Exterior Care

7 Best RV Waxes of 2020

Whether you use your RV for family road trips over the summer or you are part of the ever-increasing population of permanent RV residents, you need to take good care […]

10 Best Carnauba Waxes of 2020

There are different types of waxes that you can use to coat your car and carnauba wax is one of them. Made from the fronds of a Brazilian palm tree, […]

4 Best Epoxy Primers of 2020

The epoxy primer is a resin-based sealer that once cured produces a non-porous finish surface. This surface is very hard but can easily be sanded with a sanding machine so as […]

9 Best Automotive Clear Coats of 2020

As the name suggests, an automotive clear coat is a non-pigmented car body varnish that is meant to be applied over an existing paint job so as to protect the […]

12 Best Car Waxes: The Greatest Value Car Care Solution

The car wax is an important car care solution. This product is meant to be used as a complement to the car polish as it provides your car with an […]

9 Best Car Waxes for Black Cars (Synthetic and Carnauba)

Black cars look perfect when there are no imperfections to be seen on the surface. But as much as you admire black  and find it trendy, even a single scratch […]

10 Best Tire Shines in 2020: Gel and Spray Tire Shines

Tires play major role when it comes to a vehicle’s aesthetics as they can completely transform the way a car looks. And besides buying the best tires and rims, you also […]

10 Best RV Roof Coatings: Rubber, Liquid, Aluminum and More

Owning a recreational vehicle comes with responsibility as you have to take good care of it to make it serve you for long. And the roof is one of the […]

The 10 Best Scratch Removers of 2020

Taking good care of your car involves scratch removal from time to time and that’s a job best done with the best scratch removers.  Different manufacturers offer different solutions for removing […]

10 Best Wheel Bearing Greases in 2020

Two pieces of metal rubbing against each other can only get along with some sort of lubrication. Wheel bearing grease is a semi-solid lubricant that protects wheel bearings from their […]

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