10 Best Car Alarm Systems – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Car Alarm System

A good car alarm system can save your car from theft, so you must get the best system for your car, so you can always park it and walk away with confidence.

Whether your vehicle came with a basic alarm system or it doesn't have any at all, you can always benefit from a good aftermarket alarm system.

A good car alarm lets you keep an eye on your car from either across the road or further away, you can also unlock it remotely, start the engine and temperature control or activate any other functions that you may fancy.

Given the variety of car alarms, this car alarm systems review will present you with a buying guide to help make sense of it all, plus a list of the top 10 offers in the market to make your choice easier.

10 Best Car Alarm Systems – Reviews

1. Viper 350 Plus 3105V – 3-Channel Car Alarm System with Two Remotes

Editor's Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Viper 350 Plus 3105V
  • Operating Range: 1/4 mile
  • Remote Screen: N/A
  • GPS Tracking: Optional

The Viper 350 is a popular alarm system from a popular car alarm maker. It includes the basics that you need to keep your vehicle secure and deter would-be thieves.

You get anti-carjacking and panic alarm features with a parking light and six-tone soft-chirp alarm response. The system also includes a failsafe starter kill for your peace of mind.

This package includes two 4-button remotes and is available in 2015, 2017, and 2018 models. You can also add GPS and remote starting to the package, but they're extras.

Another downside is that the remotes are one-way only and you'll need to install the system in a Viper-authorized center else you'll void the lifetime warranty.


  • 3-channel & 1-way car alarm system
  • Comes with two remotes with a 1/4-mile range
  • Offers an anti-carjacking and panic alarms
  • The package comes backed by a lifetime warranty


  • The remotes are one way only
  • GPS & remote starting are optional
  • DIY installation voids warranty

2. Avital 5303L – 2-Way Remote Car Alarm System with Remote Start

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Avital 5303L
  • Operating Range: 1/4 mile
  • Remote Screen: Yes
  • GPS Tracking: N/A

Here's a top-rated car alarm system that comes with all the features you can want in any modern car alarm package. It also comes from Avital, which is one of the top car alarm brands.

The Avital 5303L features keyless entry, a remote start function, and it comes with two remotes: a 4-key remote and another with an LCD monitor.

Being a 2-way system also makes it possible to receive alerts from your car up to a 1/4-mile radius. It also features panic mode, allows you to select security features, including to select between passive and active modes.

Its cons include the higher price than other systems and that a DIY installation voids the lifetime warranty. Else, this is a great package that even includes 4 AUX outputs for more customization.


  • Car alarm with keyless entry and remote starting
  • Offers a 2-way security communication system
  • Comes with an LCD remote and a 4-button remote
  • The package comes backed by a lifetime warranty


  • DIY installation voids the lifetime warranty
  • You can cheaper car alarm systems

3. Pyle PWD701 – Budget-friendly 120-dB Loud Car Alarm System

Editor's Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Pyle PWD701
  • Operating Range: 1/4 mile
  • Remote Screen: N/A
  • GPS Tracking: N/A

The Pyle PWD701 is a unique car alarm system with all the important features you can want from an alarm system, plus, it's offered at a very attractive price.

So, if you're on a budget and looking for a good car alarm system, then this is one offer to take a closer look at. It features a 120-dB loud system to scare off any potential thieves and a dual-stage impact detection system.

The package includes two remotes, each with four buttons and all these four buttons additionally feature two operating modes, producing a total of eight functions.

Still, this is a 1-way system, so you can get any alerts from the car and you'll have to pay extra for more sensors like the glass break sensor, but when you look at the package's price, then it's still a great buy.


  • Budget-friendly car alarm system with two remotes
  • Features a 120-dB loud 6-tone siren system
  • The package comes at a low and attractive price
  • Pyle backs it with a lifetime warranty


  • It does not include "glass break" sensors
  • The remotes are 1-way and lack an LCD

4. Viper 4105V – A Set of Two Car Alarm 1-Way Remotes

Editor's Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Viper 4105V
  • Operating Range: 1/4 mile
  • Remote Screen: No
  • GPS Tracking: N/A

If you are on a budget and you want the best car alarm system with remote start ability, then this offer from Viper might work for you.

It features a keyless entry system and remote start, but only for fuel- and diesel-injected systems. The package includes two 4-button remotes with a 1/4-mile range.

There are a horn honk and car finder option with flashing lights. Then there are two auxiliary channels for extra functions.

