10 Best Strut Spring Compressors of 2022: Reviews, Buying Guide and FAQs

by Joshua Thomas

In the America, most people prefer repairing their automobiles themselves. If there any fault in the strut spring of the automobile, what you need is the best strut spring compressor to fix it.

You need a strut compressor specially while replacing the strut cartridges and other assembly parts. It helps in compressing the door spring of the vehicle. This way, you can remove and install its replacement.

In this strut spring compressor review, we will talk about the important information on the niche and help you find the best product on the market. Let's start and take a look at the leading recommendations.

Top Strut Spring Compressors of 2022 by Editors' Picks
Top Strut Spring Compressors of 2022 by Editors' Picks

Summary of 10 Best Strut Spring Compressors

OEMTools 25550 MacPherson

1. OEMTools 25550 MacPherson (Best Overall)

  • Made of steel material
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Forged screws for added strength
  • Safety latch for locking
ABN 9210

2. ABN 9210

  • Made of hardened steel
  • Locks into place
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Easy storage
8MikeLake D069150

3. 8MikeLake D069150

  • Constructed with hardened steel
  • Lock position on hooks
  • Comes with a storage box
Shankly Universal

4. Shankly Universal

  • Made of drop forged enamel steel
  • Double-ended jaws
  • Security for the hooks
  • 300 mm operating capacity
Branick 7600

5. Branick 7600

  • Constructed with steel material
  • Heavy-duty acme thread
  • Multi position hooks
  • Versatile mounting options
Performance Tool W89322

6. Performance Tool W89322

  • Made of forged steel
  • Comes with locking pins
  • Replacement parts available
  • Available in bilingual instruction manual

7. HFS SCSC-02

  • Made of forged steel
  • Acme threaded rod
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Anti-seize compounds
Goplus Strut Spring Compressor

8. Goplus Strut Spring Compressor

  • Constructed with A3 steel
  • 2.8 lb weight
  • Durable and easy to carry
  • Compatible with various cars
Powerbuilt 648627

9. Powerbuilt 648627

  • Constructed with zinc plated steel
  • Built-in locking pins
  • Comes with a storage case
  • Lifetime warranty
XtremepowerUS X5094

10. XtremepowerUS X5094

  • Constructed with heat treated steel
  • Has chrome finish on the top
  • Precision steel bolts
  • Comes in a set of 2

1. OEMTools 25550 MacPherson - Best Overall

OEMTools 25550 MacPherson
OEMTools 25550 MacPherson

The OEMTools spring compressor is one of the best products in the niche. The making of this product is done in steel material that ensures the strength of the compressor.

For long-lasting usage, you will find forged hooks and hardened center screw that makes it more dependable.

As far as the compatibility is concerned, this model compresses most sizes of Macpherson strut springs. You can expect fast working of the task. The compressor is quite useful in replacing the cartridge or assembly repair.

The locks stay in place due to the safer spring compression through broad contact and built-in detent pins. You can find other features such as heat-treated forcing screw and safety latches for locking the hook. The only drawback is that it is not compatible with other brand products.


  • Comes with forged hooks and hardened center screw
  • Construction done with steel material
  • Ensure fast working of the task
  • Safety latches for locking the hook


  • The compressor is not compatible with other brand springs

2. ABN 9210 Strut Spring Compressor

ABN 9210
ABN 9210

So, this model is also a considerable option available on the market. The construction is done with hardened steel in the center and forged nails that ensure the longevity of the product.

This product is available in a set of 2 in 11.5 inches size. The setup of this compressor is super easy and it can be used to repair the bent struts, tubes, and damaged pieces.

There is an acme threaded rod that comes with a broad spring and built-in detent pins to lock the coil at one place. It helps in keeping the process safe.

The compatibility of this model is also super amazing. It is universally compatible with the strut assembly. The hex shaped end is for 13/16-inch wrench that also allow half inch extension for better adjustment.

What we didn't like in this product is that it is compatible only with the cars and not the motorcycles. Also, there is no warranty to secure your purchase.


  • Available in a set of 2 with all tools inclusive
  • Super durable material used in the construction
  • Universally compatible with strut springs
  • Super easy to install and use


  • It is only compatible with cars and not motorcycles
  • There is no warranty to secure the purchase

3. 8MikeLake D069150 Strut Spring Compressor

8MikeLake D069150
8MikeLake D069150

Ok, so this product is known for its durability. Well, the construction is done in a fine way with hardened steel. Please note that the steel makes all the difference and this product has got best in the category.

The hooks are forged and the center of the screw is made of hardened material which makes it strong and durable. You just have to lubricate the screws before using. It will make the task easy and smooth.

