7 Best Jump Starters of 2021

by Joshua Thomas

When the inevitable happens and you find yourself with a weak or a dead car battery, then only a jump starter kit can save you from having to jump-start your car using another car's battery.

Jump starters have developed quite well over the years, so today, you find them with lithium-ion batteries and with extra features such as compressed air production, USB charging ports, and torchlights for working in the dark.

In this jump starters review, you'll learn about the important features that you need to watch out for when making a choice, plus you get a list of the top jump starters in the market to choose from.

7 Best Jump Starters of 2021
7 Best Jump Starters of 2021

Summary of 7 Best Jump Starters

DBPower 600-Amp Portable Smart Car Jump Starter

1. DBPower DJS50 (Best Overall)

  • Delivers up to 600 Amps
  • Jump stats up to 6.5 L petrol engines
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
Noco GB40 Boost Plus 1,000-Amp Jump Starter

2. Noco GB40

  • Features 1,000 Amps of peak power
  • Includes many safety features
  • Holds its charge for up to 1 year
Beatit BT-D11 800-Amp Car Jump Starter

3. Beatit BT-D11

  • Features an 18,000 mAh battery
  • Also works as a power bank
  • Includes a flashlight and 2-year warranty
Clore Automotive Truck PAC ES1224 12/24-Volt Car Jump Starter

4. Truck PAC ES1224

  • High-powered with 3,000 peak Amps
  • Includes a selection switch for 12 and 24 Volts
  • Includes industrial grade clamps
Potek 1,000-Amp Car Jump Starter With Tire Inflator

5. Potek 5824093994

  • High-performance jump starter with 1,000 peak Amps
  • Includes a 150-PSI air inflator
  • Charges through USB and 12V outlets
Schumacher DSR114 Pro Series Car Jump Starter

6. Schumacher DSR114

  • Pro-grade kit with high-output AGM battery
  • Package includes 50-inch, 4-gauge cables
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
Stanley FatMax J7CS Car Jump Starter & Tire Inflator

7. Stanley FatMax J7CS

  • Jump starter with torch & air inflator
  • Delivers 350 Amps cranking and 700 peak Amps
  • Offers three USB ports and a 12V DC output

1. DBPower DJS50 - Best Overall

DBPower 600-Amp Portable Smart Car Jump Starter
DBPower 600-Amp Portable Smart Car Jump Starter
  • Cranking Power: 6.5 L gas engine, 5.2 L diesel
  • Peak Power: 600 Amps

This offer from DBPower is a little more than a mere car jump starter because it comes with lots of extra features that make it a true multi-talent.

Starting with up to 600 Amps of peak power delivery and up to 18,000 mAh of stored power, it can crank gas engines that are up to 6.5 liters large and diesel ones up to 5.2 liters.

In addition to that, it offers 12 V and USB charging ports for your different smartphones and tabs, as well as a torchlight with strobe and SOS functions for emergencies, plus a compass to help lead you back home if you're lost.

One thing you might not like about this offer is that the jumper cables are rather short at 4 and 6 inches of length, but the package also includes an 8-in-1 laptop charging adapter and it's backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Delivers up to 600 Amps of peak power
  • Can jump-start gas engines up to 6.5 L and diesel up to 5.2 L
  • Additionally works as an 18,000 mAh power bank
  • Features an emergency light and a compass
  • Manufacturer-backed by a 3-year warranty


  • The jump cables are rather short
  • Needs a cooling period after each jump to prevent cable melts

2. Noco GB40 Jump Starter

Noco GB40 Boost Plus 1,000-Amp Jump Starter
Noco GB40 Boost Plus 1,000-Amp Jump Starter
  • Cranking Power: 6L gas and 3L diesel engines
  • Peak Power: 1,000 Amps

Here's a great offer for those who are looking for the best portable jump starter. It measures just 8 inches in length and fits beautifully into the palm of your hand.

The GB40 from Noco is a 1,000-Watt jump starter, designed for gas engines up to 6 liters and diesel ones up to 3 liters.

If you need more power than this, then Noco also offers other models with peak powers ranging from 1,500 Amps to 4,000 and even 20,000 Amps.

Although its warranty is only for a year and the package doesn't include many accessories, it includes nice features like a 100-Lumen bright torch, battery level display, USB ports for charging, and safety features to prevent electrical sparks or accidents.


