Are Jeep Wranglers Automatic?

by Joshua Thomas

Jeep wranglers are extreme terrain SUVs. Advancement in technology has fostered more modification in design and engine transmission.

So, are jeep wranglers automatic? Not really. Jeep wranglers come with both manual and automatic transmission.

The main aim is to give the drivers total control during off-roading and on-roading. It is one of the reasons behind the recent rise in demand of jeeps across the globe.

The dynamics in technology has resulted in the manufacture of more automatic transmission than manual transmission jeeps.

However, each type of transmission has its own merits and shortcomings. Hence, buying a jeep based on transmission depends on personal preferences.

Are Jeep Wranglers Automatic?
Are Jeep Wranglers Automatic?

Why You Should Opt for Automatic Jeep Wranglers

If manual transmission jeeps do not fit your lifestyle then you can opt for automatic transmission type. The option comes with a lot of benefits to the jeep owner.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider automatic jeep wrangler transmission over manual transmission:

Ideal for Commuting

Automatic jeep wranglers transmission are good for daily commuting. They are much easier to operate in a stop and go traffic than manual transmission wranglers.

No hassle is involved when it comes to maneuvering around a bunch of vehicles in traffic. Hence, the best choice car for those people who commute daily.

Easy to Drive

No doubt that driving an automatic jeep wrangler is much easier than manual transmission. It is a good car for those people who are learning how to drive.

Auto wranglers have simplified components that make shifting lanes on the highway much easier. No hassle of changing gears is involved.

Constant Improvement

Dynamics in technology tend to make automatic transmission better and better. It has made auto wranglers to outrank manual models with time.

Automatic wranglers tend to be quite powerful and have more packing gears. These features have made the auto jeeps quite efficient.

More Famous

Improvement in technology has made automatic transmission SUVs to be quite popular in the automotive industry. It is the reason why american industry is producing more and more automatic vehicles.

The switch in technology and preferences has made auto wranglers quite popular across the world.

Why You Should Opt for Manual Jeep Wranglers

Manual transmission wranglers are timeless. Majority of true jeep enthusiasts still love this traditional design despite advancement in technology.

Here are some of the reasons why you may opt for manual transmission jeep over auto wranglers:


Manual transmission jeep wranglers do not require torque converter, valve bodies and auxiliary coolers. Hence, making them more reliable over auto wranglers.

Another exciting thing with manual transmission jeep wranglers is that they can easily be fixed. You can push them to give the battery an extra boost instead of jump starting.

Maximum Control

Manual wranglers tend to have control gears and this gives you a feel of more connection with your vehicle.

The shifting of gears gives you total control over your vehicle. The authority enables you to control your car maximumly.

Fun to Drive

Jeep wranglers are quite enjoyable and fun to drive regardless of the type of transmission. But, manual transmission can have a lot of fun when cruising different trails.

The freedom to shift gears is quite exciting especially when touring rocky terrains and muddy off-road. The impeccable experience is the reason behind why many old jeep owners love the traditional design.

Quite Affordable

Modern auto wranglers are quite expensive. If you are looking to buy a jeep wrangler then we recommend a manual transmission type. They are relatively affordable.

The luxurious interior design of auto wranglers happens to be the reason why they are more expensive than manual transmission wranglers.

Final Thoughts from Experts

So, which jeep wrangler transmission is the best option? Auto wranglers are the best option for cruising rough terrains. It will allow you to crawl at a slower pace without needing to shift gears or hold the clutch.

If you are looking for on-roading experience then you should choose either automatic or manual transmission depending on your preference.

However, both manual and auto wranglers offer a blast on and off-road experience. Taste and preferences tend to differ from one person to another.

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