4 Best Epoxy Primers – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Epoxy Primer

The epoxy primer is a resin-based sealer that once cured produces a non-porous finish surface.

This surface is very hard but can easily be sanded with a sanding machine so as to result in a very smooth surface that is easy to paint.

Moreover, the epoxy primer will allow you to paint more uniformly, which in turn results in a more professional paint job. The epoxy primer is also very durable and long-lasting, so it will not degrade over time.

If you are fresh on the market for the best epoxy primer, our review below has you covered.

Without any further ado, let’s see which epoxy primer you need to buy.

4 Best Epoxy Primers – Reviews


Product Name


Current Price

Speedokote SMR-260G/261 Epoxy Primer

1. Speedokote SMR-260G/261 Epoxy Primer


Speedokote SMR-260B-Q/261-8 Epoxy Primer

2. Speedokote SMR-260B-Q/261-8 Epoxy Primer


UCS 2K Spray Max Epoxy Primer

3. UCS 2K Spray Max Epoxy Primer


Sea Hawk Tuff Stuff White Epoxy Primer

4. Sea Hawk Tuff Stuff White Epoxy Primer


1. Speedokote SMR-260G/261 - Can Be Used As a Primer & a Sealer

Editor's Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Speedokote SMR-260G/261 Epoxy Primer

What separates the Speedokote from the rest of the competition is its versatility. Indeed, this epoxy primer is not only a primer but also a sealer.

It comes as a base primer and a hardener so you will have to mix them in a 4 to 1 ratio to get good results.

The application is extremely easy as this product will lay down on any surface quite smoothly. Once it cures, it becomes very tough, and you can shape it any way you want using a sander.

Further, this product comes as a gallon kit which will allow you to easily store it for an extended period of time without it suffering from degradation.

Of course, the container is made from metal, and it will not corrode or oxide inside so it will not affect the primer.

If you’re looking for a premium grade epoxy primer that also acts as a sealer, then the Speedokote is definitely one of the best epoxy primer sealer combination that you can purchase.


  • Easy to apply and has a smooth texture on application
  • Can easily be stored for an extended period of time without degradation
  • Excellent adhesion to any surfaces, from steel to fiberglass
  • Resistance against corrosion and oxidation


  • The price could have been more competitive
  • A little bit thicker and compared to the competition


Since this epoxy primer is a bit thick, you can use a thinner solvent to make it smoother

2. Speedokote SMR-260B-Q/261-8 - Excellent for Small DIY Projects

Editor's Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Speedokote SMR-260B-Q/261-8 Epoxy Primer

This epoxy primer is basically the same as the Speedokote we have just reviewed above.

However, if you do not need a gallon size container and only need an epoxy primer for a small surface, then this current product is more ideally suited.

It comes as a 1 L container for the epoxy primer base and 0.2 L hardener. Similar to the above product, you will have to mix them in a 421 ratio to get a consistent and smooth epoxy primer for the application.

Adhesion is excellent, and this epoxy primer can be used on a wide range of surfaces, from steel, aluminum fiberglass, and even plastic if you have to.

You can use either a regular paintbrush to apply this primer or use a spray gun. The curing time is quite fast as it is only 30 minutes and you can apply the first coat after that time.

But what we really like about this top-rated epoxy primer is that it not only acts as an epoxy primer, but it is also a very effective sealer.

If you have a small hole to seal, then you can use this Speedokote sealer/ epoxy primer, no problem.

Once it cures, it will become very tough, and in fact, this epoxy primer will cure to become as hard, if not harder than the surface material it is trying to prime or seal.


  • Quick drying after 30 minutes only
  • Safe and nonreactive product. Will not degrade or corrode
  • Flexible. Can be applied with either a paintbrush or a spray gun
  • Great adhesion to any surface. Durable and long-lasting


  • It is difficult to get the right mixing amount
  • A bit thick so it will need a reducer or solvent for thinning

3. UCS 2K 5824054113 Spray Max - Quality Meets Style & a Flat Bottom

Editor's Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

UCS 2K Spray Max Epoxy Primer

If you don’t like the inconvenience of having to apply your epoxy primer using a paintbrush, then you can always opt for a model like the UCS 2K. This is a spray epoxy primer that is extremely easy to apply.

All you have to do is shake the canister for a couple of minutes, and you can start applying it to any surface. Curing is fast, and this epoxy primer will cure as a hardshell on any surface material, whether it is metal or fiberglass.

This product will easily cover around 4 to 6 square feet, and you can use 2 to 3 coats so as to get a smooth finish.

Of course, you can paint on top of this epoxy primer or sanded with a sander to make the surface even smoother.

Considering its highly affordable price as well as ease-of-use, the UCS 2K is definitely one of the best epoxy primer spray paint that you can currently buy.


