7 Best Jack Stands of 2021

by Joshua Thomas

The jack stand is an easy-to-use lifting tool that allows you to quickly and easily hold your lifted vehicle in place, making it easy to access the underside for rim or tire repairs.

Jack stands typically have a triangular shape with a large base to offer stability and ensure maximum safety during usage. They are also quite versatile as they come in different weight capacities from 2 to over 10 tons.

If you are searching for the best jack stands, we review 7 top quality models and show you how to choose an ideal one.

Editor's Recommendation: Top Jack Stands of 2021

Editor's Recommendation: Top Jack Stands of 2021
Editor's Recommendation: Top Jack Stands of 2021

Summary of 7 Best Jack Stands

Pro Lift T-6906D Double Pin Jack Stand

1. Pro-LifT T-6906D (Best Overall)

  • Sturdy stamped steel construction
  • Double locks mechanism
  • Smooth height adjustment
Powerbuilt 640912 Jack Stand With Bottle Jack

2. Alltrade 640912 (Best for Off Road Vehicle)

  • All-in-one design
  • Extra-wide steel base
  • Secure safety bar
Torin Big Red Aluminum Jack Stand

3. Torin Big Red T43004 (Best Aluminum)

  • High-grade aluminum construction
  • Large saddle surface area
  • Locking support pins
  • Wide foot base
Torin Big Red T43002A

4. Torin Big Red T43002A (Best Steel)

  • Industrial welded heavy-duty steel
  • Wide pyramid style foot base
  • Multi-position ratchet bar
 AAmazonBasics SW-STJK02

5. AmazonBasics SW-STJK02 (Best Budget)

  • Budget-friendly
  • Self-locking ratchet
  • Durable steel frame
Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Jack Stand

6. Camco 44561 (Best for RV)

  • Secure & level RV positioning
  • Lightweight but durable aluminum build
  • Easy to use screw lock system
Esco 10449

7. Esco 10449 (Best Low Profile)

  • Low-profile design
  • Removable rubber flat top saddle
  • 7 adjustable positions

1. Best Overall: Pro-LifT T-6906D

Pro Lift T-6906D Double Pin Jack Stand
Pro Lift T-6906D Double Pin Jack Stand
  • Weight Capacity: 6 tons
  • Height Range: 15 to 23.5 inches
  • Material: Steel

The Pro-LifT T-6906Dis our best overall model as it is a top-rated jack stand that is well-built, has a smooth upward movement, a more stable base, and secure locking mechanism.

Pro-Lift builds this jack stand with a heavy-duty stamped steel material that makes it highly durable as it can withstand more abuse. Additionally, the jack has a high-quality cast ductile iron ratchet bar for extra sturdiness.

Since the jack is for commercial and home use, it has a higher 6-ton capacity to ensure you can use it to hold most vehicles on the road. The lift is also easier as there is a height adjustment mechanism that ensures smooth upward movement.

Moreover, the double locking system with both mobility pin and handle locks makes the stands safer to use as well. Furthermore, they have a larger and more stable base for safe operation.

These jacks are certified to be safe and well-built as they meet the strict ANSI/PALD standards.

The 15-inch minimum height is not low enough for those with low-profile vehicles. However, it is still enough to go under most cars on the road today.

Note: Pro-Lift also has a 3-ton version, the Pro-LifT T-6903D. The 3-ton option is ideal for those who do not have heavy vehicles and prefer a more affordable option.


  • Well-built and long-lasting
  • Higher 6-ton weight capacity
  • More secure locking mechanism
  • Smooth upward movement
  • Large and stable base


  • Not low enough

2. Best for Off Road Vehicle: Powerbuilt Alltrade 640912

Powerbuilt 640912 Jack Stand With Bottle Jack
Powerbuilt 640912 Jack Stand With Bottle Jack
  • Weight Capacity: 3 tons
  • Height Range: 11 to 21 inches
  • Material: Steel

When it comes to lifting off-road vehicles and trucks, you can trust the Powerbuilt Alltrade 640912 to do a fantastic job for you. It is an all-in-one 3-ton jack with both a bottle jack and jack stand for lifting and holding the vehicle in place.

With a broad steel base, this tool remains stable under load to prevent accidents. It can also get under almost any vehicle out there as it goes as low as 11 inches and has a maximum lift height of 21 inches.

The safety lock bar is sturdy enough as it locks in place to ensure the stand never lowers once secured.

