10 Best Phone Holders for Cars, SUVs, Trucks in 2021

by Joshua Thomas

Smartphones can be challenging to handle and store when driving, especially if you want to be able to use them without landing into trouble with the law. But, with the best phone holder, you should have an easier time.

Phone holders provide a safe and secure place to keep the phone when on the road. These handy car mounts make it easier to use the phone for other things like navigation or entertainment without ever having to hold them in your hand.

With a phone holder, you can also make calls hands-free. This ensures safe driving and helps prevent trouble with the law. In this article, we review some top-rated phone holders to help you choose the best one.

10 Best Phone Holders for Cars, SUVs, Trucks in 2021
10 Best Phone Holders for Cars, SUVs, Trucks in 2021

Summary of 10 Best Phone Holders 

1. Best Overall Phone Holder: IOttie Easy One Touch 2

IOttie Easy One Touch 2
IOttie Easy One Touch 2

IOttie Easy One Touch 2 is our best overall phone holder as it is easy to install, widely adjustable, and can fit a wide variety of phones. The easy one-touch mounting system allows the holder to lock and release with the simple push of a finger.

This holder uses a super-sticky gel pad that can stick safely to the majority of surfaces. Better still, this mount retains the suction power longer to make it possible to wash and reuse it on another spot or surface.

With the advanced 2 inches telescopic arm that can effortlessly tilt your smartphone, this phone holder ensures you get closer device viewing.

The iOttie sticky Gel Dashboard Pad is designed to provide improved flexibility and offers a smooth surface for storing your smartphone. Better still, it has a 360-degree top mount rotation to allow you to set the phone at any angle you want.

Charging your phone should be simple as the bottom foot is adjustable to create room for the charging cable. Because this is a universal phone holder, it can accommodate almost any phone.

Key Features

  • Easy one-touch mounting system
  • Telescoping arm provides closer device viewing
  • 360-degree top mount rotation
  • Adjustable bottom foot to allow for phone charging
  • Universal phone compatibility
  • Sticky gel pad retains suction force longer

2. Best Phone Holder with Long Arm: Newward 2-in-1

Newward 2-in-1
Newward 2-in-1

With the Newward 2-in-1, you get a 13-inch long gooseneck that ensures you can have the device as close as you want. What's more, the unit has a 360-degree rotating ball joint that makes it easy to get the optimal viewing angle.

You can use this phone holder with almost any phone as it has universal compatibility. It includes 2 different size clamps that provide adequate support for any device between 3.5 and 7 inches.

Another thing making this one of the best car phone mounts out there is that it has a super strong suction. This holder can adhere easily to a windshield and various other surfaces to keep the phone safe and secure.

When it comes to the installation, you can be sure of an easy time as this holder has a quick one-button lock and release that does not require any tools.

Key Features

  • Up to 13 inches long gooseneck keeps device closer
  • 360-degree rotating ball joint
  • Super strong suction for a secure hold
  • Quick one-button lock and release
  • 2 clamp sizes provide wider phone compatibility

3. Best Dash Mount Phone Holder: iOttie Easy One Touch 4

IOttie Easy One Touch 4
IOttie Easy One Touch 4

If you prefer a phone holder that you can mount on your dashboard, the iOttie Easy One Touch makes a great buy. It includes the easy lock and release one-touch mechanism to make mounting it on the dashboard or windshield a breeze.

iOttie gives this phone holder a redesigned telescoping arm that ensures you can adjust the viewing angle easily. This arm can extend from 4 to 6.5 inches and rotate up to 225 degrees to give you more viewing angles, including placing the phone in a landscape position.

The foot mount on the phone holder is adjustable to accommodate different phone and case combinations from 2.5 inches. With this foot mount, it will be easier to charge the phone when on the holder.

Another element that makes this a fantastic phone holder is the super-strong suction cup, which ensures a secure hold. Better still, the suction cup retains the holding power for much longer, and you can even wash and reuse it to mount the holder in a different position.

Key Features

  • One-touch mechanism for easy and secure dash mount
  • Telescoping arm for adjustable view angle
  • Adjustable foot mount accommodates different phone/cases
  • Super strong and easy to restore suction cup

4. Most Convenient Phone Holder: IPOW IP1-201610142

IPOW IP1-201610142
IPOW IP1-201610142

IPOW IP1-201610142 is an advanced smartphone holder that comes in a more convenient design. This super convenient design keeps things simple as it does not include magnets, suctions cups, long arms or even clamps to ensure it is both easy to use and store.

