7 Best RV Inverters of 2021

by Joshua Thomas

The RV Inverter is a neat way to convert the DC voltage in an RV to AC.

By doing so, you are now able to utilize most consumer electronics and electric devices intended for home use in an RV. This is extremely practical.

If you are fresh on the market for the best RV inverter, we have you covered in our review below. Without any ado, let's see which inverter you need to purchase for your RV.

Editors' Picks for Top RV Inverters of 2021
Editors' Picks for Top RV Inverters of 2021

Summary of 7 Best RV Inverters

Samlex America PST-2000-12

1. Samlex America PST-2000-12 (Best Overall)

  • Excellent built construction. Durable and long-lasting
  • Available in different capacities to suit your need
  • Very efficient RV inverter
  • Safe to use
Bestek MRI20011

2. Bestek MRI20011

  • Competitively priced. Good value
  • Flexible. Contains 3 power outlets at the back
  • Terminals easy to connect to any battery
  • Small and compact form factor
WindyNation VertaMax

3. WindyNation VertaMax

  • Quiet in operation
  • Easy to use by absolute beginners
  • Excellent surge capacity of 3,000 W
Giandel PM-2000KAR

4. Giandel PM-2000KAR

  • Great value considering the feature set
  • Quiet in operation
  • Digital LCD display at the back
Ampeak IVUFA2000

5. Ampeak IVUFA2000

  • Small and compact. Easy to install anywhere
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • ABS shell for durability
Xantrex 806-1220

6. Xantrex 806-1220

  • Durable and reliable with long lifetime
  • The power button is located at the front
  • Built-in USB port
GoWISE Power PS1004

7. GoWISE Power PS1004

  • Excellent performance for the price
  • Impressive surge capacity of 6,000 W
  • 4 power outlets at the back for flexibility

1. Samlex America PST-2000-12 - Best Overall

Samlex America PST-2000-12
Samlex America PST-2000-12
  • Power Output: 2,000 W
  • Size: 20.7 inches x 12 inches x 6.4 inches

One of the best things that we like about the Samlex America PST-2000-12 is its build construction quality. It is made from high-quality materials that make this inverter for RV durable and long-lasting.

Additionally, you can purchase this model in different sizes if 2,000 W is too much or too little for your need. At the back of this RV inverter you will find 2 power sockets, a power-on switch, as well as useful indicator lights.

This model is highly efficient and will guarantee a low idle power draw. It is also dead silent even when it is working near its power output limit.

In order to make this RV inverter safer, it is equipped with many safety protections like overvoltage, under-voltage, and over-temperature. It even has a small cooling fan inside for air ventilation.

The only caveats we note with this model is that it is quite big with a length of 20.7 inches. You will need a big installation space. Also, the price is quite high for an RV inverter with a 2,000 W power output.

Nevertheless, based on build construction and efficiency alone, this model is one of the best 2,000 W RV inverters on the market.


  • High-quality RV inverter. Durable and long-lasting
  • Available in different capacities
  • Highly efficient model
  • Equipped with many safety protocols


  • High price
  • Need a large installation space

2. Bestek MRI20011 RV Inverter

Bestek MRI20011
Bestek MRI20011
  • Power Output: 2,000 W
  • Size: 10 inches x 5.3 inches x 6.5 inches

If there is one department where the Bestek MRI20011 is unbeatable, then it is in the price department. Not only is this inverter very competitively priced, but it is also able to output an impressive power of 2,000 W.

With this type of power, it will have no problem powering most electrical consumer devices in your RV. For more convenience, it comes with 3 power sockets at the back as well as a handy power button.

Moreover, the terminals of this top-rated RV inverter are extremely easy to connect to any battery as they are alligator clips. Best, the ends are made from copper that conducts electricity well and will not corrode over time.

Also, what we like about this model is its compact form factor. You will not need a big installation space with this RV inverter. The only real issues we have with it is that it cannot be wall-mounted. You also cannot be used to power very power-hungry electric devices.


  • Very competitively priced
  • 3 power outlets at the back for flexibility
  • Terminals are easy to connect to a battery
  • Small and compact


  • This inverter cannot be wall mounted
  • Cannot power highly demanding electric devices

3. WindyNation VertaMax RV Inverter

WindyNation VertaMax
WindyNation VertaMax
  • Power Output: 1,500 W
  • Size: 16.7 inches x 10.6 inches x 5.1 inches

What demarks the WindyNation VertaMax from the rest of the competition is its low noise operation. Indeed, even under maximum load, this RV inverter will not cause any noise.

