10 Best Wheel and Tire Cleaners for Vehicle Owners

Best Wheel & Tire Cleaner

When it comes to dealing with scratches and dirt, the wheels are probably the most susceptible part in any vehicle. After all, they are the first line of defense and work extra hard to separate you from the ground. As a result, you’ll often see scratches on the tires from things like twigs and rocks, scuffs from parking too close to the curb and all sorts of dirt, grime, oil and pretty much anything you can think of.

Taking your car to the wash every now and then is recommended, but even that won’t really get the dirt and scratches off. Fortunately, car owners now have the option of choosing the best tire cleaners for DIY projects at home. If you’re looking to save your hard earned money, here are the top 10 best tire and wheel cleaners currently doing rounds on the market.

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10 Best Wheel & Tire Cleaners - Reviews

1. Car Guys Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Editor's Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Car Guys Wheel and Tire Cleaner

If you’re fed up and tired of having to search far and wide for the ideal wheel and tire cleaners only to end up with subpar products, you can pull up a chair because the search is finally over. Introducing a highly affordable, environmentally friendly solution for all your tire troubles, the Car Guys Wheel and Tire Cleaner is a definite favorite for more reasons than one.

First off, this tire cleaner guarantees to scrub away all those harmful salts and the grime that comes with the cold season. Surprisingly, most people do not know just how corrosive and harmful road salts are for your car’s wheels. In addition to eating away at the wheels, it quickly creates rust spots. Car Guys Wheel and Tire Cleaner instantly clears even the slightest trace of grime before it gets the chance to damage your tires further.

Chemical Guys CLD_203_16 Signature Wheel Cleaner

This fierce release from the Chemical guys is definitely worth giving a second glance. Thanks to a unique citrus-based formula incorporated in the cleaner, the CLD_203_16 Signature Series Wheel Cleaner is perfect for cleaning any powder coated, painted, chrome, polished, anodized and even custom built wheels. This bad boy promises to keep all your wheels and tires looking brand new by loosening any dirt and debris from the rubber and brake pads.

Even while still being extra harsh on dirt, the CLD_203_16 Signature Series Wheel Cleaner is surprisingly gentle on your car’s finish. The manufacturer gets top marks for creating something that encourages car owners to go the extra mile. That’s because this wheel cleaner also protects plastic hubcaps, wheel covers, factory alloys and vinyl wrapped finishes you may have on your ride. With such a powerful decontaminating action, your wheels will manage to retain their pristine showroom look.

3. Sonax 230241 Wheel Cleaner Plus

Editor's Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Sonax 230241 Wheel Cleaner Plus

For the busy car owner who needs instant results in an efficient, easy to use bottle, then there’s a product created just for you. The Sonax (230241) Wheel Cleaner Plus that screams of convenience is the manufacturer’s latest formulation for quick and effective removal of all stubborn road grime and brake dust on the wheels. Acid-free, pH balanced, ultra effective and affordable, it’s easy to see why the Sonax (230241) Wheel Cleaner Plus is a crowd favorite.

The most attractive thing about the Sonax (230241) Wheel Cleaner Plus is that it is safe for all types of wheels including painted tires, anodized, powder coated and even aluminum. If you don’t have too much time to waste on your car’s tires, just use Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus to safely and conveniently clean out those hard to reach calipers and barrels. For business owner, it’s more advisable to buy the cleaner in bulk and use in a Sonax pump vaporizer.

TriNova Wheel Cleaning Gel Premium Wheel Cleaner

Ever see a car looking sleek with a new paint job only to be let down by the state of the dilapidated wheels? Sure, like most drivers, you probably assume that wheels can handle the manhandling since they’re built for it. The worst mistake you could make is to neglect your tires. TriNova's Wheel and tire Cleaning Gel is a super safe and highly effective way to give your wheels that sleek, sparkling clean to match the rest of your car.

With this user-friendly and non-toxic spray, car owners can get that shine without having to worry about damaging the integrity of your already polished, anodized, chrome or painted wheels. The Trinova Wheel Cleaning Gel also does not interfere with the operation of the lug nuts or the brake system on your car. On the plus side, the gel also attacks build ups and deposits of grime and bad oil.

5. Meguiar's G9524 Hot Rims Wheel Cleaner

Editor's Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Meguiar's G9524 Hot Rims Wheel Cleaner

When it comes to maintenance of all types of vehicle surfaces and components in clean and working condition, Meguiar really knows their stuff. They’ve had the tire market abuzz with their latest release termed as Meguiar's G9524 Hot Rims Wheel Cleaner. Designed to be ultra safe on all types of wheel surfaces, this cleaner guarantees a thorough clean on the wheels as well as a shine on the tire sidewalls as well. This is all made possible by Meguiar's unique foaming solution that clings to surfaces while breaking down residue from both metals and rubber.

With your own bottle of Meguiar's G9524 Hot Rims Wheel Cleaner, car owners can actually feel the satisfaction of an extra deep clean by just watching the foam solution turn from clear white to deep brown. This is as a result of grabbing all the brake dust grime and buildup of debris. For the more involved driver, you could also request a solution that is specifically designed for chrome plated wheels to achieve a mirror-like finish.