This model is designed to compress various Macpherson strut spring sizes. There is broad spring contact and built-in detent pins that help in locking the spring at one place to avoid any accidents.

The tools help with the quick operation. They safely compress the spring and do not leave a scope for any kind of accidents. The compatibility is constrained to Macpherson springs and it is not useful for small cars and other automobiles.


  • Quick and smooth operation of the compressor
  • Made of high-quality material for added durability
  • Forged hooks for extra strength
  • Comes with a wonderful storage case


  • Compatibility issues with other brand strut springs
  • Not suitable for smaller cars and other automobiles

4. Shankly Universal Strut Spring Compressor

Shankly Universal
Shankly Universal

This product is constructed with drop forged enamel steel material which makes it less susceptible to corrosion and rusting. You don't have to maintain these tools and they comes with uncompromised quality.

There are double ended jaws in this compressor that makes sure compressing struts and springs easy to handle and manage. Also, there is attachable security hooks for prolonged security and control.

The opening of the compressor tool is 300 mm and the overall length is also 300 mm. The 10 inches bolt makes sure that the compressor can provide maximum height to the removable springs.

This product is for the small and light commercial vehicles. It does not come with a storage box and there is no warranty with this product.


  • No chance of rusting and corrosion on the steel
  • Constructed with very durable and efficient material
  • Attached security hooks for more security
  • Good security and control of the compressor


  • No warranty to secure the purchase
  • There is no storage box with this product

5. Branick 7600 Strut Spring Compressor

Branick 7600
Branick 7600

Breaking the contemporaries, this is a different model from the ones that we have mentioned above. The entire construction of this product is done in steel and it is considered to be among the safest products on the market.

This model handles coil over shock. It has versatile mounting options that makes it more versatile than any other model out there. For any automobile, you will not require an additional adapter.

The long handles make sure that sufficient torque is used for the job. Then, there are multi-position upper spring hooks that can be used for ultimate flexibility. For all the heavy-duty automobiles, this is a perfect product to have.

However, the price is a lot and the usage of this model is also a bit complex.


  • Constructed with heavy-duty steel for robustness
  • Long handles for great torque
  • The multi-position hooks give you amazing flexibility
  • Highly-suitable for heavy-duty automobiles


  • One of the most expensive models on the market
  • The method of usage is a bit complex and difficult to understand

6. Performance Tool W89322 Steel Constructed Strut String Compressor

Performance Tool W89322
Performance Tool W89322

So, the W89322 is a high-end product with the entire body constructed of steel. The drop forged steel is quite likable because it stays at a decent distance from corrosion and rusting. Also, it is quite durable and will serve you for the longest period.

This product is suitable for most automotive and light truck applications. This product is not for the heavy-duty vehicles.

It comes with a locking pins to ensure maximum safety of the product. The company doesn't want to compromise on any step so they have given added security features.

The replacement parts are readily available on the market. It comes packed in a storage box and is one of the most versatile products.


  • Amazing features to ensure added security of the product
  • Comes in a storage box
  • No hassle about corrosion and rusting
  • Drop forged steel construction for durability and strength


  • This product is not suitable for heavy-duty vehicles

7. HFS SCSC-02 Strut Spring Compressor


In your search for the best strut spring compressor tool, this one is also one of the competitive models. It is constructed with forged steel and helps in repairing the bent struts, damaged pieces, and strut tubes.

The acme threaded rod is also constructed with forged steel and it has built-in detent pins to lock the coil in place. This helps in ensuring the safety of the compressor and prevent accidents.

The setup of this model is pretty straightforward. The technology compresses the coil spring to replace the shock absorber unit.

It comes with blow molded case gives easy transport of the compressor and also keeps it protected. While the product is decent in performance, the locking pins are not as appreciating. Also, the rod has to be oiled before every usage.


  • Full construction done with forged steel
  • Great performance of the compressor
  • Durable and meant for prolonged usage
  • Easy and straightforward to setup and install


  • The locking pins of this model are not as appreciating

8. Goplus Strut Spring Compressor

Goplus Strut Spring Compressor
Goplus Strut Spring Compressor

This compressor from Goplus is a professional-grade model that is constructed with A3 steel. This material will need some care and maintenance so that it couldn't react to oxidization.

It is compatible with many cars. The working mechanism of this model is also quite straightforward. Although, this model is not for heavy-duty usage.

The compressor is quite light in weight and highly portable. It is easy to setup and work. This is among the most amazing products available in the niche. Also, portability is one of the strengths of this product. You can take it anywhere with you.


