10 Best Car Parking Sensor Systems to Buy in 2018

Best Car Parking Sensor Systems

Originally offered as an option in luxury cars, the car parking sensor technology has evolved to include universal aftermarket backup sensors that can fit most vehicles from sedans to pickup-trucks. Based on the process of echolocation, the sensors send out high frequency (ultrasonic) pulses, which reflect on the surrounding objects and is picked up by a special kind of microphone in the sensor.

An on-board computer system uses the sending and receiving interval of the ultrasonic sound to calculate how far away the object is. This distance is then displayed to you the driver, and voila!, you have a parking sensor system. These aftermarket backup sensors offer many methods of displaying the distance, with some employing affordable LED displays, and others using more advanced LCD displays.

If you are in the market for a backup parking sensor, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of offers out there. Following is a list of the 10 best systems you can get. It is my hope that it will make your purchase decision easier.

10 Best Car Parking Sensor Systems - Reviews

10. Esky 4-Sensor LED Display Backup Radar

Editor's Rating: (4.1 / 5)

Esky LED Display Car Vehicle Reverse Backup Radar System with 4 Parking Sensors

Esky's 4-sensor system is designed to alert the driver with a high volume buzzer, which also has an ON/OFF switch. The system uses a multi-colored LED display to show how close or far away that an object is. This display is simple, but presents enough information for an easy grasp at a glance. With green, pale yellow and red LEDs, the display offers you the distance information in an easy to understand format.

It comes with four sensors, two for the right side, and two for the left side. The sensors were designed to withstand the elements, and are waterproof, quake-proof, and they will neither freeze nor malfunction in cold weather. Each of the sensors comes with a 2.4-meter long cable to connect it to the system's control box. There is also a 1.2-meter long power cable and the LED indicator module.

The package comes with a hole saw to help make the installation on the bumper easier. Then there is the user manual, and the warranty card, which guarantees the product for 12 months. The sensors can either be mounted on the rear bumpers as a backup aid, or they can also be mounted on the front bumpers, especially for trucks. Although quite a simple system, your vehicle will be saved a lot of potential collisions and costs with this system.

9. Zone-Tech 4-Sensor Backup System with LED Display

Editor's Rating: (4.1 / 5)

Zone Tech Car Reverse Backup Radar System - Premium Quality 4 Parking Sensors Car Reverse Backup Radar System with LED Display

Zone-Tech's backup system also includes 4 sensors, a control box and a display module. The control box contains a double CPU system and a chipset designed for precise detection and accurate distance calculations. Its LED system is made up of three colored groups of LEDs like the previous product, including green, yellow and red. Yellow means near enough, while red means it is time to stop.

There are four sensors, with enough signal cables to connect these sensors from the rear bumper, all the way to the vehicle's dashboard. The sensors are weatherproof, so you have nothing to worry about. Built with high quality components, the main circuit takes the input from the sensors and makes it calculations, after which it sends the result as signals to the LED display module.

Not only will this system save you from crashing your car into the wall, it is sensitive enough to detect even small children, who may be standing in your rear during backup. This is without doubt, a very inexpensive method of increasing your safety standards. It comes with a hole saw for an easier installation, and the LED module also displays the distance in meters, with increments of a tenth.

8. Auto-Safety LED Parking 4-Sensor System

Editor's Rating: (3.9 / 5)

Auto safety Car Reverse Backup Radar System parking sensor kit ,LED Dispaly + Human Voice Alert +4 sensors+4 colors for Universal Auto Vehicle (Black)

When it comes to after-market parking sensor systems, this is one of the better packages, with highly sensitive sensors to perfectly identify the environment behind you. There are two options for this product, one with four sensors, and the other with eight sensors. Each of the sensors come with enough cables to connect them from the rear bumper all the way to the dashboard.

Auto-Safety's sensor parking system will work with voltages between 9 and 16, drawing 20-200 milliamperes of current. The sensors emit their echolocation signals at 40KHz and are sensitive to objects up to 2.5 meters away. The display module will display distances between 30 cm and 2.5 meters, giving you that accurate parking support.