The downside of this offer is that the remotes are 1-way and lack a display. You can also get cheaper car alarm systems, but the price is still affordable and it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Alarm and remote start system
  • The package comes with two 1/4-mile remotes
  • Also features a panic mode function for deterrence
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty


  • You can get a cheaper offer
  • The remotes are 1-way and lack a screen

5. Compustar CS7900 – Full Package 2-Way Car Alarm System

Editor's Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Compustar CS7900
  • Operating Range: 1/2 mile
  • Remote Screen: Yes
  • GPS Tracking: Available

Featuring an impressive 3,000-ft (1/2-mile) range, this offer from Compustar also includes many other valuable features that make it one of the best aftermarket car alarm systems.

It features a 2-way system and comes with two remotes: a 1-way remote and a 2-way remote with LCD screen. This allows you to get alerts when anything happens with your vehicle.

You can use it to lock and unlock the car's doors and trunk, as well as start the engine remotely to warm up or cool the car before you get in.

Compustar offers only a 1-year warranty, which is short compared to the other offers here. It's, however, DroneMobile ready, to make it smartphone and GPS-tracking compatible.


  • Complete car alarm with 2-way remote system
  • The remotes feature a 1/2-mile range
  • Locks, arms, and starts your car remotely
  • Comes with a 105-dB loud alarm


  • There are cheaper car alarm systems
  • The Compustar warranty is only for one year

6. Python 5706P – Remote Starting 2-Way 1-Mile Range Car Alarm System

Editor's Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Python 5706P
  • Operating Range: 1 mile
  • Remote Screen: Yes
  • GPS Tracking: N/A

Most of the offers here have either come with a 1/4-mile or 1/2-mile range, so if you happen to need a longer-range car alarm system for any reason, then check out this offer from Python.

It offers a 1-mile range, which is impressive and allows you much more freedoms. Then, it's also a 2-way communication system, so you can get updates from your car from up to 1 mile away.

You also get a second, 1-way remote and this package is compatible with Python's SmartStart systems, which additionally enables you to communicate with the alarm system using your smartphone.


  • Features an impressive 1-mile range
  • A 2-way system with lots of options
  • Includes 2 remotes and one with LCD screen
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty


  • It's a relatively costly package
  • It doesn't include a GPS module

7. Easyguard EC002 – Full Range Car Alarm System with Multiple Features

Editor's Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Easyguard EC002
  • Operating Range: N/A
  • Remote Screen: N/A
  • GPS Tracking: N/A

Easyguard presents the EC002 here, an impressive package that adds lots of impressive functionality to your vehicle, in addition to protecting it with an alarm.

You get a passive keyless entry system, which opens the car door once you're within a few feet of the vehicle. You also get an engine start and stop button, as well as a keypad entry system for backup.

The package includes two remotes, although there's no screen, you can remotely start the engine and the system works on most petrol cars in the market.


  • Multi-functional car alarm system
  • Automatically locks & unlocks on approach
  • Includes start button and keypad entry
  • Fits most vehicle types


  • You can get cheaper car alarm systems
  • There's no LCD remote in the package

8. Prestige APS997Z – Two-way Car Alarm System with 1-mile Range

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Prestige APS997Z
  • Operating Range: 1 mile
  • Remote Screen: Yes
  • GPS Tracking: N/A

This Prestige APS997Z is one of the best car alarm systems in the market, coming from one of the industry leaders, and it comes with everything you need for a full installation.

It features a 2-way communication system with two remotes, one without and the other with an LCD monitor. Unlike most other offers, however, you can program this system to your liking.

You can select 24-hour start times, program valet access, select active versus passive arming, as well as alarm tone for different scenarios.

What it lacks though, is a GPS module for tracking and other exciting features, but it already comes with enough programmable features to keep most nerds happy.


  • Two-way remote car alarm system
  • Features a 1-mile range
  • Also features a timed-starting mode
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty


  • You can get a cheaper package
  • This system doesn't include GPS

9. CarLock 2nd Gen – Plug & Play Real Life Car Alarm GPS Tracker

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

CarLock 2nd Gen
  • Operating Range: Unlimited
  • Remote Screen: N/A
  • GPS Tracking: Yes

Asides from simple alarm systems and theft prevention, GPS tracking is another very popular feature for securing your favorite vehicle.

CarLock presents a high-quality device here that easily connects to your car's OBD (On-Board Diagnostics ports) to watch a range of suspicious activities and keep you informed via mobile messaging.

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You'll know when there's fast acceleration, sudden braking, sharp turns, and other unusual behavior like power tools being used on your vehicle.

The system needs that you own a smartphone anyway, and there's also a little monthly service charge, but if you want the best car alarm system with GPS tracking, then it's worth it.