The product has 2 pairs of rubber holders measuring 9 and 14 millimeters. These holders accommodate various phone types and sizes. Better yet, it adheres to the surfaces using 4 sticky gel footprints that are wear-resistant, washable, and reusable.

With maximum resistance to high and low temperature, you can be sure the holder does not melt or stiff up to ensure long service life.

Many users love that besides being super easy to install, this phone holder allows you to place and release your phone with just one hand.

Key Features

  • More convenient design
  • Easy one-hand operation
  • Wear-resistant sticky gel is washable and reusable
  • High and low-temperature resistant
  • Accommodates different phone types and sizes

5. Best Budget Phone Holder: WizGear Universal Air Vent

WizGear Universal Air Vent
WizGear Universal Air Vent

WizGear Universal Air Ventis quite a budget-friendly phone holder that will be ideal for motorists looking for something more affordable.

The holder has a powerful magnet that holds the phones more securely. This magnet also produces a strong force of attraction that allows the holder to accommodate any phone size and type.

Besides the magnetic surface, this phone holder has a durable rubber base that holds the magnetic head in position and helps ensure your smartphone is fully secured.

With this mount, you can be sure of an easy time altering your view angle as it swivels the display in all directions. Despite being a magnetic phone holder, it is interference-free as it does not affect the battery or signal strength.

Key Features

  • Highly affordable to suit the budget shoppers
  • Universal magnetic holder works with any phone
  • Swivels display to any angle
  • Interference-free magnetic holder
  • Sturdy rubber base for maximum durability

6. Best Air Vent Phone Holder: Avantek CM04

Avantek CM04
Avantek CM04

If you prefer to have your phone holder in the air vents, the Avantek CM04 is a perfect option as it fits almost any air vent type, making it suitable for use on most vehicles.

Securing this holder is more straightforward thanks to the sturdy clamps and 2 adjustable clips that ensure it remains secure enough to keep the device safe. This mounting mechanism is also 360-degree adjustable to provide an optimal viewing angle.

Avantek CM04 has a spring-operated arm that is strong enough to hold devices with widths of up to 3.35 inches, meaning you can use this holder with almost any phone.

Better still, the surface includes a rubber padding with a soft texture to prevent phone dents and scratches. This pad is also anti-slip to keep the device securely in place.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all air vent types
  • Sturdy clamps and clips for a secure attachment
  • 360-degree rotation for multiple viewing angles
  • Anti-slip pad keeps device secure
  • Spring-loaded arm for broad phone compatibility

7. Universal Compatibility Phone Holder: Mpow 051

Mpow 051
Mpow 051

Mpow 051 comes in a one-size-fits-all design that makes it a universal phone holder as it can hold almost any phone size and type. And with the 3 robust side grips, it holds the phones more securely.

When it comes to installing and removing the car mount, the one-touch design ensures you have an easy time as you can do either with one finger button push.

The phone holder includes an open-ended design and foldable feet to ensure it never blocks the phone controls, so you can charge it without removing the device from the holder.

The view angle is easy to adjust when using this car mount as it has a 360-degree ball head to allow you to position the phone at any angle you want.

Key Features

  • One size fits all ensures universal compatibility
  • One-touch design for easy installation and removal
  • Open-ended and foldable feet
  • 360-degree adjustable ball head
  • 3-sided grip design holds the phone securely

8. All Surface Attachment Phone Holder: TaoTronics TT-SH08

TaoTronics TT-SH08
TaoTronics TT-SH08

Photo: Taotronics

TaoTronics TT-SH08

In case you are not sure of the surface where you will stick your phone holder, the TaoTronics TT-SH08 cellphone holder is a good buy. The car mount incorporates a super-strong suction cup that can attach to any surface.

This TaoTronics car holder rotates up to 360 degrees, which ensures you can adjust it to your preferred viewing angle. Better still, the adjustment is easy with the dual knobs. And with the adjustable arm, you get easy access to your phone.

This powerful holder for cars can comfortably hold smartphones with widths ranging from 1.97 to 3.94 inches as the arms are extendable. And you can be sure the phone will not be scratched or slip as it rests on a soft foam rubber cushion.

Another impressive element of this phone holder is the one-button control that allows you to unlock the phone with just one hand, which is a super convenient function when driving.

Key Features

  • Super-strong sticky pad is attachable anywhere
  • One button control for easy use
  • Dual knobs ensure easy view angle adjustment
  • Soft foam rubber cushion does not scratch phone
  • Adjustable arm provides easy phone access
  • Extendable arms to accommodate most phones

9. Reinforced Magnetic Phone Holder: WizGear Magnetic Swift-Snap

WizGear Magnetic Swift-Snap
WizGear Magnetic Swift-Snap

WizGear Magnetic Swift-Snapuses uses a powerful magnet that provides an intensive force to hold any phone size and type securely. This magnetic phone holder swivels and adjusts quickly to give you the most optimal viewing angle.

