How Often To Change Oil Filter (Explained)

by Joshua Thomas

Your quest for a reliable car tends to be intimidating. It would help if you were mindful of a lot of things. However, most of these things are usually ignored by car owners or drivers.

Oil is an essential component for a car engine. It helps in lubrication of the engine and other parts under the hood. The oil filter tends to ensure the oil play its role smoothly.

Besides that, oil filters tend to protect the car engine from potential damage by getting rid of contaminants. These contaminants arise due to wear and tear of the engine.

Elimination of the dirt or metallic particles in the engine helps to prevent clogging and increase the performance of your car.

So, how often to change the oil filter? The component should be replaced every 3000 miles or three months. However, many car manufacturers recommend changing oil filter every oil change.

The good news is that oil filters are quite affordable ( Amazon Price Check). However, they come in different quality depending on the type of engine oil. It is the reason why some tend to last longer than others.

That's not all. Proper maintenance and replacement will help to improve the reliability of your car in the long run.

How Often To Change Oil Filter (Explained)
How Often To Change Oil Filter (Explained)

How to Tell If Your Car Need Oil Filter Replacement

The most exciting thing is that your car can quickly signal when you need to change the oil filter than expected. Some of the typical oil change warning signs include:

Grinding and Engine Noise

Car engine tends to produce a certain level of noise while cruising. However, when the noise becomes intense, then you need an oil replacement.

It is a clear indicator that the level of oil is not enough for engine lubrication. Hence, the reason behind the grinding and other sounds.

Black Oil Color

The frequency of oil change, depending on how often the automobile is driven. The engine oil tends to change colour after covering specific mileage.

The dark oil makes the engine to clog and experience corrosion. Therefore, we recommend an oil replacement to prevent transmission issues.

Check Engine Light

Change in engine light is a clear indication that your car needs oil replacement. The warning sometimes implies engine failure.

We recommend making an immediate appointment with your nearby garage for an oil change and other diagnoses.

Why Do You need to Change Oil Filter?

Vehicle maintenance schedule helps to improve reliability and performance. It is something that needs to be done often.

Oil replacement is one of the maintenance routines, and this should be accompanied by oil filter replacement. Remember to read the car manufacturer handbook to know the exact interval for oil and filter change.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to replace the oil filter every time you carry out an oil change. These reasons include:

Reduce Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintaining a car or truck is quite expensive. The frequency of replacing the oil and filter will help to cut down the single maintenance cost.

Develop the habit of replacing oil filter every oil change. It will prevent the accumulation of particles in the engine that will ruin its function.

You should note that the cost of buying a new filter is quite affordable when compared to the engine. Always consult your repair shop for further guidance.

Reduce Engine Depreciation

Operation of the engine tends to cause wear and tear. The process results in the production of dirt or metal particles.

These components tend to clog the filters and cause engine failure after some period. Thus, changing filters will help to reduce the rate of wear and tear of the engine.

Prevent Soiling New Oil

Some car owners or drivers tend to care less about their automobiles. They change the oil but leave the old filter intact.

Remember the new oil will be required to go through the filter. Hence, immediately the engine is started then the oil becomes dirty.

Dirty oil tends to have a low rate of lubrication, and this will hinder the performance of your vehicle in the long run.

Full Flow Filtration System

Modern automobile engines tend to experience full flow filtration process of the oil from the reservoir to the engine through the filter.

It is a clear implication that the filters offer the first defence mechanism to the engine. Old filters could ruin the engine since it allows passage of dirt or particles that cause clogging.

Final Thoughts from Expert

The oil filter is an essential component of the engine operating system. It helps to get rid of grit and grime from the oil. Hence, help to prevent engine failure due to the accumulation of dirt.

The most beautiful thing is that oil filters tend to be inexpensive ( Amazon Price Check). Therefore, you should have the habit of replacing them after carrying out an oil change.

Do you know how to change the oil in the car? Well, feel free to read our guide on the oil change methodology. However, you can still visit the nearest repair shop for assistance.

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