6. 3M 39036 Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Editor's Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

3M 39036 Wheel and Tire Cleaner

If we’re talking about getting dirt and grime away from anything, you know that 3M is never far behind. These guys have been at it for so long now that they practically have a product out for all types of car components. Today, we check out the 3M 39036 Wheel and Tire Cleaner which promises all car owners a quick and lovely clean to the wheels. The great news is that the cleaning can be done in one easy step as opposed to those ten step cleaners that are so demanding you have to call a friend.

If you pay close attention to the bottle, you’ll notice that the 3M 39036 Wheel and Tire Cleaner is more than a cleaner; it’s actually a tire restorer. This means that users get more benefits than just achieving a perfectly deep and thorough clean. The 3M Wheel and 39036 Tire Cleaner is actually formulated to remove scratches and scuffs from the side wheels leaving them looking as new as they did in the showroom.

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7. Mothers 05924 Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Editor's Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Mothers 05924 Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Don’t be fooled by the Mothers 05924 Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner’s seemingly feminine name; there’s nothing feminine about how this mean girl handles stains and dirt on your tires. This best tire and wheel cleaner consists of a non-acidic, high foaming formulation engineered to make short work of dust and grime on your wheels. Whether you’re driving a blackwall or whitewall, painted, clear, color coated or chrome wheels, the Mothers 05924 Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner even takes the good fight to hubcaps.

The Mothers 05924 Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner comes with a clever spray on hose off design that safely and conveniently penetrates, dissolves and suspends all sorts of brake dust, grime, grease, and debris making it very easy to rinse the solution off. Combine all these features with Mother’s unique spot free rinse, and you have all the ingredients required for a mirror like clean.

8. Meguiar's D14001 Wheel Brightener

Editor's Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Meguiar's D14001 Wheel Brightener

As if giving the people one of the best tire cleaners on the market wasn’t enough, here comes Meguiar again with an innovative, aesthetical improvement solution. The Meguiar's D14001 Wheel Brightener. This magical product literally brings all your worn out, high mileage, tires, and wheels back to life. Requiring virtually no scrubbing, you won’t be using up too much of your elbow grease to achieve great results.

Like all car owners, you probably want to save as much money as you can. Here’s where the Meguiar's D14001 Wheel Brightener comes to the rescue. Thanks to its highly concentrated features, users can dilute it with up to four times more water volume without compromising the quality. This means that a little Meguiar's D14001 Wheel Brightener goes a long way than other regular wheel and tire cleaners. So whether it’s road salt, grime, tar, old oil or any other debris on and in your wheels, this cleaner will have it cleared in no time.

Meguiars D14301 Non-Acid Wheel And Tire Cleaner

All right, I know that it’s not customary to see one brand dominating the field, but Meguiar does things so nice that we had to literally push some of their products out of the top 10 list. Fortunately for all road loving car owners, the Meguiars D14301 Non-Acid Wheel And Tire Cleaner made it through. Much like some of the company’s premium products, the Meguiars D14301 Non-Acid Wheel And Tire Cleaner also removes brake dust, road salts, grime, light grease among other contaminants in one fell swoop.

For the serious driver who feels more at home on the road than their actual home, the Meguiars D14301 Non-Acid Wheel And Tire Cleaner holds lots of promise. It’s being touted as the professional, formal choice for instant, non-acidic based wheel and tire cleaners. Likewise, this multipurpose solution comfortably tackles contaminants on painted, anodized, chrome, coated and customized wheels as well.

Nanoskin NA-SBE128 Speedy Brite Organic Wheel & Tire Acid Cleaner

By the time a particular cleaner contains acid levels in the ingredients, you know that your cleaning experience just got a whole lot serious. The Nanoskin Speedy Brite (NA-SBE128) Organic Wheel & Tire Acid Cleaner is a low pH organic acid formula that performs much like your traditional acid. However, it is only harsh on dirt and grime while still surprisingly gentle and noncorrosive to skin and metal.

The Nanoskin Speedy Brite (NA-SBE128) Organic Wheel & Tire Acid Cleaner is non-fuming and comes designed to safely remove road grime, light oxidation, grease, brake dust from metals as well as other typical contaminants. One feature worth noting is the use of new technology that chemically embraces, lifts and suspends all mineral deposits for that easy, one motion rinse action.

How to Clean Your Car Tires and Wheels

Step 1: Gather the Required Materials

To properly clean and restore your tires, you will need a bucket, soap, brush, water and the best wheel and tire cleaners.

Step 2: Start With a Normal Wash

Start out by washing and rinsing the wheels with soap and water to get the larger dust particles and mud off.

Step 3: Apply your Wheel Cleaners

Wheel cleaners ensure that all hidden dirt and grime is removed. Remember to let the cleaning solution sit for a minute to allow it to seep and soak deeper to dislodge as much dirt as possible.

Step 4: Brush Up

Use a hard brush to dislodge the stubborn grime and dirt from the tires all the way to the brake pads.

Step 5: Rinse-Off

After a while, rinse off the cleaning agents with a hose pipe; the more pressure you have, the better the rinse. Just be careful not to spray the solution in our eyes or all over your car’s paint job. After drying, your tires should be looking as good as new.

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