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Oil Smells Like Gas

Gas and oil are two of the most important fluids in your vehicle, but with modern engines, each has a separate function, and so they should not mix when doing their respective jobs. But, in some instances, you might find your oil with a strong gas smell, which is an indication that some gas found its […]

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Car Shuts Off While Driving

Cars are highly complex machines with many components and moving parts, and this makes them prone to failing in different ways as any of these parts can stop working unexpectedly. But, one of the most annoying fails, and what many motorists dread most is a car shutting off when driving. Besides being annoying, it can also […]

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Straight Pipe Exhaust Systems

For some time now, the straight pipe exhaust has been one of the most fascinating things for motorists always looking to enhance the performance of their vehicle. Many motorists love the straight pipe exhaust for its superior performance when compared to the standard exhaust type as it will provide the least amount of backpressure. And despite […]

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Where Is The Fuel Pump Relay?

While various things can lead to ignition issues and other problems starting the vehicle, in many instances, most of these issues can be traced back to the fuel pump relay. A fuel pump relay is one of those small vehicle components that play a huge role in the functioning of the vehicle, and hence a bad […]

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Transmission Leak Repair Cost

Photo: anewwayforward.orgA leaking transmission system will not only mess up your driveway and garage floor with a puddle of red fluid but can also have adverse effects on your vehicle. If the transmission fluid is leaking, it means there will not be enough of it in the transmission system, and hence it will not function optimally, […]

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Valve Seal Replacement Cost

Photo: d-series.orgWith more than 30,000 working parts in a conventional vehicle, it is often easy to forget about some components, and you will only remember them when they break down or wear out and hence need replacement. Valve seals are a good example of one such part that many motorists hardly pay any attention to. Unless […]

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Bad Fuel Filter Symptoms

The fuel filter is one of the most neglected parts of an engine because despite the important role it plays on the vehicle, many motorists hardly pay any attention to it. Also, the neglect stems from the fact that it is tucked out of sight, and so many vehicle owners forget about it easily. But while […]

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Low Transmission Fluid Symptoms

Photo: cartreatments.comThe transmission fluid serves various purposes in your vehicle. Key among them is lubrication to minimize friction to ensure the different transmission components remain in good working condition for a long time. Transmission fluid is also tasked with cooling the transmission system and transferring power from the engine. In short, the transmission fluid is crucial […]

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