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10 Best Car Carpet Stain Removers – Reviews & Buying Guide

Brushing off dirt from car carpets and other fabric surfaces in your car’s interior can be challenging because of the semi-permanent marks that are left behind. However, this is the case if you use ordinary detergents and cleaning solutions because they are not formulated to penetrate deep into the fabric so as to release these stains. With […]

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10 Best Motorcycle Covers – Reviews & Buying Guide

Just like how you keep your car covered for protection against the elements, your motorcycle needs the same kind of care. In fact, motorcycles need even better protection because they lack a protective body structure, leaving most of the parts exposed to the outside. This means that you should get a motorcycle cover that is strong, […]

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10 Best Polishing Pads – Reviews & Buying Guide

Has your car’s paintwork started to fade off due to increased swirls and scratches? Well, you should try buffing the surface using a polishing pad. Basically, a polishing pad is a circular-shaped buffer that is designed to be used with an orbital or rotary sander and a polishing compound to scrub through the uneven finish, resulting […]

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5 Best Chrome Spray Paints – Reviews & Buying Guide

Source: craft-advice.comIf you want to restore the shine on a worn-out part of your car, for instance, the chrome bumper, then a chrome spray paint will do the trick. This paint is actually very versatile because it can be used to revamp wooden furniture or other things in your house to have an attractive metallic finish […]

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10 Best Windshield Snow Covers – Reviews & Buying Guide

While ice scrapers and snow brushes are very good at clearing up ice and snow from your windshield during the winter mornings, it is not ideal to spend 5-10 minutes doing this before going to work. Instead, a windshield snow cover is a better solution to use since it keeps ice and snow from layering up […]

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7 Best Auto Rustproofings – Reviews & Buying Guide

One major factor that shortens the lifespan of a car or its parts is rust. Even though modern paints are designed to provide a complete seal above the underlying metal surface, with time rust will start appearing, especially if you drive on coastal areas where it is humid and salty. Because of this, it is important […]

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7 Best Car Drying Towels – Reviews & Buying Guide

Even though other improvised car drying towels such as old t-shirts might work, they are not ideal and do not look very professional.  Considering that the drying process after cleaning your car is very important, you need to get a high-quality drying towel that is specifically designed to be gentle on your paint job, while also […]

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10 Best RV Tire Covers – Reviews & Buying Guide

Though RVs are driven on roads just like other vehicles, they spend most of their time parked outdoors as the owner enjoys some quality time inside while away from home. This means that the vehicle’s body and tires are exposed to the elements at all times. Therefore, it is important to keep the important parts such […]

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10 Best 5W30 Synthetic Oils – Reviews & Buying Guide

The word synthetic has brought about a lot of confusion with regard to its actual meaning in the motor oil industry. Ideally, this should define motor oil that is made of purely a non-petroleum base oil but this is not how it works. However, what you need to know is that synthetic oil has better lubrication […]

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