10 Best Ratchet Straps – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Ratchet Strap

Ratchet straps make it easy to quickly and effectively secure cargo for transport and their popularity shows just how good they are.

You can get ratchet straps in different lengths and sizes, plus they work in all kinds of vehicles, including trucks, vans, trailers, rooftop racks, and so on.

Ratchet straps are also widely in commercial use and many drivers prefer them over bungee straps because of their tautness control and ease of use.

In this ratchet straps review, you get a list of the best ratchet straps in the market, plus a buying guide to help you make the right choice.

10 Best Ratchet Straps – Reviews

1. LockDown 111BL – Premium Ratchet Strap Set with A Carry Bag

Editor's Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

LockDown 111BL
  • Working Load Limit: 1,124 pounds
  • Break Strength: 3,372 pounds
  • Material: Polyester
  • Length: 15 feet

This LockDown premium quality strap set is one of the top-rated ratchet straps in the market for good reasons. The package features a 3,372-lb break strength and includes everything you need to secure your cargo.

There are four ratchet straps, four 15-ft long hook straps, and four soft straps. The package also includes a carrying bag and they all combine to produce a very flexible strap set.

One issue with this set, however, is its price because you can get comparably cheaper sets elsewhere. On the positive side then, you get a set with thick webbing, an easy-to-use ratchet, and double-coated hooks to protect your cargo.

Another issue, although a rather small one, is that it only comes in blue. This shouldn't matter much to most people anyway, as long as the 1.25-inch wide straps keep up their high quality.


  • Premium quality ratchet straps set
  • Rated at 3,372 pounds break strength
  • Includes four hook straps and four soft straps
  • Very easy to tighten and release ratchets


  • You can get cheaper ratchet straps
  • It's only available in blue

2. Augo 4-RCHT – A Four-pack Ratchet Strap Pack Plus Two Bungee Cords

Editor's Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Augo 4-RCHT
  • Working Load Limit: 500 pounds
  • Break Strength: 1,500 pounds
  • Material: Polyester
  • Length: 15 feet

Whether you're looking for the best motorcycle ratchet straps or general cargo ratchet straps, it wouldn't hurt to get something affordable. So this offer is interesting because of its low price.

In spite of that, the package features four quality ratchet straps with 500-lb load capacity and 15-ft long webbing, with rubber-coated S-hooks and ergonomic handles.

What the package lacks anyway, is a carry bag for easily organizing the contents. It just comes with its packaging. Also, its 500-pound load capacity might be too low for some cargo types.

The webbings are, however, made of quality polyester and the package also includes two bungee cords to make your job easier.


  • A set of four ratchet straps with 1,500 lbs break strength
  • Includes rubber-coated S-hooks and ergonomic handles
  • The package includes extra bungee cords
  • Offered at a very attractive price


  • There are straps with more than 500 pounds capacity
  • The package doesn't include a carry bag

3. Rhino USA HDKIT – Heavy-duty Tie Down Ratchet Strap Set

Editor's Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

  • Working Load Limit: 2,604 pounds
  • Break Strength: 5,208 pounds
  • Material: Polyester
  • Length: 8 feet

Rhino USA is a small family company from California that makes automotive products like these ratchet straps. This offer is one of the best heavy-duty ratchet straps in the market and it comes with lots of extras.

Its first major feature is a polyester and silk blend for the webbing, plus Rhino USA backs its products with a lifetime warranty.

The ratchet straps have at 5,208-pound break strength rating and each measure 1.6 inches in width and eight feet in length. There are four straps in the package, with coated S-hooks and four soft loops as well for more tie-down flexibility.

You can this package in any of four colors, including orange, blue, green, and black. The only problem is its rather high price, but when you consider the lifetime warranty, then it doesn't seem too bad, after all.


  • Heavy-duty ratchet straps with a 5,200-lb break strength
  • Includes padded handles and coated S-hooks
  • The straps are available in blue, black, orange & green
  • This package has four soft loops and a carry bag


  • It's very costly compared to other ratchet strap packages
  • The webbings are only 8 feet long

4. Erickson 34416 – Retractable Ratchet Straps with 3,300-lb Rating

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Erickson 34416
  • Working Load Limit: 1,100 pounds
  • Break Strength: 3,300 pounds
  • Material: N/A
  • Length: 10 feet

The Erickson 34416 is a patented ratchet strap design that puts it in a class of its own, its ease of use sets it aside from the other tie-down straps in the market.

If you're looking for a high-quality ratchet strap, then check out this retractable design. To use, simply pull out the web to the desired length, attach it and start ratcheting until it tightens.

To release the strap, simply press the Red release button and that's it. This retractable design means that all unused webbing gets stored inside the device, eliminating webbings that may float in the air while you drive.

Points of concern here include the high price and that there are only two units in the package. The patented design makes up for it all anyway.


