problem as you only need to know what to look for. And while there are many factors you need to consider when shopping, the following are the most important ones.

#1. Purpose

There are many purposes for which you require a grease gun. Different applications will require different types of guns, and so you need to pick one that suits your particular situation.

While a lever grease gun might be good for simple lubrication, it might not be ideal for heavy-duty use. On the other hand it does not make sense to buy an expensive air-powered grease gun when you only need something for light use

#2. Amount of Lubrication

As you pick the right model, it is essential to check the amount of lubrication that it offers. This factor is indicative of the tasks you can use it for.

You should consider the purpose of buying the grease gun and the things that it will be handling to ensure you choose the right size for your need.

#3. Ease of Use

Using a grease gun should not be a tedious task because these tools are meant to simplify lubrication for you.

There are several things that make it easy for the user to handle a glue gun. They include the overall weight of the gun, size and the design of the gripping area

The best automotive grease gun should be straightforward to set up and use whether you are a beginner or professional. And it should be comfortable to hold as you may have to keep it in your hand for a long time. 

#4. Warranty 

This is the factor that give you security of purchase and peace of mind. If you want to be sure that the product you are buying will serve you for a long period, you should consider the warranty period and terms.

Generally a brand that offers a longer warranty with good terms and is know to honor their warranty terms will be the best.

#5. Price

A grease gun is a long-term purchase but this does not mean it is okay to spend a fortune on one. Also, you should not go for the cheapest grease gun models as they are almost always low quality.

You can get these grease guns fro as little as $10 but some will retails fro hundreds of dollars. When it comes to the price you should come up with a budget and choose a model that suits your needs best within that budget.


A good grease gun makes lubrication fast, easy and more efficient and it will always save you a lot of time.

To get the best grease gun for you from the many models out there you only need to consider factors like the type, purpose, ease of use and price.

And to make the buying decision even easier for you we also review 10 of the best models out there, and so you only need to choose what works best for you.

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