Are Jeep Wrangler Radios Waterproof?

by Joshua Thomas

The convertible tops and off-roading ability are the most popular things that make a jeep wrangler a lovable SUV. The vehicle will enable you to cruise anywhere and have a lot of fun.

So, are jeep wrangler radios waterproof? Not really. A jeep wrangler interior tends to be water-resistant. It implies that all electronics are able to withstand getting wet without failure.

We do not recommend submerging your jeep radio in water since it is water-resistant. Some vital accessories can get soaked and fail to function in the long run.

Therefore, a waterproof item is the one that is impervious to water. A good example of a jeep wrangler part that is waterproof is the hardtop.

The factory seats and floor carpet can get soaked when driving topless during the rainy season. You need to have a close eye to the weather before hitting the road with a topless jeep.

However, mother nature is unpredictable and even using the weather forecast news may not be accurate.

Are Jeep Wrangler Radios Waterproof?
Are Jeep Wrangler Radios Waterproof?

What to Do If Your Jeep Wrangler Radio Gets Wet?

Mother nature is unpredictable. Hence, you cannot entirely avoid getting your jeep soaked from rain. Here are things to consider to prevent your jeep radio from getting wet.

Increase Jeep Speed

If you are caught by downpour with a topless jeep while cruising then increase the speed. It will make the wind and rain drops to flow over the jeep while keeping air out of the interior.

But we recommend driving through the speed limit to prevent occurrence of accidents.The best way is get the vehicle in a sheltered parking space.

Wipe the Radio and Interior

Excess soaking of your jeep radio might fail with time. Therefore, use a thick cotton rug to wipe the radio and interior part of the vehicle.

Crank up the jeep to provide heat so that the wet radio gets dry up. Keep in mind that pure water poses little threat to the electronic system of the jeep.

Install Protection Gears

The low voltage radio of the jeeps are less likely to be affected by rain. In case of heavy downpour, the entire jeep will be soaked and this might interfere with the radio electronic system.

The good news is that there are several marine grade aftermarket radios that can be installed in your jeep to offer extra protection from water.

Seal the Cracked Parts

Cracked radio speakers tend to allow water to sip into the electronics. Hence, the chances of the radio failure are too high.

Therefore, we recommend using a plastic housing to mount the radio in the cage. Use commercial grade sealants to seal the crack speaker. The housing will prevent moisture buildup in the radio.

How to Prevent Jeep Wrangler Radio from Getting Wet

Here are some of the effective tips that will keep your jeep radio from getting soaked.

Check the Weather

Most of the weather forecast news tends to be inaccurate. We recommend keeping a close eye on the general weather before hitting the road with a topless jeep.

The preventive trick will help to avoid your jeep radio from getting soaked. Hence, it will save on the cost of replacement.

Use Bikini Top on the Dashboard

Throwing a bikini top on the dashboard will be quite beneficial. It will keep the dash and other interior parts from getting soaked. Jeep radio is located within the dashboard hence it will be protected from getting wet.

Use Jeep Covers

Heavy downpour could soak the entire jeep. Therefore, you can use a jeep cover to prevent the car from getting wet. Ensure the cover is rolled over the cage and windshield.

Conclusion (Are Jeep Wrangler Radios Waterproof?)

Jeep wrangler interior is water-resistant. However, a heavy downpour can affect major components of the electronic system.

Therefore, the installation of a water-resistant housing and components will help to protect your jeep radio from water damage.

You can now enjoy your outdoor activities without the fear of getting caught in the rain. Besides that, there are several affordable aftermarket jeep radios that can be used for replacement.

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