  • High-quality 10-ft long ratchet straps
  • Heavy-duty design with a 3,300-lb break strength
  • Hooks are vinyl-coated to prevent scratches
  • Retractable system stores unused webbing effectively


  • The package is relatively costly for only 2 ratchets
  • It doesn't come with any accessories

5. Vulkan TH011 Lasso – Classic Tire Tie-down Ratchet Straps

Editor's Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Vulkan TH011 Lasso
  • Working Load Limit: 1,100 pounds
  • Break Strength: 3,300 pounds
  • Material: N/A
  • Length: 8 feet

If you're looking for the best ratchet straps for ATVs and other off-roaders hauling, then check out this offer for specially designed tire tie-down straps from Vulkan.

There are four straps in the package and each one comes with a metal ratchet and a plated "lasso style" O-ring that make it able to tie-down a range of tire sizes.

The package is available in either of three attractive colors, including Yellow, Green, and Silver, but the package's price is not very attractive when compared to other offers in this review. So, it's left for you to decide.


  • Set of 4 ratchet straps to tie down car & ATV tires
  • Comes with metallic ratchets and O-rings
  • Webbing is 8-ft long and UV resistant
  • Available in yellow, silver, and lime green


  • The package is many times costlier than others
  • It doesn't include any accessories

6. HFS 11582-4 – Set of 4 Heavy-duty Cargo Ratchet Straps

Editor's Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

HFS 11582-4
  • Working Load Limit: 1,000 pounds
  • Break Strength: 3,000 pounds
  • Material: Polyester
  • Length: 15 feet

This offer is for a set of four yellow ratchet straps that are each 1.5 inches wide and 15 feet long. The straps have a 1,000-pound working load limit and a 3,000-lb break strength.

They come with double J-hooks, which come from tough steel and guaranteed not to give away like weaker S-hooks often do.

Another nice feature on this offer is the low and attractive price, but keep in mind that there are neither accessories in the package, nor are the straps available in any other color but yellow.

HFS also guarantees that the soft polyester webbing won't scratch your paint in any way and backs the package up with a 1-year warranty.


  • The offer includes a set of four ratchet straps
  • Made from soft polyester material that won't scratch paints
  • Each strap is adjustable from 1 to 15 feet in length
  • Heavy-duty design features a 3,000-lb break strength


  • The package doesn't include accessories
  • These straps are only available in yellow

7. Tiger Tie Downs – Extra-long 20-ft Long Ratchet Straps Set

Editor's Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Tiger Tie Downs
  • Working Load Limit: 500 pounds
  • Break Strength: 1,500 pounds
  • Material: Polyester
  • Length: 20 feet

This Tiger Tie Down straps offer is perfect for those who want the best tie-down ratchet straps for the money. It's offered at a low and attractive price, which makes it 20-ft length even more valuable.

You should note that most other ratchet straps are either 8-ft or 15-ft long, so this offer with its 20-ft does offer you more flexibility in tying down your cargo.

Its downsides include its 500-lb working load limit and the lack of accessories in the package. Its S-hooks are rubber-coated to prevent scratches, however, and the webbings are UV treated for durability.


  • Set of four 20-ft extra-long ratchet straps
  • Comes with ergonomic strap handles
  • Features rubber-coated hooks to prevent scratching
  • The package comes offered at a low and attractive price


  • You can get heavier-duty straps than this 500-lb WLL
  • The package includes no accessories

8. Fortem 17-22-RTDS – Durable 500-lb 4-Pack Ratchet Strap Set

Editor's Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Fortem 17-22-RTDS
  • Working Load Limit: 500 pounds
  • Break Strength: 1,500 pounds
  • Material: Polyester
  • Length: 15 feet

Fortem The Extra Mile's offer comes in a bright green color, with a polyester webbing, metal ratchets, and weather-resistant steel hooks.

The package includes four ratchet buckles, four hook straps, and four soft loop straps, which offer you more flexibility in securing your cargo. You also get a storage bag with the package.

This set features 15-ft long straps with a 500-lb load rating and a 1,500-lb break strength. It's okay for certain types of cargo but not enough for heavier-duty work.

The polyester webbing is also available in only green, but it's completely rot, mildew, mold, and weather-resistant. Plus the ratchets feature a spring-loaded release mechanism and the package comes at an attractive price.


  • Ratchet strap set with plenty of accessories
  • Features a 500-lb weight capacity and 1,500-lb break strength
  • Weather-resistant and highly durable material
  • Offered at an attractive price


  • It only comes in green
  • You can get straps with higher break strengths

9. Sunferno R1700 – Full Package Ratchet Straps Set of Four

Editor's Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Sunferno R1700
  • Working Load Limit: 800 pounds
  • Break Strength: 2,500 pounds
  • Material: Polyester
  • Length: 15 feet

The Sunferno R1700 is a unique or exceptional ratchet strap in any way, but being well-rounded makes it one of the best ratchet straps in the market and part of this list.

It includes four ratchet straps with S-hooks, four soft loops for more ratcheting flexibility, and a carry bag for convenience and transport.

The price is also low but there are cheaper offers, and while it features an ergonomic rubber handle and UV-resistant webbing, it has a 2,500-lb break strength, which means it's also not the toughest strap here.


