The 10 Best Fuel Stabilizers of 2020

Engine fuel contains volatile compounds which evaporate and get oxidized when the fuel sits for too long. In that case, the oxidation creates new compounds which ​can cause damage to […]

The 8 Best Car Body Fillers of 2020

It is quite natural for accidents to happen and your vehicle will also undergo natural body wear and tear, and so it is vital to know how to repair it. […]

The 10 Best Radiator Stop Leaks of 2020

The radiator is a very important part of any car because the engine would overheat and get damaged without it. This makes it necessary to always keep an eye on […]

10 Best Wheel Bearing Greases in 2020

Two pieces of metal rubbing against each other can only get along with some sort of lubrication. Wheel bearing grease is a semi-solid lubricant that protects wheel bearings from their […]

7 Best Car AGM Batteries of 2020

Most people are familiar with lead-acid car batteries. They are very popular and quite inexpensive. However, a new type of battery called AGM batteries is quickly becoming the go-to car battery […]

Triumph NSS-8: Time-Tested Car Lift Design

What We Like Reliable, time tested design Relatively higher lift weight capacity More stable 4 post design Generous maximum lift height Comes with various accessories Solid steel buildWhat We Don’t […]

Aylio 0L-9ULV-QXNJ: Pressure-Relieving Car Seat Cushion

What We Like Very effective at relieving pressure Cozy velvet cover Distributes body weight evenly when sitting Easy to carry around Universal fitWhat We Don’t Like Gets dirty a little […]

Comfilife SYNCHKG080643: Top Quality Car Seat Cushion from a Top Brand

Photo: carbibles.comWhat We Like Comfortable and well-made top brand cushion Encourages proper posture Easy to cleanup Highly portable Does not slip Multipurpose designWhat We Don’t Like Smaller seating space Bright […]

Everlasting Comfort U-Shape: Ultra-Comfortable Car Seat Cushion

What We Like Conforms perfectly to the body Pure memory foam filling with no additives Ergonomic U-shaped design Handy for posture correction and pain relief Easy to clean upWhat We […]

Car Door Won’t Open From Inside Or Outside (4 Solutions)

A car door that will not open from inside or outside can be very frustrating as it makes it hard to get in and out of the vehicle. Car doors are […]

Tire Pressure Sensor Fault (Symptoms & How to Reset)

Photo: carfromjapan.comWhen the “tire pressure sensor fault” message suddenly pops up on your instrument cluster, you can easily get confused about what to do if you do not know what […]

Dashboard Lights Meanings (Symbols and Their Meanings)

As vehicle technology continues to advance, modern cars are getting fitted with more and more features. These extra features aim to make the vehicles safer and more efficient to drive. However, […]

Steering Wheel Won’t Lock (Reasons and What to Do)

Modern vehicles have several safety and security measures designed to deter car theft, and hence reduce the likelihood of ever having to deal with the pain of losing your priced […]

Car Wash Soap Alternatives and DIY Car Wash Solution

It is always important to keep your vehicle neat and clean because a dingy one is never interesting to drive. Worst yet, a dirty car can also lead to problems […]

Oil On Spark Plugs: Causes, Symptom & How to Fix

Oil plays some important roles in the vehicle’s engine from cooling it down to lubricating the metal parts. But as important as oil might be, there are certain places where […]

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