A sturdy rubber base on the phone holder ensures the magnet can still keep the phone in place even when driving in rough roads where the device is subjected to lots of vibrations.

The complementary design of the phone holder allows it to fit the back of most phones. And when it comes to installation, this unit gives you an easy time as it can fit any air vent.

Overall, this is an easy-to-use phone holder that allows you to install and remove your phone without putting in too much effort.

Key Features

  • Powerful reinforced magnetic holder
  • High-quality and sturdy rubber base
  • Swivels display for optimal view angle
  • Complementary design fits any phone
  • Easy air vent mounting

10. Easy to Install Phone Holder: Maxboost MB000313_V2

Maxboost MB000313_V2
Maxboost MB000313_V2

The easy installation is one of the key highlights of the Maxboost MB000313_V2. The phone holder can be installed quickly on the dashboard or windshield with no tools required. You can even mount the holder on an uneven or textured surface using the adhesive mounting square.

Besides being easy to install, you can be sure of getting a more secure mount thanks to the potent suction and inclusion of a couple of locking mechanisms that provide a more secure hold.

The pad that holds the phone is secure enough as it has an anti-slip surface, which keeps the device in place and also prevents scratching.

There are some extendable arms on this phone holder to allow it to hold all smartphone sizes. And many users love the 360-degree swivel as it ensures you get more view angles.

Key Features

  • Easy to install with no tools required
  • Powerful suction and 2-lock locking mechanism
  • Anti-slip pad for secure phone hold
  • Accommodates all smartphone sizes
  • 360-degree swivel for versatile view angle

How to Buy the Best Car Phone Holders

How To Buy The Best Car Phone Holder
How To Buy The Best Car Phone Holder

1. Car Interior

As you choose a car phone holder, you need to think about your car's interior. The first thing is always to make sure it has enough space to accommodate the specific phone holder you want to install.

Besides space, the surface of the vehicle should be appropriate for installing the phone holder. It is important to note that some adhesives only adhere to smooth surfaces. If you have a textured or rough dashboard, they might not work for you.

Also, make sure the phone holder will look good in your vehicle by complementing the interior, and here, things like the shape and color come into play.

2. Phone Type and Size

Phone type and sizes that you have also matter a lot. It is vital to make sure the mount has enough space to accommodate them.

Most of these phone holders hold specific phone sizes and thicknesses, and so you need to check the exact specifications of the mount before buying.

If you do not want to go through the hassle of measuring your phone or have different phone sizes or types, a universal phone holder like WizGear Universal Air Vent, is a great choice.

3. Types of Car Phone Holders

Another vital decision you need to make is the type to buy. Here the following are the most common types available.

Air Vent Clip

As the name suggests, these phone holders mount on the vehicle's air vents. These types allow you to have the phone closer to you on either the right or left side of the steering wheel. However, some like Avantek CM04 work better for rectangular air vents than circular ones.

Suction Cup Mount

Suction cup mount phone holders such as the Newward 2-in-1 stick to the windshield or dashboard using a suction cup. They are an easy type to mount, which explains why suction cups are the most popular options in the market. The mounts are also highly versatile, but they require the surface to be clean to ensure they do not fall off.

Dash Mount

With dash mounts such as the iOttie Easy One Touch, you get a phone holder specifically designed for mounting on the dashboard. These types typically use either adhesives or suction cups for mounting on the dash.


The cradle phone holders like the Mpow 051 are designed to cradle the phone from 3 sides and hence provide a more secure hold. Cradles are often universal mounts that work for any phone and make it easy to install and remove the phone with one hand.


Magnetic phone holders use a powerful magnet to stick the phone on their surface. They come in different sizes, designs, and shapes to suit all kinds of smartphones. The magnetic holders like WizGear Magnetic Swift-Snapuses effectively keep the phone in place and swivel to provide an optimal view angle.



A high-quality cellphone holder for a car will firmly and securely hold your cellphone in place, ensuring it doesn't pop out while you are driving. And with this review to guide you, finding the best phone holder should be a breeze.

That said, the IOttie Easy One Touch 2 is our top overall recommendation as it is super easy to install, highly adjustable, and accommodates almost any smartphone.

However, if you prefer something with a long arm that provides a close view, go for the Newward 2-in-1, while the WizGear Universal Air Vent is a perfect choice for those shopping for a budget model.

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