  • Features 1,000 Amps of peak power
  • It can keep its charge for up to 1 year
  • Includes a high-output 100-Lumen torchlight
  • Comes with safety features like spark and polarity protection


  • It doesn't include many accessories
  • The warranty is only for one year

3. Beatit BT-D11 Jump Starter

Beatit BT-D11 800-Amp Car Jump Starter
Beatit BT-D11 800-Amp Car Jump Starter
  • Cranking Power: 7.5L gas, 5.5L diesel
  • Peak Power: 800 Amps

The Beatit BT-D11 is a stylishly designed black and red jump starter with a power bank feature. It's also one of the best jump starters in the market because of its additional circuit protection features.

It comes with an 18,000 mAh battery capacity and an 800-Amp peak power. Beatit states that it's able to jump-start gas engines up to 7.5 liters and diesel engines up to 5.5 liters.

Although the package lacks impressive accessories and you can get more powerful jump starters, only few offers can beat this jump starter's price.

There is also a multi-functional LCD monitor with status, charge, and operating mode updates. Its jumper cables feature spark-proof and reverse polarity protection and Beatit backs it with a 2-year warranty.


  • High-capacity 18,000 mAh battery
  • A full charge will jump-start your engine up to 30 times
  • Includes a 100-Lumen LED flashlight
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty from Beatit


  • The package does not include many accessories
  • There are more powerful jump starters

4. Truck PAC ES1224 Jump Starter

Clore Automotive Truck PAC ES1224 12/24-Volt Car Jump Starter
Clore Automotive Truck PAC ES1224 12/24-Volt Car Jump Starter
  • Cranking Power: 750 Amps
  • Peak Power: 3,000 Amps

Clore Automotive's Truck PAC ES1224 is a 12/24-Volt car jump starter, designed for large batteries and engines. It comes with a switch that lets you select between the two voltages and an Off position.

When in 12-Volt mode, this jump starter has a 3,000-Amp peak power and 750 cranking Amps. In the 24-Volt mode, it has 1,500 peak Amps and 370 cranking Amps.

This system is specifically designed for jump starting vehicles and does not include much else. So, there's no torchlight, no USB charging ports, and no compass. It's also expensive and comes with only a 1-year warranty.

There's a 12-Volt DC port on this device though, which is great for powering accessories. The system also comes with industrial grade Hot Jaw clamps, a LED indicator, and a 1-year warranty from Clore Automotive.


  • High-powered jump starter with 3,000 peak Amps
  • Features a 12 and 24 Voltage selection switch
  • Comes with industrial grade Hot Jaw clamps
  • Extra long cables make jump-starting easier


  • The manufacturer warranty is only for one year
  • It's very expensive

5. Potek 5824093994 Jump Starter

Potek 1,000-Amp Car Jump Starter With Tire Inflator
Potek 1,000-Amp Car Jump Starter With Tire Inflator
  • Cranking Power: 500 Amps
  • Peak Power: 1,000 Amps

There's no limit to the type of accessories that can come with a car jump starter, the important thing is that it makes sense, just like this one with its extra tire inflator.

The basic device is a 1,000 peak Amps jump starter with a USB port for charging your mobile devices and it comes in a beautifully designed box that is reminiscent of a 1960s radio.

Although it lacks smart circuit protections and there are cheaper jump starters, it includes a main On/Off switch, an air gauge, and a working light in the front panel, with its jumper cables wrapped around each side of the device.

You'll also find a 12V DC power outlet on the side, and a DC charger input on the front panel that both allows charging from the mains AC and using the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle.


  • Nice and compact jump starter design
  • Features a 1,000 Amp peak power
  • The package includes a 150-PSI air compressor
  • Offers two charging methods for more flexibility


  • There are cheaper jump starters in the market
  • It lacks smart circuit protection functions

6. Schumacher DSR114 Jump Starter

Schumacher DSR114 Pro Series Car Jump Starter
Schumacher DSR114 Pro Series Car Jump Starter
  • Peak Power: 2,200 Amps

If you're just looking for the best jump starter without extra features, then here's an offer to take a closer look at. It's not cheap though, but it comes with a high-output 22-Ah AGM battery.

In addition to that, it features a USB port for charging mobile devices and offers a peak power of 2,200 Amps. It also has 4-gauge, 50-inch jump cables, making it very compliant to high industry standards.

The downside is that while jump starters powered by lithium-ion batteries weigh just about a pound, this Schumacher DSR114 weighs about 24 pounds with its AGM battery. It's also less compact than other offers and relatively costly.