Its power output of 1,500 W is not as strong as other models in this review but is still more than enough for the average person. But what it lacks in general power output, it gains in surge capacity as it is rated at 3,000 W.

Moreover, the build construction is excellent, and this RV inverter has an aluminum shell that will not corrode. It is easy to install and can be installed in any position because it has base mounts. You also get all installation accessories out of the box, including an ANL fuse.

Not to mention that this product comes with a solid 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The only thing that we don't like about it is its price which could have been a little bit better. But other than this, this product is one of the best RV inverters for the money.


  • Available in different capacities to suit your need
  • Easy to use by beginners
  • Decent surge capacity of 3,000 W
  • Digital LCD display at the back


  • The price could have been a little bit better

4. Giandel PM-2000KAR RV Inverter

Giandel PM-2000KAR
Giandel PM-2000KAR
  • Power Output: 2,000 W
  • Size: 15.7 inches x 9.4 inches x 3.7 inches

When compared to other models in this review, the Giandel PM-2000KAR is not the most powerful or heavy-duty model. However, it remains a very interesting RV inverter because it has a rich set of features, and for the price, you get a lot for your cash.

For one, this model is equipped with an accurate digital LCD display that will always show you the power consumption. Moreover, you get 2 quality sockets at the back along with 2 super quiet fans that help keep this RV inverter cool.

In case 2,000 W is too much for your need, you also have the possibility to purchase this model in a 1,200 W inverter unit. The installation is easy, and this inverter can be installed in any position because it is equipped with metal base mounts.

When it comes to durability, nothing to worry about as the housing is made from an aluminum alloy. The only thing we don't really like about this product is that it has a bit of difficulty to handle high loads. We recommend it only for low power-rated devices that do not exceed 1,000 W.


  • Good value considering its features
  • LCD digital display at the back
  • Very quiet in operation


  • Difficulty in handling moderate to high load

5. Ampeak IVUFA2000 RV Inverter

Ampeak IVUFA2000
Ampeak IVUFA2000
  • Power Output: 2,000 W
  • Size: 10.3 inches x 8.2 inches x 3.4 inches

One problem with most RV inverters is that they tend to be quite big and you require a large installation space. This is not a problem with the Ampeak IVUFA20 as it is one of the most compact models that you will encounter in this review.

And even if it is quite compact, this top-rated RV inverter is still able to output power of 2,000 W. With this power output; it can power almost any type of electrical devices on the market, no problem.

The built construction of this model is excellent and has an ABS shell for durability. It even has a handy LCD display at the back to monitor the power output and voltage. Best, we get no less than 3 power sockets for more convenience.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to purchase this model in different capacities if 2,000 W is too much for your need. You will save some money by doing so because the 1000 W variant is less expensive.

One small caveat with this inverter is that it comes with no installation accessories whatsoever. You will have to purchase them separately to make the installation. Also, it is not very heavy-duty, so you should not use this RV inverter with power-hungry electrical devices.


  • Small and compact
  • ABS shell for durability
  • Digital LCD display at the back


  • Does not come with any installation materials
  • Not heavy-duty

6. Xantrex 806-1220 RV Inverter

Xantrex 806-1220
Xantrex 806-1220
  • Power Output: 2,000 W
  • Size: 16.6 inches x 13.8 inches x 7.2 inches

The Xantrex 806-1220 is a popular 2,000 W RV inverter that focuses on build construction quality. This makes it a reliable RV inverter that will last a long time.

What we like about this model is not only its excellent build construction but also the convenience and ease of use that it provides. At the base of this RV inverter you will find mounts that will allow you to quickly and easily install it in any position you want.

It also has a built-in USB port so you can charge your various accessories. Best of all, this model comes with a built-in LCD display that will always show you the output power.

You also get 2 power outlets at the back for more versatility. And for safety and ease-of-use, it has a handy power button right at the front of the unit.

The only negative we can point out with this RV inverter is that it does not produce a pure sine wave and the price is a little bit high considering this is a 2,000 W RV inverter.

However, all things considered, this model remains one of the best 2,000 W RV inverters on the market.

Notes: Since it does not produce a pure sine wave, you should not use this RV inverter to charge sensitive electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, or laptops.


