How Long Does The Ford Escape Last?

by Joshua Thomas

Ford Escape is a small-size SUV. The vehicle is reputable due to its flexibility, comfort, and ample cargo space. Hence, the reason behind their popularity among many American families.

So, how long does the ford escape last? 10 to 12 years. But the vehicle can last longer if they are driven sympathetically. However, if the car is exposed to rough conditions, then it won't last more than 150,000 miles.

Not all vehicles are perfect. They are likely to experience such problems with time. Thus, we recommend regular maintenance schedule to keep them in good condition.

The good news is that ford escape is made from premium materials. That implies that they are likely to last longer than other ordinary SUVs.

The improvement in technology has resulted in high-quality models. These vehicles are fuel economy and less expensive to maintain.

Therefore, if you are looking for a durable and affordable family vehicle, then escape model is a great deal to consider.

How Long Does The Ford Escape Last?
How Long Does The Ford Escape Last?

How Many Miles Does the Ford Escape Last?

The driving habits, road and climate conditions are the critical determinant of the longevity of any type of vehicle. Besides that, the maintenance schedule plays a huge role in the long run.

So, how many miles does the ford escape last? It ranges from 150,000 miles to 250,000 miles. New models of the vehicle have higher longevity than older models.

Research shows that older models are highly susceptible to a fault. You can get stuck in the middle of the traffic. To save yourself from such stress then consider the recent models in the market.

The most exciting feature is the durability of the vehicle panels. It can serve you for many years without wrapping or painting. The materials used to design the car are of high-quality.

The only shortcoming of the car is the automatic transmission. It became difficult to push out of the way in case they get stuck in the middle of the traffic.

However, towing is less expensive since they are lightweight. But this will depend on the towing company offering the service.

Are Ford Escape Reliable Cars?

Many families in the United States of America tend to hold their vehicles for up to ten years. Hence, the reason why many prefer durable and reliable cars.

So, are ford escape reliable cars? Yes. These cars have a powerful engine, and they tend to cover higher mileage. Besides that, they have excellent ratings according to the consumer reports.

Another exciting thing is that the ford model is ideal for various driving conditions due to the powerful engine that offers 180hp.

Also, the maintenance schedule for the vehicle is quite affordable. The average maintenance cost for the automobile per year is about $600.

Additionally, it is a great deal for commuters due to low fuel consumption. Hence, suitable for saving on the cost of fuel.

Therefore, the ford model is suitable for those people looking for an affordable and reliable vehicle for commuting to work.

What Problems Do Ford Escapes Have?

The escape model tends to have better safety ratings, standard features and good reliability marks. But they tend to experience some annoying issues.

Here are some of the common complaints linked to the ford model. These complaints include:

Ignition Failure

The ignition misfire is one of the big problem associated with the vehicle. The ignition coil is highly susceptible to failure. Hence, you need to replace it immediately.

The overall cost for the new coil and installation tend to be quite expensive. But it needs to be resolved ASAP since it affects the entire engine.

Stumbling and Hesitation of the Engine

Engine hesitation is another popular affecting the car. An erroneous EGR sensor generally causes the problem.

The issue causes incorrect exhaust gas recirculation pressure. Thus, the car will experience stumbling and hesitation. The problem occurs in both new and old models.

Changing Four-Wheel-Drive Mode

Transferring case of the vehicle to four-wheel-drive mode tend to result in howling or clicking noise. The emanation of the sound can damage your vehicle internally.

Hence, you will be required to rebuild it to solve the problem. Keep in mind that the cost tends to vary depending on the service provider.

Transmission Failure

It is the major issue reported by the car owners. The problem happens when the vehicle hit 70,000 miles. But the issue is shared among the older models than newer models.

Therefore, you will be required to replace the entire transmission to resolve the problem. The replacement cost tends to be quite expensive though different garages have different prices.

Is Ford Escape Expensive to Maintain?

Yes. The average maintenance cost is $600, which is higher than that of compact SUVs. However, the maintenance cost differs from one service provider to the other.

How often does a Ford Escape Need an Oil Change?

The frequency of changing oil depends on the type. Conventional oil tends to last for 300,000 miles and synthetic blend lasts for 5000 miles. On the other hand, the full synthetic oil continues for 10,000 miles to 15,000 miles.

Do Ford Escapes Have Bad Transmissions?

Yes. It is a common problem among the ford model. It usually happens when the vehicle hit 70,000 miles to 80,000 miles. But some tend to experience lousy transmission when the car dig 20,000 miles.

Do Ford Escapes Have Timing Belts?

No. The escape model is known to have a timing chain. It has excellent visibility and offers cosy comfort rides. Besides that, the four-cylinder engine tends to feel quite peppy.

Is a Ford Escape Cheap to Insure?

Absolutely. These vehicles are quite affordable to acquire. Hence, the insurance cost tends to be quite affordable. The annual average rate tends to be about $111, but this depends on the insurance company.

Final Thoughts from Expert

The vehicle has an average lifespan. But they are suitable for commuting to work due to low fuel consumption and higher reliability ratings.

Besides that, the ford model maintenance cost and insurance cost is quite affordable. The only shortcoming of the vehicle is the bad transmission after hitting 70,000 miles.

All-in-all, the escape model is quite durable and reliable. It forms an ideal family car and suitable for learning how to drive.

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