Are Jeep Wrangler Interiors Waterproof?

by Joshua Thomas

Cruising with a topless jeep gives you the freedom to enjoy nature to the fullest. Thanks to the convertible tops, removable doors, and off-roading performance. But, mother nature tends to be unpredictable.

So, are jeep wrangler interiors waterproof? Not really. Instead, they are water-resistant. The products that claim to be waterproof are impervious to water. Hence, not applicable to jeep wrangler interiors.

Therefore, driving a jeep in the rain and storm without a top should get you worried. The seats and carpet will be soaked from the rain.

Besides that, prolonged exposure of the jeep in the wet environment and moisture is not advisable. The condition will trigger rusting hence increasing the rate of wear and tear.

The good news is that wet seats tend to dry out faster when exposed to direct sun. However, the intensity of the sun will determine the exact time for drying out.

Are Jeep Wrangler Interiors Waterproof?
Are Jeep Wrangler Interiors Waterproof?

Can Jeep Wrangler Interior Get Wet?

Absolutely. The most affected parts of a jeep interior are the carpet and factory seats.These components tend to be soaked from the rain.

Wet carpet and factory seats tend to smell like old athletic shoes that get wet and musty. You will hate riding your jeep for some time until thoroughly cleaning is done.

Therefore, we recommend not driving a topless jeep in the rain or a wet environment.It will also help to reduce the risks associated with wetness.

The good thing is that wet seats and carpet can be dried easily. You need to park the vehicle directly in the sun.

Importantly, it is advisable to drive with a topless jeep during summer. It comes with the best weather to have fun and enjoy nature to the fullest.

How Water Resistant Are the Inside of Jeep Wranglers?

The jeep company claims that the push-button system for ignition underwent a 24-hour soak test in the mist chamber.

This implies that the jeep wont fail to ignite despite exposure to water or in advent of rain. The push-button system for ignition is water-resistant.

Besides that, the electronic and other ignition systems of the jeep are water-resistant. Hence, no need to worry when you are caught by the worst part of mother nature.

The manufacturer of the jeep is aware that many users prefer going topless. Therefore, they have reinforced the interior parts with materials that are water-resistant.

However, this does not mean you soak your jeep in the rainfall. Exposing your jeep to excess moisture and water will invite a lot of problems in the long run.

Can Jeep Wrangler Seats Get Wet?

Yes. But there is a difference between factory seats and covered seats. Factory seats contain clothes that can easily be soaked from rain.

Dealing with soaked factory seats is a daunting experience especially during winter. During summer, you can park and let the seats dry out with time.

Covered seats tend to be water-resistant. Hence, they drip off water when cruising through rain. The price of these products tend to differ according to the brand.

How to Prevent Jeep Wrangler from Getting Soaked

Here are some of the proven tips to keep your jeep interior from getting soaked from the rain.

Check the Weather Always

If you are planning to cruise topless then keep a close eye on the general weather. It is a good idea to let you take preventive measures in advance.

Do not rely more on weather forecast news since mother nature is unpredictable. Sometimes, the news data are not accurate. Always follow your instincts.

Install the Soft-Top Back On

The good thing about soft-top back on is the ease to install. It will help reduce the inconveniences of having your jeep seats soaked from rain. The soft-top will route water away from the dash seats.

Use Bikini Top to Cover the Dashboard

Covering a dashboard with a bikini top has numerous advantages. It will help protect the dashboard from getting soaked. You can also cover the rest of the interior with the bikini depending on their size.

Get a Jeep Cover

Jeep covers are great options to consider. The solid jeep cover is inexpensive and easy to set up. Hence, it will prevent your jeep interior from getting soaked.

Use Jeep Seat Covers

The jeep cover seats tend to be quite beneficial. They not only prevent your seats from getting soaked but also they are easy to clean. The seat covers can be clean by wiping them.

What You Should Do When the Jeep Wrangler Interior Gets Wet?

Despite all the best efforts, you cannot entirely prevent your jeep from getting soaked. There are times you will undermine mother nature and get rained on in the process. So, what can you do if your jeep gets soaked?

Wipe All the Hard Surfaces

Use a dry cotton towel or moisture soaking rag to wipe down and dry all the hard surfaces of your jeep. This tends to comprise the dashboard, steering column doors and other leather surfaces.

Pull the Carpets

If the floor of the jeep is flooded then you might need to pull the carpet. Wet and moist carpet create a conducive ground for the growth of molds and mildew.

Pulling the carpet will help you find other hidden areas where water is flooded. Vacuum the carpets then hang them somewhere to dry.

Pull the Plugs

Majority of jeep wrangler models have drains on the floor to allow the pool of water out of your jeep. So, if you are caught by heavy downpour and your jeep is getting soaked then pull the plugs to drain the pool of water from the jeep.

Air Dry

It sounds simple but it does magic. Open the doors of your jeep on a warm day and let the sun do its magic. If you live in a humid area then you can house fans to dry out wet areas in the jeep.


Cruising your jeep in a heavy downpour is not advisable. The most affected parts are electronic components.

Soaked electronic components may fail to function. This means you will incur extra cost of repairing them.

So, you need to protect your Jeep from getting soaked. In the case of soaking, you need to expedite the drying task immediately.

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