  • Highly affordable. Value for money
  • Easy to apply by absolute beginners
  • Can easily be sanded with 1,000 – 1,200 grit sandpaper for a smooth finish


  • Pressure build-up inside the canister can make you lose the nozzle
  • Cannot be stored for long periods of time


You need to be careful not to store this epoxy primer in hot temperatures as pressure may build up inside and cause a security hazard.

Additionally, you must not shake this canister excessively, or it may close the nozzle to pop

4. Sea Hawk Tuff Stuff White Epoxy Primer - High-quality & Flexible Epoxy Primer

Editor's Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Sea Hawk Tuff Stuff White Epoxy Primer

If you need to prime a large surface, then few models in this epoxy primer review can compete with the Sea Hawk.

Indeed, you can purchase this product as a 2-gallon kit if you need a large quantity of epoxy primer.

For smaller DIY projects, you can always opt for the 1/2-gallon model. There is a size for everyone with the Sea Hawk.

Moreover, this product comes with a base epoxy primer and a hardener so you will have to mix them to get a usable product. It is highly resistant to corrosion, humidity, as well as high temperatures.

Once this primer has cured, you can apply multiple coats of paint of around 6 - 7.5 mils each on top and the finish will be very smooth.

If you need a smoother finish, you can always apply a thicker coat of 11.5 – 14.5 mils. In any case, the manufacturer recommends that you do not use more than 4 coats on this epoxy primer.


  • Will make your paint smooth and shiny
  • Flexible. Available in different sizes to suit your need
  • Can be used on a wide range of surfaces with excellent adhesion
  • Good resistance against high temperatures, humidity, and corrosion


  • Expensive when compared to others

How to Buy the Best Epoxy Primer

How to Buy the Best Epoxy Primer

#1. Types of Epoxy Primer

There are basically 2 types of epoxy primers on the market. The aerosol can and the large bottle.

Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see which type you need to buy.

Aerosol Can: The aerosol can is a spray epoxy primer. It is a single formula where both the hardener and the base epoxy primer has been mixed.

One of the biggest advantages of the spray epoxy primer is its maneuverability and convenience.

However, due to the relatively small size of the aerosol can, this type is usually the best epoxy primer for small DIY jobs where you do not have to paint large surfaces.

Large Bottle: The large bottle epoxy primer is the most popular type that you can purchase on the market.

As its name suggests, it comes in a large bottle or a metal can, and it is generally a two-part product.

It comes with a base epoxy primer and a hardener. You will have 2 mixes both before you can use it.

One of the biggest advantages of the large bottle epoxy primer is that it provides you more control over the amount of epoxy primer that you can mix. This will prevent you from wasting the primer.

In addition, since the large bottle epoxy primer comes in either a bottle or a metal can, you can close it and store it for future use.

Of course, you can do the same for the aerosol can, but the large bottle epoxy primer is generally safer to store for an extended period of time.

#2. Surface Application

The surface where you will apply the epoxy primer is one of the most important aspects that you have to consider. Not all services are ideal for an epoxy primer.

Most of the time, a hard surface like metal, plastic, or even fiberglass is an ideal material for an epoxy primer.

Although not recommended, you can still use the epoxy primer to fill small imperfections on the material.

Once it cures, the epoxy primer will become very hard so you can easily sand it and start painting over.

In addition, you need to pay careful attention to which type of surface the epoxy primer can be applied.

Most manufacturers will not hesitate to tell you about compatible surfaces in their product description.

#3. Easy to Use

The epoxy primer is not very difficult to use. Even absolute beginners can do it, and you do not need any experience.

Basically, when it comes to the epoxy primer if you can paint, then you can apply the epoxy primer.

One noteworthy point is that the spray can epoxy primer is significantly easier to use than the large bottle epoxy primer.

This is because you do not have to mix the base epoxy and the hardener with the spray can epoxy primer.

#4. Corrosion Resistance

One of the main advantages of the epoxy primer is its hardness.

Indeed, since it cures into a very hard material, you can use it to glaze the surface of hard materials like plastic or metal.

One of the aspects that you need to consider when purchasing an epoxy primer is corrosion resistance.

In fact, some of the best automotive epoxy primers on the market will not chip away or degrade under any condition because they are resistant to corrosion, temperature, and humidity.

Evidently, you do not want your epoxy primer to degrade over time, so it needs to be corrosion resistant, as well as a resistant to regular wear and tear.

If you get an epoxy primer that is not durable, over time, it will start chipping away which will ruin your paint job.

#5. Price

Even if the epoxy primer is not a very expensive accessory, prices can still get out of hand.

Therefore, when purchasing an epoxy primer online, we recommend that you set a specific budget and as much as possible, you try to stick to it.


The epoxy primer is a vital part of the painting. It will allow you to get a paint job that is professional, smooth, and durable.

In fact, you should always use the epoxy primer on any hard surface before painting anything.

But best of all, you can still sand the epoxy primer with fine grit sandpaper once it is cured to get a smoother surface.

Lastly, our epoxy primer review above contains some quality primers. If you have not chosen an epoxy primer just yet, then we recommend you go through the review again.