Car Stereo

10 Best AMP Wiring Kits of 2020

Nothing beats a good quality sound system in your car and if you are looking forward to getting a powerful music output, then you need to fit in an amplifier. […]

8 Best Headrest DVD Players of 2020

The headrest DVD player is a fantastic way of providing some entertainment to passengers in your vehicle. It is extremely easy to install and universally compatible with any seat on […]

10 Best Car Tweeters of 2020

Different sound components have different uses and this includes tweeters and subwoofers. With the best car tweeter system installed in your vehicle, you’ll get a boost in the quality and […]

7 Best Car Audio Batteries of 2020

If you own a powerful car audio system, then connecting the amplifier directly to your car battery is not a good idea. This is because your main car battery may […]

10 Best FM Transmitters of 2020

If your car has an old stereo, chances are that its functionalities such as its connectivity capabilities are limited. You could opt to replace the entire unit with a modern, […]

7 Best Apple Carplay Stereos of 2020

As technology advances, it is evident that devices and appliances are getting interconnected for convenience and ease of use. This also applies to car stereos and if you own an […]

10 Best Bluetooth Car Kits 2020 – Headsets, Speakerphones and More

Bluetooth is one of the technologies that is widely used for safety when it comes to driving because it helps you keep your eyes on the road while still attending […]

10 Best Android Auto Head Units of 2020

Photo: t3.comIf you are a car owner and you own an Android smartphone, then it would be a good idea to have your phone connected to your car stereo head […]

8 Best Single Din Head Units of 2020

Single Din Head Units upgrades are much better than OEM stereos because they offer more functionality such as USB and AUX connectivity, CD players and LED displays among many others. Generally, […]

10 Best Double Din Head Units in 2020

There are 2 main sizes of a car radio: single-DIN (1 DIN) and a double din (2 DIN). As the name suggests, a 2 DIN head unit is 2 times […]

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