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10 Best LED Light Bars: Straight and Curved Light Bars

Off-road LED light bars look cool on your vehicle and additionally offer you enough lighting for the road or trail ahead. Modern light bars are also very customizable, energy-efficient, and they produce powerful light beams. Whether you wish to install a LED bar on your construction truck, off-roader, rescue or patrol vehicle, you really stand to […]

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10 Best Oil Filters 2019– Reviews & Buying Guide

Your vehicle works hard to get you where you want to go, and so it is imperative to keep it in good shape through regular maintenance and servicing to ensure it continues serving you well. When it comes to maintenance and servicing your vehicles, you need to make sure that you always use the best oil […]

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7 Best Wheel Locks: Spline Drive, Alloy, Clamp and Lug Nut

Sparkling new wheels and rims don’t only look attractive to you but they fascinate a lot of car thieves as well. Wheel theft is not a new thing but surprising enough few people take protective measures to protect their wheels.  But keeping your wheels safe is much easier than you might think as you only need […]

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10 Best Trunk Organizers in 2019 (Collapsible and Foldable)

As its name suggests, the trunk organizer is a wonderful and practical way of organizing your various accessories, gear, and groceries in your trunk.  Whether you are planning to go out camping or you simply want to stay organized with your groceries, anyone with a vehicle will greatly benefit from a trunk organizer. The trunk  organizer comes […]

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19 Cool Shift Knobs for Drivers – The Complete Review

A shift knob, also known as gear shift knob, is the upper part of a gear stick. It is where you grip with your hand as you switch gears. Over time there have been many diverse engineered functionalities allowing for people to freely customize theirs. A custom gear not only feels easier on the hand, […]

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20 Best Steering Wheel Covers under $20 – Ultimate Reviews

If you drive for long distances, you know exactly the impact a rough steering wheel has on your comfort and concentration. Steering wheel covers offer a customized grip that lets you comfortably and safely drive for long distances without fear of getting blisters. When you decide it’s time to buy a good quality steering wheel […]

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