Another issue is that Schumacher offers just a single-year warranty on this device, but it also comes with a digital display and offers safety features like reverse connection warnings.


  • Made using high-output AGM battery
  • Includes a USB charging port
  • Uses 4 gauge, 50-inch jump cables
  • Comes with safety features
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty from Schumacher


  • It's a very costly car jump starter
  • The package is not as compact as others
  • It quite heavy with its 24-pound weight

7. Stanley FatMax J7CS Jump Starter

Stanley FatMax J7CS Car Jump Starter & Tire Inflator
Stanley FatMax J7CS Car Jump Starter & Tire Inflator
  • Cranking Power: 350 Amps
  • Peak Power: 700 Amps

The Stanley FatMax is a high-power jump starter that's guaranteed to re-start a range of vehicles, including big V8 engines. It features 350 instant Amps and 700 peak Amps

In addition to that, it includes many extra features like a compressor, which produces 120 PSI compressed air for pumping tires, three USB charging ports, and a 12-Volt DC outlet.

It also features a bright torchlight that can pivot 270 degrees around, plus an illuminated pressure gauge for tire pumping on the back of the device.

One unappealing part of this jump starter is that it uses just three LED indicators to show battery charge levels, and the second one is that you have to charge it every 30 days to keep up its charge.


  • High-powered jump starter with extras
  • Delivers 350 Amps and 700 peak Amps
  • The package includes a torchlight and tire inflator
  • Offers three USB ports with a 3.1-Amp total output
  • Also offers a 12-Volt DC output


  • Does not come with an LCD monitor
  • Needs a charge about once a month

How to Buy the Best Jump Starters

How To Buy The Best Jump Starters
How To Buy The Best Jump Starters

Choosing the best jump starter depends on your ability to understand the different features in a typical model. By weighing the differences between the different devices, you are then in a position to make an informed decision.

Following are these important factors that you need to keep an eye on when deciding.

1. Types of Jump Starters

The use of different types of technologies has brought about two major types of jump starters. The first is the Plug-in jump starter, while the second type is the jump box. Here's a more detailed look at both.

Plug-In Jump Starters. This type is so-called because the jump starters need being plugged-in before they can work. In other words, they depend on the mains AC of your home or other building and are, therefore, not really portable.

Some deliver a few Amps to trickle charge your car's battery, while other designs offer a start feature to directly crank your car's engine to a start.

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Jump Boxes. This breed of jump starters are completely portable and usually made up of sealed, maintenance-free batteries, with attached jumper cables. Although initially made from lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion has been recently finding its way into this scene.

Many jump boxes also include different features like providing charging ports for mobile devices or being able to charge a car battery as plugged-in jump starters do. Such a device will help to keep up your car battery's health.

2. Power Output

There are different power requirements for the two types of jump starters, so you'll need to keep that in mind when making your choice.

Plug-in chargers don't need plenty of current to work because batteries are better charged slowly. So, a top power output of 6 to 10 Amps is okay for this type.

When it comes to jump-boxes though, you'll need plenty of power to crank the engine and the exact amount of power that you need depends on the size of the engine. This type usually has peak power outputs of many hundreds and even over a thousand Amps.

With jump boxes, you also want to look at its storage capacity, if you plan on using it as a power bank to charge your devices on the road. Battery capacity is usually given in mAh, with the higher the number being the larger the battery's capacity.

3. Cable Length

Cable length isn't of much importance when it comes to jump-boxes, but they do matter a lot when it comes to plug-in jump starters. This is for the simple reason that they need to connect to your car's battery and to a mains socket at the same time, so you should keep that in mind.

4. Portability

A smaller jump starter is easier to use than a larger one because it can better fit into the glove compartment, it's easier to handle and carry around, and it's lighter, making it more user-friendly. You'll have to make your personal choice here between price, power delivery, and portability.

5. Extra Features

Extra Features
Extra Features

Modern jump starters come with so many extra features to make them worth having around in the car. For instance, many also work as power banks and others offer one or more USB ports to charge your phones and tablets.

In addition to that, some offer tire inflators with high-pressure air delivery as an emergency tool and you'll also find those with different circuit protections like over-voltage and wrong-polarity protection.


We've come to the end of this jump starters review and you've seen all the interesting offers out there in the market, including those with fancy extra functions and others designed to deliver the most power. You've also seen those designed for compactness and the others for affordability.

As you can see, therefore, there's no single best jump starter in the market. It's just left for you to choose the offer that best meets your budget, power, and extra features needs.

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