Can Golf Carts Run On 4-5 Batteries?

by Joshua Thomas

Your quest to get a reliable golf cart can be both expensive and time-consuming. Besides that, the maintenance experience can be frustrating to some extent.

So, can gold carts run on 4-5 batteries? Absolutely. But they are typically designed to run on six batteries. It would be best if you were mindful of the correct amount of voltage.

Getting new efficient and effective batteries for your golf cart will make it easier to maneuver across the golf field.

Well, we have done thorough research to come up with a detailed post to address all the issues and queries related to golf cart batteries.

Can Golf Carts Run On 4-5 Batteries?
Can Golf Carts Run On 4-5 Batteries?

What Is a Golf Cart?

A golf cart is a small electric vehicle designed to carry golfers and their golf clubs across the golf field. These automobiles come in various designs, and batteries run them.

These batteries are vital components for both electric and gas golf cart. They are responsible for spearheading the proper functionality of the golf carts.

The batteries help to provide power for the golf cart motor to enhance faster ignition of the engine. Therefore, failure of the batteries will hinder the functionality of the automobile.

Keep in mind that both gas and electric golf carts have motors that need to be powered. They provide electricity that sparks plugs to foster carts operation.

Also, the durability of the cart's batteries depends on the brand and the frequency of operation. Find out more in the article.

How Many Batteries Does A Golf Cart Need?

Golf carts are designed to run on six batteries. But the amount of voltage tends to determine the number of batteries needed by the cart.

You should note that the golf cart batteries come in six and twelve volts. Therefore, the choice for battery pack depends on the speed and how much the cart is supposed to torque.

The most popular battery pack for golf carts is the 36-volt cart. However, the 48-volt pack can also be used depending on the combination arrangement.

If you are looking to improve your performance and save on time, then you need golf carts batteries that can run your cart efficiently.

How Long Will A Golf Cart Run On A Full Charge?

Golf cart batteries are quite powerful deep-cycle cells. They are designed to supply a consistent amount of power to the golf cart motor.

So, how long will a golf cart run on a full charge? It ranges between 45 minutes and 90 minutes. But this depends on the age of the battery, weight of golf clubs, terrain and weather conditions.

Research shows that new batteries that are fully charged tend to last longer than old batteries. Therefore, if you are not getting a minimum of 45 minutes to ride from the batteries, then it is high time to replace them.

You should also note that the quality of the charger and battery itself tend to determine the time it will be fully charged.

The good news is that golf cart batteries tend to charge faster if they are plugged into a heavy-duty charger. However, they should be in good condition and have a low depth of discharge.

Can I Change My Cart Battery Count?

Golf cart batteries are the highly versatile power source. Hence, the reason behind the wide usage across a multitude of industries.

So, can I change my cart battery count? Absolutely. But it would be best if you were mindful of several factors such as efficiency, amount of speed and volt operating system.

Changing the cart battery pack is something that can be done without hiring a professional for assistance.

If you have a golf cart with six batteries and three holes each, then the battery pack system is 6 volts by six batteries = 36-volt system.

On the other hand, the golf cart with six batteries and four holes each implies that the battery pack system is 8 volts by six batteries = 48-volt system.

Therefore, changing a golf cart that runs from 6 8volt batteries to 4 12 volt system is quite possible. You only need to ensure the 4 12 volt system are aligned in series connection in the cart battery tray.

You should note that 12-volt batteries are bigger than 8-volt batteries. Therefore, a structural modification needs to be done on the battery tray so that the batteries can fit under the seat.

Will Car Batteries Work In A Golf Cart?

Golf cart batteries are a versatile power source, and they can be used in different industries. But they are typically designed to run golf cart motors to enhance mobility.

So, will car batteries work in a golf cart? Not really. Car batteries are designed to run on a much lower discharge rate than deep cycle cells in cart batteries.

Therefore, you cannot use car batteries as the main source of power for your golf cart. Keep in mind that the standard car batteries are not used to run the entire car.

The alternators are responsible for powering the car accessories while the battery for igniting the engine and powering other accessories when the engine is shut down.

How Long Should Golf Cart Batteries Last?

Golf cart batteries tend to differ by brand, type, design and manufacturer. These are the crucial features that define their life expectancy.

So, how long should golf cart batteries last? Well, properly maintained batteries could last about five to six years. But this depends on the charging cycle, usage and other uncontrollable variables.

Besides that, you need to check the battery warranty before buying. Also, buy golf cart batteries for replacement from reputable dealers.

Maintaining the cart battery properly involves getting rid of the corrosion, cleaning the battery regularly and keeping the electrolyte level up.

Also, ensure the battery is fully charged and switch off the engine when the cart is not in use. These precautions will help improve the lifespan of the cart batteries.

What Are the Types of Golf Cart Batteries?

There are two main types of golf cart batteries. They include lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. These deep cycle cells play a vital role in the normal functionality of the cart on the golf field.

Lead Acid Batteries

These are relatively large golf cart batteries. They contain two cells with lead and lead oxide. The sulfuric acid and water solution helps to maintain the batteries.

You should note that these batteries come in different sizes depending on the level of electrolyte in each cell.

The economic power source design makes the golf cart batteries boast lots of fame from many golf forums and groups.

Besides that, they are highly tested and proven to be high tolerance to extreme usage. The accessibility and different configuration also make these batteries popular among golfers.

The most common types of lead batteries for golf carts on amazon are valve-regulated lead-acid and wet cell or flooded batteries.

Lithium-ion Batteries

These golf cart batteries are smaller, lighter, and easier to store and faster to charge when compared to lead batteries.

They typically have cells and are designed using modern technology. The good news is that they do not contain any liquid. Hence, no hassle of refill like lead-based batteries.

Another exciting thing is that these batteries tend to last longer, and they are not sensitive to partial charge. However, they are quite expensive when compared to lead batteries ( Check Price on Amazon).

Final Thoughts from Expert

Can golf carts run on 4-5 batteries? Yes. But you need to check the amount of voltage required by the golf cart before installing these batteries.

However, the average number of batteries required by most golf carts is about six. But the battery pack system tends to differ from one cart to another.

Take the time to study your golf cart in terms of performance and efficiency. If the batteries are old, then you need to replace them for higher performance.

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