Are Jeep Wrangler Parts Expensive?

by Joshua Thomas

No doubt jeep wranglers are the most reliable and durable vehicles. The off-roading power is the unique selling point of the jeeps. If you are in deep research of jeeps then you are the right place.

So, are jeep wrangler parts expensive? Not really. There are thousands of aftermarket companies offering jeep parts to the market. Hence, the reason why most parts of upgrades are quite affordable.

Therefore, the costs of these parts tend to vary depending on the brand and type of the part. There are some parts that are quite affordable and others are too expensive.

The good news is that jeep wrangler has thousands of vendors who are committed to provide incredible product deals. They provide products that are cheaper than those of OEM.

Are Jeep Wrangler Parts Expensive?
Are Jeep Wrangler Parts Expensive?

What Makes Jeep Wrangler Parts Expensive?

If you are looking into buying a jeep wrangler then you might notice the ridiculous high price tags they carry. But the vehicle is worth the value of your money.

The reliability, solid military design and off-roading experience is unbeatable. These vehicles can cruise anywhere with minimal wear and tear.

If your jeep wrangler is meant for on-road experience then be assured to incur low cost of repair and maintenance.

So, what makes jeep wrangler parts expensive? Well, there are alot of things that make the parts of a jeep wrangler expensive. They include:

Part Brands

There are several aftermarket companies offering jeep wrangler parts. Each brand tends to charge different prices depending on their reputation.

OEM replacement parts are the most affordable products in the market. Many jeep owners tend to opt for them when upgrading or repairing their jeeps.

Quality of the Material

The materials used to construct a jeep wrangler are premium in quality. It is the reason why jeeps are quite durable when compared to other SUVs.

Therefore, the replacement parts are designed using high-quality materials to match the existing ones on the jeep. Hence, the reason why they are quite expensive.

Lack of Immediate Competitors

Jeep company is the only company responsible for manufacturing jeep replacement parts. Jeep vendors buy them at a wholesale price which is discounted.

But the jeep owners are required to buy these parts from the vendors who charge higher prices. The main aim is to earn profit in their business.

Type of Upgrade

The cost of jeep replacement parts tend to vary depending on the type of the upgrade. There are some parts like brakes which are quite affordable when compared to the jeep engine.

If you are looking into replacing the current jeep engine with a new one then be ready to dig deeper into your pocket.

Model of the Jeep Wrangler

Jeep wranglers come in different models such as sahara, altitude, sports, unlimited, freedom edition and rubicon.

The cost of the parts tends to vary depending on the model in question. The replacement parts of a jeep wrangler rubicon are too expensive.

Expensive Jeep Wrangler Repair Chart By Problem Area

Repair Area Cost Distribution on OEM
Engine $25000 +
Transmission $1000-$24999
Brakes $500-$999
Suspension $100-$499
Electrical and AC < $100

Note: The aftermarket prices for these replacement parts are quite affordable than that of OEM. Click here to check the price for brake pads, engine, transmission, and suspension.


The jeep wrangler parts can either be inexpensive or costly depending on the type of upgrade, model of the jeep and brand.

Therefore, upgrading a jeep is a process that requires time. We recommend riding the vehicle for some time and identify areas that need upgrading or replacement.

Upgrading your jeep blindly is going to drain your wallet. You can consult a reputable jeep garage for more advice.

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