At 22 pounds, this unit seems heavier than expected, but it is still easy enough to handle for most motorists.


  • Convenient stand and jack combo
  • Stable base holds heavy vehicles securely
  • Easy to keep in place safely
  • Lower minimum height for low clearance vehicles


  • Relatively heavier

3. Best Aluminum: Torin Big Red T43004

Torin Big Red Aluminum Jack Stand
Torin Big Red Aluminum Jack Stand
  • Weight Capacity: 3 tons
  • Height Range: 10.71 to 15.63 inches
  • Material: Aluminum

Torin Big Red T43004is a pair of heavy-duty jack stands made from a high-grade aluminum material that makes them lightweight as they weigh just 10.2 pounds.

Moreover, these stands are secure and stable as they feature a broad foot base and have a larger saddle surface area for excellent contact with the vehicle.

Another element that makes this a more secure jack stand is the inclusion of removable support locking pins. The pins provide extra security and can be locked in 6 different positions.

The relatively higher price tag and sharp edges seem to be the most significant concerns with these jack stands. However, the price reflects the quality, and you can always sand down the edges to smooth them.


  • Durable but lightweight material
  • Large saddle provides better contact
  • More stable base
  • Locks in place securely


  • A little pricier
  • Sharp edges

4. Best Steel: Torin Big Red T43002A

Torin Big Red T43002A
Torin Big Red T43002A
  • Weight Capacity: 3 tons
  • Height Range: 11.25 to 16.75 inches
  • Material: Steel

Steel is one of the most durable jack stand material, and it is what makes the Torin Big Red T43002Asuch a fantastic product as it guarantees you get many years of service. Better still, the stands have highly durable industrial welding.

Another element that makes the heavy-duty jack stands fantastic is the broad pyramid style foot base. The base provides extra strength and stability.

You can also be sure of always getting better contact with the load thanks to the large saddle surface area.

Additionally, these stands can handle a wide variety of vehicles, from cars and Jeeps to ATVs. Better still, you have an easy time adjusting the height to suit the different vehicles thanks to the multi-position forged iron ratchet bar.

Since the security pin is non-locking, it is possible to knock it out of place, but a little precaution is all it takes to ensure this never happens. Also, there is no rubber on the feet, meaning the stand can damage delicate garage floors. However, placing a wood plank under the feet should ensure this does not happen.


  • Built for long term durability
  • Highly stable base
  • Quick height adjustment
  • Provides better contact with load
  • Handles a wide variety of vehicles


  • Security pin is no-locking
  • No rubber feet

5. Best Budget: AmazonBasics SW-STJK02

AmazonBasics SW-STJK02
AmazonBasics SW-STJK02
  • Weight Capacity: 3 tons
  • Material: Steel

For motorists shopping for a more budget-friendly pair of jack stands,

is the perfect option for you on our list.

Despite these being budget stands, they are still well-built with durable steel frame and some top quality welds to ensure they hold up well for many years to come.

What's more, the stands have a self-locking ratchet that eliminates the need for a locking key and makes raising and lowering them easier. There is also little risk of using the jacks on unsuitable vehicles as the weight capacity is easy to read.

While these stands could have better anti-rust protection, the coating still does a decent job keeping rust and corrosion in check.


  • Very ideal for budget shoppers
  • Durable and long-lasting frame
  • Easy to read weight capacity
  • Simple height adjustment


  • Needs better rust protection

6. Best for RV: Camco 44561

Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Jack Stand
Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Jack Stand
  • Weight Capacity: 3 tons
  • Height Range: 11 to 17 inches
  • Material: Aluminum

When it comes to lifting your RV or camper, the Camco 44561 is a perfect choice. Each stand has a 3-ton capacity, meaning that the pair should be good enough for most campers and RVs on the road today.

The heavy-duty but still lightweight aluminum construction ensures the stands provide a long service life and are also easy to carry on your camper as they do not add any significant weight.

These are also some of the cheapest on our jack stand review, making them ideal for motorists looking to save a few bucks. Additionally, they are easy to use and have a secure locking mechanism.

Like most others out there, these come in a pack of 2. However, the manufacturer also offers them in a 4 pack for those that may need to use more.

The base for these jack stands could be a little wider to ensure maximum stability. But provided you are using them on vehicles that do not exceed their 3-ton capacity, they should be stable enough.