  • Alerts you of suspicious starts or car vibration
  • Enables you to track your car from anywhere
  • Simple OBD plug and play device
  • Comes with a multi-feature smartphone app


  • It comes with a monthly cost
  • You must have an iPhone or Android phone to useit

10. CrimeStopper SP302 – Deluxe Keyless Entry Car Alarm System

Editor's Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

CrimeStopper SP302
  • Operating Range: 3,000 feet (1/2 mile)
  • Remote Screen: Yes
  • GPS Tracking: N/A

The CrimeStopper SP302 is a great offer for anyone looking for the best car alarm system at a good price because it comes with great features at an attractive price.

You get a 2-way system with 2 remotes, and one featuring an LCD monitor, which has an impressive 3,000-ft or 1/2-mile range.

The system also has a loud 120-dB alarm, powerful enough to startle even the most seasoned carjackers. It also features driver's side priority unlocking, passive arming, trunk release, and lots more features.


  • Two-way car alarm up to 1/2-mile
  • Package includes two remotes
  • Offers keyless entry and trunk release feature
  • Comes with a loud 120-dB siren


  • Warranty is only for one year
  • It doesn't offer extras like GPS or keypad entry

How to Buy the Best Car Alarm Systems

How to Buy the Best Car Alarm Systems

If you're wondering what kind of alarm system to get for your vehicle or what to upgrade your vehicle's factory-fitted alarm system with, you should first take a moment to understand the important components of a car alarm system.

Also, unless you've got a very fancy car, then the odds are that your car will come with a basic factory-fitted alarm system, in which case your best option would be to upgrade it.

Following are the important features and possibilities of a good car alarm system, By understanding them, you'll be in a better position to choose a new alarm system for your car because you'll now know what to look out for.

#1. Passive vs Active Car Alarm System

This is a major difference between car alarm systems, so you need to understand what both have to offer. A passive alarm system arms itself once the car's ignition gets switched off and all car doors closed.

An active car alarm, however, needs the driver to additionally activate the alarm after turning off the ignition and locking all the doors. This participation from the driver gives the alarm the active name.

It's left for you to decide which system you prefer because passive alarms offer more convenience since the alarm is always on, while active alarms are completely under the driver's control to switch on and off as he chooses.

#2. Sensors

Sensors are what make car alarms stand out from one another because there are many sensors available, so the more sensors an alarm system has is the better it should theoretically be at preventing theft.

You should also consider that an alarm system with more sensors will also have a higher price, so it's left for you to find your balance between sensors and price. Following is a list of the most popular car alarm sensors.

Motion Sensors. These alert you or activate an alarm once somebody moves around the vehicle.

Glass-break Sensors. These sensors react to the sound of broken glass.

Tilt Sensors. They alert you or activate an alarm once your car tilts for any reason.

GPS. With a GPS tracker module installed, you can receive alerts if your vehicle is traveling too fast or leaves a designated zone.

#3. 1-way vs 2-way Remotes

A 1-way remote is a remote that allows you to only send instructions to the alarm system in your car, while a 2-way remote also allows you to send instructions to your car and additionally receives information from the car.

With a 2-way remote, you can receive confirmation of any instruction that you send to the car. You can also receive alerts for a break-in or if another vehicle hits your car.

#4. Smartphone Compatibility

Some car alarm systems offer smartphone compatibility, which means that they come with wireless modules that allow you to reach them from anywhere in the world.

The downside is that this usually requires a GSM card and subscription for it to work. The good news, however, is that you can always track your car and you also have many more options to control the car.

#5. Encrypted Transmissions

Early car alarm remote systems were easy to hack. All a thief needed was a "code grabber" to sniff your remote's access code when it transmits and he can now use it to easily get into your vehicle.

Today, alarm systems feature rolling codes, which are access codes that change each time the remote transmits a to the car, and in addition to that, the codes are also encrypted to further make them nearly impossible to crack. So, if you want the most secure car alarm system, go for one with encryption.

#6. Installation Ease

Installing an alarm system in your car involves an understanding of electrical wiring and working with lots of wires. If you're a good DIY type, then you may want to try installing the alarm on your own, else, it's better left for professional installation.

#7. Extra Features

You may also want to consider added convenience features that can make your life easier. These include valet mode and trunk release from the remote, as well as keyless entry, remote engine starts and heating the seats before getting into the car.


We've come to the end of this car alarm systems review and you've seen the different top offers out there, from the very best premium packages down to budget designs and entry-level packages.

You've also seen that there's something for each person and budget, so it's left for you here to choose what best suits your vehicle and lifestyle.