  • Very lightweight and portable strut spring compressor
  • Available at a highly decent cost
  • Compatible with various light cars
  • The working mechanism is quite straightforward


  • It is not compatible with heavy-duty trucks and automobiles
  • The material needs a lot of maintenance

9. Powerbuilt 648627 Strut Spring Compressor

Powerbuilt 648627
Powerbuilt 648627

The 648627 from Powerbuilt comes with a promise to serve you for the longest period. The brand is so sure of their product that they secure your purchase with a lifetime warranty.

It is made of steel material and has zinc coating on the top that makes sure that there is no requirement of high maintenance. The product will itself stay clear from rusting and corrosion.

This model is designed for safe and seamless removal and installation of coil springs from Macpherson struts. However, this model lacks in compatibility with other brand struts.

The built-in safety pins prevent the tool from slipping. It comes with a storage case where you can keep the compressor, when not in use. This model is priced a little on the higher side, when compared with the features.


  • Comes with an exceptional warranty of lifetime
  • Zinc coating makes sure the quality of steel
  • The material does not require much maintenance
  • Quick and easy operation of the compressor


  • The cost does not fully justify the features
  • It lacks in compatibility with other brand's struts

10. XtremepowerUS X5094 Strut Spring Compressor

XtremepowerUS X5094
XtremepowerUS X5094

For the people that need an affordable option, this is a suitable product for your needs. It is constructed with heat-treated steel material and have chrome coating on the jaws to keep away from oxidization.

It is a lightweight and compatible product that has strong jaws and it is created with safe technology. It allows quick and safe removal of the springs.

The setup and working mechanism are simple. You will like this product since it is available at a very decent price. However, the durability of this product is questionable. Also, the entire rod does not have chrome coating which means that it can get oxidized.


  • Setup and working mechanism are simple
  • Highly-affordable and cost-effective product
  • Chrome-coated strong jaws
  • Efficient and suitable product on the market


  • The rod is not chrome coated and might get oxidized
  • The durability of the product is questionable

How to Buy the Best Strut Spring Compressor

How To Buy The Best Strut Spring Compressor
How To Buy The Best Strut Spring Compressor

The best automobile strut spring compressor is an essential tool for anyone who wants to remove and replace the springs in the car. People who wants to lower their cars often need to remove the springs with other suspension work.

Choosing between the best coil spring compressor can be difficult. These products vary in features and prices. Here is a guidebook to help you find the best strut spring compressor.

1. Type of Strut Spring Compressor

Technically, there are three types of strut spring compressors that you can find on the market.

External : This is the most common type among others. These compressors are suitable for standard springs. They basically grip the spring from outside of the coil from two points.

Once the compressor takes its position, you have to use a wrench to tighten the clamps that are claw-like. This way, the clamps start to come together and approach the center of the tool.

Following the same process, the coil will come in a closed position. It will make the spring shorter so that you can place it in the vehicle easily.

Internal : So, this one is an expensive counterpart and is placed inside of the spring. This way, the center structure will not obstruct the way.

The downside is that these compressors are complex in usage. That is why these compressors are not used very frequently. Only if you are a professional or have good experience in the field, feel free to use the mechanism.

Klann Type : The Klann type is mostly used in Europe and these are expensive compressors, suitable for heavy-duty usage. These are used for constant use in heavy vehicles.

Telescopic jack-shafts are used to make your job easier. These make the job easier and quick. You will find them extremely expensive.

2. Compatibility

Please note that it is essential to check the compatibility of the compressor because if you don't do so, your purchase will be completely purposeless.

Springs are available in different sizes and styles. Your spring compressor should be able to work cordially with the springs. Be very careful about this feature.

3. Material

The strut spring compressor should be made of robust material that can bear the tension. One of the best ways to determine if a compressor will be able to do the job well is through its material.

Even a single slip can cause fatal accident. Therefore, be very cautious about the material of the compressor. Most of these tools are available in steel material. The material makes it durable and gives the potential to work adeptly under tense conditions.

4. Safety

Clearly, safety is among the major factors to put in consideration while purchasing these tools. Compressors made of poor-quality materials can easily bend and break.

This can put your life in jeopardy. You can only ensure the safety by purchasing a branded tool that promises the strength of the product.

All the recommendations that we have made above are safe in usage. You can rest-assured that these products will not cause any trouble for you.

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Conclusion for Strut Spring Compressor Buyers

The best strut spring compressor is an important tool used for replacing the springs inside the car. There are products compatible with all kind of automobiles. Make sure to check all the options that you have and then make a purchase.

The list mostly contains external compressors that are available on a fine price and have great strength to prevent any mis-happening.

The list that we have shared above in our strut spring compressor review are ensured of quality and productivity. You will find them extremely useful in various circumstances. Don't forget to check the fit of these products and buy the model that suit your needs.

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