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10 Best Headlight Bulbs – Reviews & Buying Guide

A car’s headlights are among its most important safety features. It allows the driver to see in the dark and avoid obstacles that may cause an accident. Although car headlights haven’t changed much over the decades, the headlight bulbs themselves have seen so much change that many drivers are unaware of the differences in headlight bulbs. Headlight […]

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10 Best HID/Xenon Headlight Bulbs – Reviews and Comparisons

Vehicle headlights have the simple task of providing visibility at night, but their different methods of producing this light create lots of complexities. High-Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs came into the automotive scene in the 1990s, introduced by the German car maker Audi. They are also called Xenon bulbs because they use Xenon gas to produce their […]

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10 Best LED Headlight Bulbs – The Brightest Bulbs

The best LED Headlight bulbs​ are consistently a major focus for car owners, but there’s just so much information to digest about the different headlight types out there, including their underlying technologies. LED headlights are the best automobile headlights in the market right now. So, if you’ve decided to get the best LED-headlights for your vehicle, […]

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Xenon Headlight vs. Bi-Xenon Headlight: Which is Better for You?

Which is the right headlight for your car? Which one offers you the most value? Xenon or bi-Xenon headlights? For many drivers, the Xenon technology is relatively new, and so bringing bi-Xenon bulbs into the pictures makes things more complicated. Both technologies make use of Xenon bulbs in the car headlights, but the way the headlights get […]

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