The aftermarket backup sensors also incorporate a system against electromagnetic interferences, and are designed to be weatherproof utilizing Auto-Safety's adaptive environment technology. The control box features a dual CPU system, including other high quality electronic components, for quick analysis and detection of objects. The package includes the control box, LED display module, power cable, hole saw, double sided adhesive pad, 4x packing sensors with 2.5-meter long cables and a user's manual.

7. E-Kylin 4-Sensor Parking System

Editor's Rating: (3.3 / 5)

E-KYLIN Car Auto Vehicle Reverse Backup Radar System with 4 Parking Sensors Distance Detection + LED Distance Display + Sound Warning (Black Color)

The E-Kylin parking sensor system comes with a wide variety of sensor colors, ranging from gray, white, blue, red, black, fiat red and champagne. Each of the 4 sensors is waterproof and comes with a 2.5-meter long installation cable. The system comprises a control box, a display module, the four sensors and a hole saw for boring holes in your car's bumpers where the sensors are installed.

The display is the same multi-colored LED module like the previous products in this review. Including red, yellow and green LEDs, which are used to depict vehicle distance to object, ranging from green to red, and with red depicting 'very close' or 'Stop'. The display module also features a digital meter showing the distance in meters, with 0.1-meter increments. This system runs on 12 Volts DC, with the control box weighing just 63g.

Included in the package is the control box, the sound alert module, a power cable, the four sensors and their installation cables, a user's manual and a hole saw. The system is as well backed by a three-year warranty from manufacturer. This shows the high level of quality work and components that have been invested into this particular package.

6. Car Rover 4-Sensor Parking System

Editor's Rating: (4 / 5)

Car Rover Auto Rear Reverse System Car Parking Sensor Backup Radar Sound Alert + LED Display + 4 Sensors Silver

From Car Rover also comes a parking sensor system for ensuring your safety, that of your loved ones, as well as your vehicle. It is designed with the same 3-unit system like most of the other systems, including 4 sensors and their installation cables, a control box and an LED display module. The sensors are available in a wide variety of colors, including white, black, gray and silver.

The LED module features the classic green, yellow and red color warning system, including a digital display of the remaining distance in meters. There is also a BiBi sound alert, with an internal LED display beeping sound, and the system can start automatically once you switch to reverse. The sensors are both waterproof and shockproof, and they will fit most car makes, including caravans, trailers and horse boxes.

This kit runs on 12 Volts DC, with up to 200mA of current consumption. It will survive in temperatures between -20 and 60 degrees centigrade. The sensors can detect objects up to 2.5 meters far away and the digital display will show the distances between 0.3 and 2.5 meters. The package includes the sensors, display module and control box, plus the wires and the hole saw necessary for installation.

5. Geartist GTS8500B 4-Sensor Parking System

Editor's Rating: (4.3 / 5)

GTS8500B Car Parking Sensor Kit Reverse Backup Radar Sound Alert

Gearist's parking sensor system is unlike the previous systems in this review. It is solely a sound alert system, so it has neither a digital meter display, nor a a color coded LCD display. The idea of the sound system is that as the object gets close, the alert will get louder and faster, making you thereby aware of the impending danger. The system is effective from a distance of 0.3 to 1,8 meters.

The sensors are black colored, and they were designed to withstand the elements, including being waterproof, and not liable to low temperatures. Their installation is simple, as the package comes with a hole saw. The installation cable for each sensor is 2.3 meters long, which is enough for installation in most types of vehicles, including sedans, minivans, buses and pickup-trucks.

The package includes the 4 sensors and their connecting cables. Then there is the control box, into which their wires and a power supply cable, which is also included, are connected. The alert cable also runs from this control box to the included sound alert indicator. There is also an instruction manual. It is understandable that everyone is not visually inclined, that some people simply prefer audible alerts to visual ones. For such people, this system is truly a great offer.

4. Docooler 4-Sensor LED Parking System

Editor's Rating: (3.1 / 5)

Docooler Car LED Parking Reverse Backup Radar System + 4 Sensor

The Docooler system is also quite aesthetically different from the others. Its control box and display module look quite trendy and appealing, a little bit more cool than the rest. It is also available in a wide range of colors, which allows the sensors to be matched to many vehicle's colors like red, blue, black, white and gray.