  • Ratchet straps package with accessories
  • Comes with four ratchet straps
  • Offers a 2,500-lb break strength
  • The package comes with a bag and soft loops


  • You can get cheaper ratchet straps
  • It comes with S-hooks

10. CargoBuckle F18800 – Pack of Two Self-retracting Ratchet Straps

Editor's Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

CargoBuckle F18800
  • Working Load Limit: 1,166 pounds
  • Break Strength: 3,500 pounds
  • Material: Polyester
  • Length: 6 feet

With only two ratchet straps in the packaging, this offer from CargoBuckle costs more than other ratchet strap packages that come with four straps.

Still, it offers plenty of value that makes it worth it, and this includes the self-retracting function that pulls back unused webbing to make things safer by preventing dangling webbing while you drive.

The strap is also made from polyester like most other offers but it features 2-inch straps here, making it one of the best ratchet straps when it comes to overall value, and a truly heavy-duty strap with its 3,500 pounds of break strength.


  • Set of two professional-grade ratchet straps
  • Self-retracting design for convenience and safety
  • Includes a dual safety-lock mechanism
  • Made using a 2-inch wide polyester webbing


  • Relatively costly compared to other straps
  • The package has no accessories

How to Buy the Best Ratchet Straps

How to Buy the Best Ratchet Straps

If you want to get the best ratchet straps, then you must understand the different features that are important before making your choice, because this enables you to make an informed decision.

Ratchet straps are specific tools and following are their most important features and how they relate to each other and to securing your cargo.

#1. Load Capacity

A ratchet strap's load capacity or Working Load Limit (WLL) refers to the total weight of a load that it can comfortably handle, and this capacity is usually stated by the manufacturer.

Load capacity is usually a third of a strap's break strength and this is necessary because it gives the strap enough capacity to handle variations in the cargo's weight or tension.

You need to know a ratchet strap's WLL because this lets you match your cargo to the correct strap. You also want to make sure that you get a ratchet strap with a rating that's more than what your cargo weighs.

#2. Break Strength

As mentioned above, a ratchet strap's break strength is also important to note. This break-strength refers to the most weight or force that the ratchet strap can withstand before tearing or breaking down.

You should keep in mind that a ratchet strap's break strength doesn't only refer to the strap's webbing, but to the ratchet and any other parts used in making the entire strap.

Since this is the most force that the strap can handle, that's why rated load capacities are usually about a third of a ratchet strap's break strength, so there's enough rough for slight variations and improved safety as a result.

#3. Material

The goal with ratchet straps is having a taut material that keeps cargo in place while being flexible enough for tightness adjustments. This means that the webbing should come from a material with as little stretching as possible.

Nylon, polyester, and polypropylene are strong materials that can withstand high cargo weights but they have different flexibilities, which makes polypropylene the least ideal and polyester the most ideal material for making ratchet straps.

Choosing the least flexible material is important because you don't want your cargo shifting from left to right or up and down, while you're on the road.

#4. Length

Different manufacturers make their ratchet straps in different lengths, so it's left for you to choose which length best suits your vehicle and the type of cargo that you're transporting.

Most offers average 20 to 30 feet in length and you can always choose a longer strap if you're not sure, because you get to adjust and tighten them anyway.

#5. Transportation Mode

You should also consider how you intend to transport your cargo. If you're working with an open-air vehicle or vessel, then the strap's weather-resistance is usually more important to you than if you used a closed truck.

#6. Extras & Ease of Use

Depending on your preferences, you may want to check out extra features in the package, such as rubber-coated hooks to protect fragile cargo, soft loops, or a storage bag for easy handling.

You also want to get more straps than you think you'll need because more is always better, and keep in mind that metal ratchets are better and heavier-duty than plastic ones.

How To Use Ratchet Straps   

You too can use ratchet straps to secure your cargo just like the pros do every day, all you need is to understand the three major steps involved and to always inspect your straps before or after use.

Following are the three simple steps of threading, securing, and release.

Step #1: Threading the Strap

The first step is threading, which is simply passing your strap webbing through the ratchet. You'll need to press the release catch on the ratchet first, to open it.

Then, open the ratchet fully and place it on a table or other flat surface, with its spiked wheels facing upwards. Now, pass the strap through the bottom of the ratchet, known as the mandrel. Continue passing this strap until you get the approximate length that you need.

Step #2: Securing your Cargo

You'll need to first place your cargo exactly where you want it and then pass the ratchet strap across or over the cargo. Next, hook your straps to the truck bed or grooves on the walls, and start ratcheting.

Simply pull the ratchet back and forth until the strap tightens around your cargo. Be careful, however, not to make it too tight. You want the strap tight and taut, but not too tight as to damage your ratchet or cargo.

Step #3: Releasing the Strap

To release the strap, simply press the release catch again. If you can't find it, then just read the user manual. Once the ratchet releases, open it completely and pull out the strap, then close the ratchet and store it for next time.

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We've reached the end of this ratchet straps review and it's now your turn to choose from the top offers above. You've seen the pro-grade products, as well as the budget offers, so it's left for you to decide.

Remember that there's no single ratchet strap that's better than the rest, so choose an offer that best meets your needs and suits your lifestyle as well.