  • Holds RVs and campers securely in place
  • Durable and lightweight material
  • Easy to use
  • Secure locking system
  • Relatively more affordable


  • Base could be wider

7. Best Low Profile: Esco 10449

Esco 10449
Esco 10449
  • Weight Capacity: 3 tons
  • Height Range: 11 to 17 inches
  • Material: Aluminum

If you drive one of the many modern vehicles with low ground clearance, the low-profile Esco 10449is an excellent choice of jack stands. With a height range of 11 to 17 inches, these jacks can work for most low ground clearance vehicles out there.

Another element users love is that they have 7 adjustable height options to ensure you get the exact support height you want. Better still, you can lock the position in place more securely as the jack stands use an extra-safe pin style lock mechanism.

The saddle provides excellent contact with the car frame as it includes a rubber cushion that prevents damage to the car. Additionally, the stands also more stable legs with a round base.

Quality control seems to be lacking for these jack stands as welding splatters are quite common, but this does not significantly affect their quality or usability.


  • Ideal for low ground clearance vehicles
  • Adjustable to multiple height positions
  • Secure saddle with protective rubber
  • More stable legs with round base


  • Poor quality control

How to Buy the Best Jack Stand

How To Buy The Best Jack Stand
How To Buy The Best Jack Stand

1. Types of Vehicle

It is vital to ensure the jack stands you want to buy can work for your specific vehicle type.

While in most instances, the jack stand is a versatile and flexible lifting tool that can be used on almost all types of vehicles, some like the Camco 44561 is for specific ones, which are RVs and campers.

That said, you need to make sure the weight capacity and design of the jack stand suit your particular vehicle type.

2. Weight Capacity

A jack stand's weight capacity tells you the maximum amount of weight they can hold and hence the vehicle type or size you can use them on.

A typical jack stand can hold anything from 2 tons to over 10 tons. Hence, it is up to you to choose the capacity you prefer. Your vehicle's weight should guide you here, but it is vital to note that the higher the capacity, the pricier the jack stand.

3. Material

It is also vital to consider the jack stand's material, and here the two main options are aluminum and steel.

Aluminum : Aluminum jacks like Torin Big Red T43004 are lightweight and more resistant to corrosion. However, the material is not as durable as steel, and it might not be the best choice for those looking for something heavy-duty for lifting weighty vehicles.

Steel : Steel is the material of choice when it comes to heavy-duty jack stands. A steel jack like the Torin Big Red T43002Aoffers long service and can take more weight. However, steel is often prone to rust or corrosion if it does not have a proper coating.

4. Lock Mechanism

The lock mechanism in the jack stand helps secure it at a specific position, and there are 3 main types used on most models.

Pin: This mechanism uses a pin made of steel or iron that slips in a slot or hole system to lock the jack. It is the most popular lock mechanism given the heavy-duty and durable construction, but pins can be a little hard to use.

Ratchet: The ratchet is one of the most user-friendly lock types you can find in a jack stand. It uses a ratchet system that locks the jack once you push it in place. However, the ratchet system is not the safest type and is not ideal for heavy-duty use or a professional workshop.

Screw: As the name suggests, this is a screw and lock that locks your jack stand at the desired height. Once locked, the screw system is very stable and less likely to fail than the ratchet system. But, this mechanism is a little more time-consuming to use.

5. Lift Height and Base Width

The lift height is pretty self-evident as it is just the maximum height the jack stand can hold your vehicle.

If you have a low-profile vehicle like a sports car, you need a stand that holds the vehicle at the desired height and is low enough like the Esco 10449 to get under these vehicles with ease.

On the other hand, the base width dictates the stability of the jack stand. Basically, the larger the base, the more stable the jack stand will be. Additionally, a jack stand with a broad base is safer to use.

6. Safety

Several things determine the safety level of your jack stand. Key among them is the base width, and here the wider it is, the safer the unit.

Also, secure locking mechanisms are vital as they ensure the stand never slips or lowers when in user. One more thing to look for to ensure safety is a large enough and firm saddle that provides excellent contact with the vehicle.


A jack stand is a practical tool that allows you to quickly access your car's underside safely and efficiently. But for good service, you need to make sure you have the best jack stands.

However, the Pro-LifT T-6906D is our top overall recommendation thanks to its sturdy construction, more stable base, and ease of use with smooth upward movement.

For motorists shopping for something specifically for off-road vehicles, the all-in-one Powerbuilt Alltrade 640912 is a perfect choice.

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