This parking sensor system also includes the BiBi sound alert, a double CPU electronic control board, and an advanced analysis and detection system. The package includes a hole saw for installation, the control box, the LED display module, a power cable, four sensors and their 2 meters long cables, as well as a user's manual. Its power rating is 12 Volts DC, with 20 to 200mA current consumption.

3. Gogo Roadless Parking Sensor System

Editor's Rating: (5 / 5)

Parking Sensor,Car Vehicle Reverse Backup Radar System with LED Display 4 Parking Sensors

This parking sensor set from Gogo-Roadless is manufactured using top of the line components. The LED module is nice and futuristic looking. The sensors and the control box, all look great in pure black color. The set comes with four sensors, each with enough cable to facilitate an easy installation.

The control box can actually be installed in any position in the car, wherever you feel comfortable to put it, and where it can have access to power supply. The display module, with its color-coded LEDs, ranging from green for okay, yellow for careful, and red for too close, is meant to be mounted on the dashboard, for easy reference by the driver. The color system is also supported by a loud warning buzzer whenever objects get too close.

The package is relatively easy to install. It comes with a hole saw, a double-sided adhesive pad, and a user's manual. The sensors will work equally well in rainy, cloudy and even snowy conditions, so there is no need to worry. There is even a 30-day money back guaranty and a 90-day warranty backing this parking sensor system.

2. ePathChina Car Parking Sensor System with Mini LED Display

Editor's Rating: (3.7 / 5)

ePathChina® Mini LED Display 4 Sensors Kit Dual CPU Car/Truck/Vehicle Reversing Parking Sensor/Backup Sensor/Reversing Sensors System Radar Buzzer System,Periodic Buzzer Alarm, LED Rader,Three Stage Bi-Bi Sound Alarm System - Black Color

Amongst all the aftermarket back up sensor sets in this review, this one has the most technologically advanced display. The others have their display modules simply made up of multi colored LEDs, which are set in a rainbow form, indicating with the colors, how close an object is. This one on the other hand, has an LCD display with more graphics, and in the semblance of a dot matrix display.

It also stands out when mounted on the dashboard, giving your vehicle that modern look, as opposed to the retro look of the other display models. The system is easily installed, with the sensors at a height of 50 to 70 cm. There is a dual CPU control system, an anti-interference analytic system, and a progressive alarm to warn about approaching danger.

Like the other parking sensors kits, it uses the 40KHz Ultrasonic frequency to send out pulses and probe the environment. Its maximum detection distance is 2.5 meters, and the package comes with a hole saw, the four sensors, power cable, control module, the mini display and a user's manual. ePathChina also provides a 30-day money back guarantee for it, and a 12-month warranty.

1. Peak PKCore Wireless Parking Sensor system

Editor's Rating: (3.2 / 5)

Peak PKC0RE Wireless Backup Parking Sensor System

This system is the only aftermarket back up sensor kit in this review, with wireless sensors. This means that you simply have to install the sensors behind the vehicle, preferably on the license plates. They will then send their signals to the control device on your dashboard, which analyzes them, displays information and warns you when necessary.

The sensors have a a maximum detection range of 1.5 meters or 5 feet, which is an acceptable range for a backup sensor. The display unit, which is dash-mountable, is beautifully designed with a crescent shape, large black holes for alarm speakers to sound out, and a display which vertically displays the current distance of an object, using LEDs and gradings in both feet and meters.

All the needed installation hardware are included. The sensors are water resistant and will work flawlessly even under rain and other adverse weather conditions. The package comes with a cigarette lighter power cord for the display unit. The wireless sensors also need 12 Volts of power supply, which can be solved with a connection to the reverse light wires, so as to activate the system automatically.


We have come to the end of our parking sensors kits reviews. Having the need for an aftermarket back up sensor, you should take your time to figure out which model you want. The detection range could be more important to you, or it could be the type of display that interests you. You could also be moved by the wireless type, or you could be after a good bargain. Whichever choice you make, I wish you fun with it.

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