  • Durable and long-lasting with excellent reliability
  • A built-in USB port for convenience
  • The power button is right of the front


  • The price could have been a little bit more competitive

7. GoWISE Power PS1004 RV Inverter

GoWISE Power PS1004
GoWISE Power PS1004
  • Power Output: 3,000 W
  • Size: 22 inches x 9.3 inches x 4 inches

The GoWISE Power PS1004 is not the cheapest RV inverter that would find in this review. However, when based on a price to performance ratio, this model is one of the best that you can get since it has a power output of 3,000 W.

Best of all, it has surge protection of 6,000 W. If you have a very high demand electrical components, or multiple electrical devices running at the same time, it can cope easily.

This model can be used almost anywhere where you need to convert DC power to AC. At the back, you will find no less than 4 output sockets for more versatility.

For convenience and safety when using the RV inverter, you get overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection as well as an alarm that will sound every time it detects a problem.

A caveat we note with this product is its big length of 22 inches. You need a large installation space for this model.


  • Excellent price to performance ratio
  • Decent surge protection of 6,000 W
  • 4 power outlets at the back for convenience


  • Requires a big installation space

How to Buy the Best RV Inverter

How To Buy The Best RV Inverter
How To Buy The Best RV Inverter

Before finding the best power inverter for RV that money can buy, there are some important aspects to consider. Here are a few of them:

1. Pure or Modified Sine Wave RV Inverter

If you have been looking for an RV inverter, then you have probably noticed that they come in 2 types: Pure Sine Wave and Modified Sine Wave.

Pure Sine Wave : The pure sine wave or sine wave for short is of the most common type of RV inverter that you will encounter on the market.

The current of this type of inverter is usually produced by rotation, and it is compatible with almost all consumer-grade electric appliances.

If you want absolute compatibility and safety when powering your electric devices, the pure sine wave inverter is the way to go.

Additionally, this type of inverter is very efficient and draws less power. However, one disadvantage is that it is usually more expensive than the modified sine RV inverter.

Modified Sine Wave : If you are on a budget, then the modified sine wave is an excellent choice. Indeed, it is significantly more affordable than the pure sine wave but at the expense of efficiency.

It draws more power and heats up more, especially under heavy-duty use. You will also notice that the modified sine wave is noisier.

Moreover, the current that it produces is not as "clean" as the pure sine wave RV inverter.

This type of RV inverter cannot be used with sensitive electronic devices as it may cause damage to it.

But, if you don't mind the noise or heat, then the modified sine wave RV inverter is good value especially considering its affordable price.

2. Power Output

The power output of an inverter is measured in watts. Most top-rated RV inverters will have no problem outputting power of 2,000 W or more.

This type of power is more than enough to power any type of electrical devices, even multiple devices at the same time.

If you don't need an RV inverter for heavy-duty use, or to power multiple electric devices, then you may save some money by purchasing a model with lower power output.

This will almost always guarantee that you get a cheaper model because usually, the higher the power output of the RV inverter, the more expensive it is as well.

3. Size

Of course, since you will need to install the inverter in your RV, you need to consider its size as well. Not all RV inverters come in the same shape or size.

Ensure that your preferred RV inverter will fit in the installation space. For this, you first need to measure the installation space and then compare the size of the RV inverter to figure out if it will fit or not.

4. Overload Protection

As its name suggests, overload protection is a special circuitry inside the RV inverter that automatically switches of the inverter when the demand is too high and dangerous.

This is a crucial factor to consider, especially if you plan to use the RV inverter for heavy-duty use. If your RV inverter does not have this feature, it will overheat and may cause of fire hazard.

5. Energy Efficiency

Efficiency in an RV inverter is simply how well the inverter can convert DC to AC.

As far as possible, it is usually best to go with an already inverter that is as efficient as possible. Choosing an efficient model will guarantee long-lasting operation while consuming less power.

The RV inverter will also run less hot and safer to use.

6. Ease to Install

Luckily, the RV inverter is quite easy to install by even absolute beginners.

However, if you have never installed one in your RV before, then make sure that it comes with a detailed instructions manual that will show you how to do it.

Additionally, ensure that the back connectors are clearly marked. As well as check if you get special accessories like wiring kits with your RV inverter of choice.


As we have seen, the RV inverter is an extremely helpful tool that will allow you to convert your RV's DC current to AC.

With AC, you will be able to power the regular home and consumer electronics in your RV. Neat!

Best, most models have safety circuits built in them, so the risk of overheating or electrocution is quite minimal. If you have never used an RV inverter before, then don't worry. It's safe and easy to use.

Our RV inverter review above lists some handpicked model that is worth it. If you are not sure which RV inverter to get just yet, then go through the review again.

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